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Chapter 8: Mousewood: Everything is Different:

Jerry has been zapped through the tree leaf back the forest pond, in his own world. But the world appears to have changed.....The forest has now become a dumping ground for old discarded refrigerators. Jerry automatically picks up the leaf Hoto left behind (Leaf The Marquis Left Behind). In the Portal Tree the portal is still slightly open.

 Look at the refrigerators and look at the portal tree and then go to the forest crossroad, via the Exit at the bottom left. It is now also a mess at the forest crossroad....Walk further to the right and see....the city has now been built all the way to the edge of the forest. Walk back to the left and to the lamppost, look at the triangle sign that is near the lamppost.......

......the sign indicates that the place where Jerry lives has now become a construction site. Continue to Jerry's house.....

Jerry's house:

Jerry's house is abandoned and boarded up. There is no mother in the garden who happily hanging out the washing. Jerry's mother is nowhere to be found. A Faded Poster now hangs on the front door of the house. Look at the Poster.........The boy on the poster is Jerry and it say that Jerry has been missing for 8 months.......On the left, in front of the left window,  the Dwarf statue is still standing. Use the "Rock whisper spell" on the Dwarf statue. 

The old weather-worn Dwarf tells that Jerry's mother became desperate and sad and could no longer live here without her son Jerry. 

Finally, Jerry's mother left here. Jerry then sees an apparition of his mother and he sits down on the bench to cry.

Jerry could use a dose of positivity, so take the "Glimmer Of Hope" spell from inventory and click it on Jerry to give him some courage again. Jerry then wants to return to Mousewood to ask Magician Arno for help. After all, everything is possible in 2 more days of vacation and he wants to come home before dinner. So go back to Portal Tree 1, in the forest ..... 

The portal in the tree is only a small crack, but Jerry still manages to open the portal further. 

Jerry then ends up back at the Mousewood Forest, where he is met by postman Plato:

Plato says that Mousewood is in danger. The residents of Mousewood talked to those 4 wooden mask-wearing strangers and then all fell into a deep sleep. Those four strangers are, according to Plato, not people. Magician Arno has captured one of those strangers and locked it in a magical bottle. But after the Magician goes home to get more bottles, he is not seen again. There is also a strange mist hanging over Mousewood now. 

Go, via the Owl Wall, to the City Gate. Zaroff posters hang on the City Gate. Go through the City Gate to the City Square. 

On the town suare, The Dubious masked guy is busy stealing the garden from the garden hare. 

The grumpy Garden Hare eventually sells his beautiful garden to the Dubious Masked Guy for a bottle of miracle potion. Talk to the Dubious Figure, who notices that Jerry is not at all sensitive to his talk. Go, via the Garden, to the Treehouse of the Hedgehog brothers. At the tree house, Jerry meets Edith. Walk across the bridge to Edith and talk to her....

Edith has lost her beautiful bag and she finds that very annoying because she wants to exchange her bag for a ticket for the Great Zaroff show.

 Enter the train station and then through the hole in the wall to:

Magician Aro:

Aro is trapped in one of the bottles in the hanging cupboard. The other bottle contains a Lizard

Talk to Magician Aro.....Aro puts Jerry next to him on the cupboard shelf and he asks if Jerry can free him from the bottle. Jerry has to break the bottle. Look at the Lizard in the other bottle.......the Lizard is 1 of the 4 masked strangers....Lizard is their true form.......When a train thunders past through the station then the entire screen shakes until the train passes. There is a crack in the cupboard bottom shelf... the crack is in front of the bottle the Lizard is in..... In the left wall of the cupboard there is a hole through which sunlight comes through and the sunlight shines exactly on the crack (Sunlit Gap)......Look at  the Crack.....with a little help Jerry could make the front part of the plank break off

On the left of the cupboard is a sewn linen bag, on the box......in the box there is a red bag with a monocle in it. First take the Monocle.  Examine the sewn bag and listen to Jerry. Then take the Nail from inventory and click with it on the sewn Bag and..... With the nail, Jerry pierces the bag open a little and a grain of corn falls out, which then lies next to Jerry. Take the Corn Kernel 

Immediately take the corn kernel from inventory and put the Corn Kernel in the Crack of the shelf.

Take the Monocle from inventory and click with it on the corn grain in the crack and......

The Monocle amplifies the sunlight, causing the corn grain to swell and swell and the front plank breaks off and the Aro bottle breaks....

Aro is free and he now tells Jerry about the "Squamata Consortium" which is an association of Lizards that have taken over Mousewood.  Aro then gives Jerry 3 Magic Bottles and tells Jerry to capture the remaining 3 Lizards each in a bottle. However, the Lizards must be persuaded to open the bottle themselves, otherwise it will not work and Jerry himself will disappear into the bottle. In inventory you now have 3 magical Bottles (Banishing Bottle)

Catch the 3 Lizards:

1: The Lizard of the Town Square:

Return to the Town Square, where the red Lizard, disguised as a masked guy, is selling his miracle potion.

Take 1 of your 3 Banishing Bottles from inventory and place your bottle between the bottles of the red lizard.

Jerry automatically talks to the lizard and asks how exactly the miracle drink works.  

The lizard then takes Jerry's bottle from his stall and opens the bottle and the red Lