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Chapter 6: Back in Mousewood:

Portal tree 3


Follow the Fox:

Jerry ends up back on the branch, behind the town hall. We see a second nail being rammed into the painting and that nail then appears in the trunk of the tree, below Jerry. The shadow with the dog appears again and he calls for Jerry again. Then Hoto appears and screams that there isn't much time left. Hoto also says that a fox runs through the cornfield at night. It is a magical Fox and only she can take Jerry through the 3rd Portal Tree.

 Jump over to the roof and then go back into the council chamber of the town hall and then crawl out through the window. Jerry is then back behind the town hall. Go to the town square via the bottom left exit. It's still night and that's good. Leave the city via the city gate and then go, via the exit at the bottom right at the signposts, to Coldwater Brook Bridge:

When it is day, Edith stands on the path on the other side of the bridge. Now that it is night we find Plato the postman here. Walk across the bridge to Plato. If you have not yet played the quartet game with Plato, you can do so now. The green flame is also stil floating above the cornfield......could that be that magical fox Hoto was talking about? Open the inventory and click on the Greengrow spell, which is now attached to your magic wand... then click with your green arrow cursor on the Fields With Eerie Green Lights and.......

....... it starts raining and the green flame disappears and after a few seconds the fox shows up. 

The fox has a lot of tails and she looks at Jerry for a moment and then runs away along the path to the swamp. 

So follow the fox via the path to the Radio station. Here we see the fox again.....

....the fox wants to go deeper into the swamp, but the path near the shoe is completely flooded. So the fox returns to the cornfield. The path must therefore be "ground dry". Do you remember the water nut that lay at the Champagne glass on the stage in the town square? That water nut can suck up water but Jerry didn't get the water nut because he couldn't tell 3 jokes. But Jerry now has a piece of paper on which he has written down Jonathan's 3 half-jokes. Switch to day time via the "Day and Night Book" and... DJ Ludwig is on the radio. Give the sheet with the 3 half jokes to Ludwig and.........

Ludwig makes 3 full jokes and Jerry writes them on the sheet. Switch back to Night and return to the town square. 

The water nut is still on stage, behind the large glass. 

Give the piece of paper with the Complete Jokes paper to Churchmouse Senior and......

...... Jerry immediately tell the 3 jokes on stage to the audience, the 2 Hedgehog brothers. It is a great success and Jerry can take the Water Nut and he does so. Go back to the Radio station. Back at the radio station, switch back to Day and when that is done, take the Absorbent Water Nut from inventory. Click with the Water Nut on the flooded swamp path, near the shoe and.........The nut does absorb some water, but not nearly enough to make the path passable. The nut must grow bigger, so take the green Growth Spell from inventory again and click with it on the the path, just above the nut. You must read "Flooded Path" again. 

The nut grows into a mature tree and now sucks all the water in and......

....Jerry then automatically goes deeper into the swamp via the now dry path and Ludwig goes with him,

Ludwig's new radio station:

Ludwig has built a new radio station in the swamp. Behind Ludwig hangs a blue sugar beet gift (Blue Beet), on the stem of the left flower... there are 3 beautiful flowers. There is also a Dewfly dangling behind Ludwig. On the right, near the tree, is a lifelike and slender Fox statue. There is a large Odd Crystal Statue against the tree. Behind the tree, we see a House By The Water. It is the house of the frog Plato, the postman. Look at all things......so the tree here is the 3rd Portal Tree, but we need the fox to open the portal.

Take the "Rock Whisper Spell" from inventory and click with it on the large Crystal.... the crystal then whispers that Jerry has lost something but that he can find it again. Click on the fox statue with the "Rock Whisper Spell"......The fox statue whispers that the tree is a "way for foxes to get home". The fox with the many tails must open the portal on the tree, but that can only be done at night.

Dew drops 29 and 30 and the 8th Sticker:

To the left behind the blue sugar beet gift (Blue Beet) is a dew drop on the long green fern leaf. Take the Dew drop.....it is dew drop 29. The house on the deck has a roof of leaves and there is also a dew drop on the rightmost leaf. Take the Dew drop, it's dew drop 30. There is a sticker on the front of the decking.....take the sticker....it is your 8th sticker.

The Stickers can be found in the Sticker screen and you will now see that you have found all 8 stickers.

The Fox of Many Tails has gone. We must chase the Fox of Many Tails back to here again.

 Use the "Day and Night Book" to make it Night again and now go back to the Coldwater Brook Bridge, because the fox with the many tails has gone back there.

Coldwater Brook Bridge and the Swamp:

Frog Plato is no longer here, but the light is floating above the corn field again.

 So click on the corn field again with the Greengrow spell and...........

The Fox with the Many Tails reappears and she disappears back to the radio station. 

So follow the Fox back to the broken radio. 

Because Jerry has drained the path through the swamp, the Fox of Many Tails will now disappear to Ludwig's new radio station and the 3rd portal tree. 

So follow the Fox to Ludwig. Ludwig now has 2 fox statues.....the  slender fox and the gray fox with the many tails. 

Now use the "Rock Whisper Spell" on the gray fox with the many tails (Other Fox Statue) and.......

......."You've got me" says the gray fox and.....the gray fox comes to life and turns out to be the Fox with the many tails and she opens the 3rd portal in the tree.

The fox disappears through the portal and Jerry jumps after her and... we now end up in:

The Japanees garden:

A voice welcomes the fox....The voice is happy that the fox, whose name is Kitsune, has finally returned home.

And then the fox disappears through the gate and Jerry is alone in this Japanese garden. Jerry keeps hearing a bell ringing, but doesn't see the bell. Well... we now know how to make hidden and invisible things and people visible, don't we? So press your space bar again and...... via his magic coin, Jerry will see a small golden Bell hanging in the bushes near the fox statue. Take the golden bell.....it is the bell of the little fox Kitsune.

Walk a little further back to the right. A Zaroff poster is taped to the portal tree.

 Use the "Rock whisper spell" on the fox statue next to the tree....

...... this fox also says that the tree is a "road" for foxes.  Look at the large wooden statue that stands between the fox and the gate... the wooden statue has a blindfold over its eyes and it holds up its hands as if it wants to receive something. In front of the gate there is a stilt house with a large iron bell hanging in it. On the left are a lot of those fox statues, neatly arranged in 3 rows above each other. Each row consists of 4 fox images, so there are 12 foxes. Number these foxes, from top left to bottom right, 1 to 12. Then use the "Rock whisper spell" on fox 9 and... this fox then says that the gatekeeper is sleeping above me.

Use the "Rock whisper spell" on fox 5 and.....this fox says that the gatekeeper is sleeping to my left. Because we are looking at the foxes, left is right for us, so use the "Rock whisper spell" on fox 6 and... fox 6 says that the gatekeeper is sleeping above me. So use the "Rock Whisper Spell" on fox 2 and....Jerry has found the guardian of the gate and....Fox 2 flies out its row and jumps like a green glow into the wooden and shuttered statue, which is brought to life. The wooden statue cannot see Jerry, but it senses Jerry's presence. Talk to the wooden statue. The large wooden statue is the Gatekeeper and he is blind but smells that Jerry is a human and people are not allowed to enter further through the gate. When the "conversation" has ended, take the golden bell from inventory and click with it on the blind wooden statue and....... 

The gatekeeper recognizes the bell as that of the fox Kitsume, but he smells that it is Jerry who rings the bell. Jerry says he wants to give the bell back to Kitsume. The Gate Keeper actually thinks it's funny that Jerry tried to trick him and opens the gate. Jerry is allowed in anyway. The gate keeper then says that we can never trust a fox.  

So go through the now wide open gate into the next garden. We see a Japanese young lady saying goodbye to a poet sitting at the edge of a pond.

The young lady then disappears and Jerry follows her back through the gate and... Fox Kitsune is back. 

Talk to fox Kitsume and fox Kitsume turns into a girl and you get a conversation option...continue talking to Kitsume via the conversation options

During the conversation, Jerry wants to give the bell back to Kitsume, but he says that Jerry can keep the bell. Kitsume also says that she can turn herself into anything. Jerry also wants to learn such a spell, but Kitsume promised her mother that she would never teach this spell to people. But if Jerry can make a sad person so happy that he or she does something special, then Kitsume will want to teach Jerry the magic spell. Once you have completed the conversation via all conversation options, it will end automatically. You can then play the Quartet Game with Kitsume, if you feel the need to do so.

 Go back through the gate to the garden and the poet. Go talk to the poet......

.......the poet is sad because Kitsume has left him......Kitsume was his source of inspiration and now that she is gone he can no longer think of poems. You can play the quartet game with the poet. When you have finished talking to the poet and/or have played the quartet game with him, take the Frog Clicker from inventory and click the thing in the pond and...... a frog comes out of the pond and goes sitting staring at the poet.....The poet sees the frog and this inspires him to write a few lines of poetry... but it is not enough. Click on the real frog with the Frog Clicker and....

....the frog jumps back into the water and the poet now finds his inspiration completely again. Click on the poet again with your talk cursor and he will now complete the poem. Go back to the front garden and Kitsume and.....Kitsume is happy that Jerry has managed to give the poet back his inspiration and she whispers the "Fox Cunning Spell" in Jerry's ears. 

This spell is attached to Jerry's wand and we return to:


Portal tree 4


Through the portal in the tree, Jerry and fox Kitsume end up back at the radio, but... Fox Kitsume notices that something is wrong because she growls and jumps back through the portal. We then see that a 3rd nail is rammed through the painting and that nail also appears in the 3rd portal tree. Jerry doesn't understand it....The Woodsprite appears and gives the 6th Audio Book to Jerry, which you can listen to via the bonus screen/Audio Books.

Hoto then explains that the 4th Portal Tree can be found in a very cold place and that Jerry has to climb all the way to the top of the tree. All Tree Walkers are gathered in that Tree World. It is still Night and Plato and Anja are sitting on the deck in front of Plato's house. Ludwig is not present.

Switch via the "Day and Night Book" to the Day. Ludwig is back but Plato and Anja have disappeared. Go back to the broken radio via the bottom left. It is still snowing to the right of the broken radio and there is also the slope with mushrooms. Walk to the mushroom slope and then use the Greengrow spell on the mushrooms to make them grow and...... the mushrooms then form a staircase over which Jerry can climb up the tree. So double click the Up arrow and......

We end up at the top of the tree and near a cave

The Moths:

Dew Drops 31 and 32

The entrance to the cave is covered with a spider web and there is a Mysterious Moth. The moth is a she and she wears a mask with big eyes. Click on the Moth with your talk cursor...but the Moth seems to be fast asleep. Above Jerry a Dew drop hangs on a leaf and below Jerry a Dew drop hangs on the spider web threads. Score both dew drops.  These are Dew Drops 31 and 32

Jerry says that he now has found all 32 dew drops and the trophy cup appears at the top left.  You can check if you now have all 32 Dew drops and all 8 Stickers on the Bonus screen. Open the bonus screen, via the package on the "tail" of the inventory, and then open the Achievement screen. The dew drops are at the top of the left row and if you place your cursor on the dew drop you will see how many dew drops you have. If all is well, you now read 32/32 dew drops, so you now have all 32 dew drops.

Dew Drop Achievement

Because you have found all 32 Dew drops, you can now collect the Dew drop reward. For that you have to go back to the train station. You can also do this later, but I'm going to do it right now. We're still in Day. Go, via the exit back to the Broken Radio screen and then, via the Exit at the shoe, back to Coldwater Brook Bridge. Ignore Edith who is still there. Walk over the bridge to the left and then on to the City Gate. Go through the city gate to the city square and on to the garden. In the garden, take the exit at the bottom left to the Tree House of the Hedgehogs. Then go through the gate, on the left, to the train station and click on the Stone Plate in the train station and...... an image of a boy appears on the plate and the voice explains a few things to Jerry.  It is the portrait of the last student of Marquis de Hoto and it is a boy in Jerry's age. This portrait was banished from the Hall of the Apprentices. Jerry is not allowed to tell Hoto that he has now seen the portrait.  

We can now continue where we left off.  So go all the way back to the Moth Cave. Back at the Moth Cave switch  to  Night via the "Day and Night Book" and see.....The spider web in front of the cave has disappeared.....the cave is the Temple of the Moths. The Moth is awake now so go talk to her. This is Moth Hespera, but she wants nothing to do with Jerry. Jerry has no wings and therefore radiates bad energy. So Jerry is not allowed to enter the moth cave. Well...this is a great opportunity to try out your new spell. So take the red Fox Cunning spell from inventory and click with it on the moth and....... The moth then sees a Jerry with wings and Jerry can then enter the cave.

So enter the cave and......we end up at the Moth Priestess Phosphera. A conversation automatically follows between Jerry and the priestess. The Priestess is sitting on the ground and she has a green egg on her lap. Click on Phosphera with your talk cursor and you will get conversation options... continue talking to the moth priestess via the conversation options.

From the egg, in Phosphera's womb, the new High Priestess must emerge, but because there is no food here, the egg will not be able to hatch. The High Priestess, who will be called Moonlight, is the only one who can open the 4th Portal Tree. In order for the egg to hatch, Flower Seeds are needed.

Check out the white Winged Statue and also check out the Clay Pot With Soil that is in front of the statue. 

Listen to what Jerry and the priestess talk about the white statue, which represents the new High Priestess Moonlight. The clay pot contains soil and a dead plant....If Jerry finds a seed, he must plant the seed in this pot. Continue to the right edge and then look at the Distance (View Into The Distance) and.....we will then see the City of the Crows in the distance. 

Walk back to Phosphera. There is a fence of woven branches near the trunk of the tree and on top of that fence hangs a ball of Flax (Bundle of Flax). 

Take the ball of Flax.

Then double-click the diagonal down arrow (Way Back Down) to climb back down to the swamp and the broken radio.

Catch a Dandelion Seed:

You are still in Night. Jerry needs a flower seed... well... at the Dwarf house, dandelion seeds are constantly floating through the air. However, a net is needed to catch such a seed. Use the Frog Clicker on the Post Horn to bring up the Plato map and then click on the map on the post horn of the Owl Wall. 

In the blink of an eye, Jerry is delivered to the Owl Wall, where those 4 masked figures stand at night. Continue to the forest pond, where Portal tree 1 is located. To the left of Portal Tree 1 there is a Spider Web and at night the spider is not present in its web, so grab the Spider Web. 

Once you have taken the spider web you return to the town square and because there is no post horn in the forest you have to do this on foot. On the Town Square you can make it Day again, via the "Day and Night Book". Then click on the post horn with your Frog Clicker to bring out the Plato map again and travel via the map to the back of the Dwarf House.

Dwarves House rear:

it must be day now, so if you have not yet turned night into day, you have to do so now. The dandelion seeds still float, from right to left, across your screen. The forked branch extends beneath Jerry, into the enormously thick trunk of the tree. Take the Throwing Hook from inventory and click with it on the forked branch......Jerry throws the hook into the branch and pulls on the long shoelace, but he is not strong enough to bend the thick branch towards him. The end of the shoelace is then at Jerry's foot. Using the gear cursor, grab the end of the shoelace and then throw the shoelace through the window of the dwarf house

Then enter through the back door. The 2 large wheels of the blue juice machine are running at full speed. The shoelace is on the floor. The switch is on the wall. Click on the switch to turn off the wheels of the blue juice machine. Then pick up the shoelace and attach the lace to the bottom pivot wheel. Then click the switch back to the right to start the wheels turning again and...

The forked branch is now pulled up. Go back outside through the back door. Take the Spider Web from inventory and try to attach the web to the now raised forked branch... However, Jerry says that the web must be made sticky so that the web does not stick to the branch. Right click to put the web in inventory again. To the left of the stairs is the large sugar beet with the tap still in it. So take the Coffee Mug from inventory again and click on the sugar beet again to tap some sugar syrup. Then combine the Bundle of Flax with the Stick in inventory and you then have a Long Brush. In inventory, dip the Long Brush in the mug with syrup and you have a Sticky Long Brush With Syrup. Take the Brush from inventory and use it on the forked branch to coat the branch with the sticky syrup. 

Right click to put the "Brush" away again and take the spider web from inventory again and hang the Spider Web on the now sticky forked branch.

Go back into the dwarf house through the back door and...... the lace breaks off automatically, causing the forked branch to bend down again by itself. Go straight outside through the back door and...... a dandelion seed sticks to the spider web. Use the Long Sticky Brush on the spider web/net to get the Seed

Return to the Broken Radio and then climb back up the mushroom slope to the Moth Cave.  At the moth cave, switch back to Night, because during the day we cannot enter the cave because of the spider web that hangs in the entrance. When it is night, click with your empty arrow cursor at the white statue and Jerry will walk through the cave to it. Take the Dandelion Seed  from inventory and plant the seed in the clay pot. Then, after Phosphera's comments, use the Greengrow spell on the Clay Pot With Seed to make the dandelion grow super fast and.......

Out of gratitude, Phosphera opens the 4th Portal in the tree behind her and she gives Jerry a description of her home world, where it will now be very cold. But Jerry doesn't have to fear the cold because the power of the High Priestess will protect him from the cold. But Phosphera also warns Jerry that he must be very sure whether he wants to leave Mousewood now because when he comes back, Mousewood will look very different....

Click with the hand cursor in the opened Portal and....... 

.......you will then be given the choice....go through the 4th portal now or not  go through it now

If you want to score all achievements in the game but  you have not yet found all 32 Dew drops and all 8 Stickers and all of the 32 quartet cards then you better not step through the portal now.. When you  also not yet found 16 of the 17 residents of Mousewood  and won the quartets game but you want to score the Achievements for these actions... then you cannot step through the 4th portal yet... because once you go through this portal you will end up in a completely different world and when you return to Mousewood, it will have completely changed and you will no longer be able to score all those Achievements.

I don't care about the Achievements one bit.  I have now found the 32 Dew drops and all 8 stickers, but I don't care about the rest. So I now step through this 4th portal, but if you really want to score all the Achievements, then you will stay in Mousewood for a while longer to go score all those achievements.. You have to decide for yourself.

So make your choice...if you choose No, the portal will remain open until you are ready.

If you choose Yes, Jerry steps through the portal and ends up in:

Chapter 7: North Pole:

Jerry has arrived at the North Pole and it is bitterly cold, but as Phosphera promised...Jerry is not bothered by the cold at all. Jerry has also retained his fictional wings. On the right you see a snow-covered rock on which you get the hand cursor, so click on that rock and do that twice.....Jerry wipes some snow off the rock and it turns out not to be to be a rock but a head of a statue. ......Use the "Rock Whisper Spell" on the statue and.

.....the statue whispers that he has been woken up by a mortal and whether that mortal would like to talk to him for a moment.....So use the conversation option that now appears.......The head is quite sensitive and is therefore a bit offended when Jerry calls the head a statue.....the head is not a statue but it is a forgotten Deity and it can make lightning and immediately shows it. Lightning strikes a small tree, which you see in the distance on the left. Ask where we are and then say goodbye via "I Need to move on, you know....." The snowy path goes down to the left, so double-click the up arrow and... .

Jerry ends up at the Camp of the Arctic Explorer 

The explorer thinks she is starting to hallucinate because she thinks she has seen a boy with wings. 

Go talk to the girl and use the conversation options you are given...

The girl is desperate... She has been here for a week to photograph a whale, but the whale does not appear. The radio is now broken and all other items no longer work. And it is now Christmas Eve so the woman would prefer to be home with her family. Say goodbye when you're done talking. If you want, you can play the quartet game with this researcher.

On the right is a stack of crates covered with a Tarp. Click on the tarp with your hand to pull it from the pile. You will then see that there are 3 boxes and that there are wires with lights in the middle box. Click with your hand on the middle box and Jerry takes out a Experimental String Of Lights

Under the radio table there is another Tarp....Pull that tarp, under the table, away as well and you'll see the radio Battery Block. Look at the Battery.....

The battery does not provide power because it is extremely cold here. Further to the left is the tree (shrubs) struck by lightning from the God's head and behind the tree are some strange remains. Look at the tree and look at those strange remains...Jerry thinks that the tree has been struck by lightning before. Take the string of lights from inventory and hang the string in the shrubs. 

Then pick up the plug on the cord and plug the plug into the radio battery....

now we need lightning to charge the battery, so head back to the Head.

 Use the "Rock Whisper Spell" on the head again and then ask if the Head is sure he is a God via "What kind of a god are you, then?"

The head then hits the tree again with its lightning bolt and this charges the radio battery. So go back to the camp and... the lights in the tree are on and the young researcher now has contact with the outside world via radio and... then... the Northern Lights appear and the Whale emerges. .....the researcher can now take her photo. Click on the whale...the whale sings to Jerry and...Jerry receives his 4th Spell, the Glimmer of Hope Spell.

We're done here at the North Pole. Click away the screen and go back to the Head

The portal will appear, so double-click the arrow and.....

You end up back in the Moth Temple where Jerry's wings and the cold spell are removed because he no longer needs them. Then Hoto appears. 

Priestess Phosphera warns Jerry about Hoto because the Moths know him as "The Cold One" and he cannot be trusted. According to Phosphera, Hoto will betray Jerry and then there will be a big rift. The moths then take their egg with them and fly to a better place. Hoto says that the moths don't know him at all and then he says that Jerry is now ready for his biggest test. However, Jerry would rather go home now.

But then the last nail is pushed into the fourth portal tree and this causes Hoto to panic slightly and he disappears, leaving behind a tree leaf. The shadow of the man with his dog reappears and says that Jerry is the only one who can undo all the injustice. The wraith calls Jerry an apprentice magician and Jerry disappears into the tree canopy and is transported home. We then end up in:

Chapter 8: Mousewood: Everything is Different:

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot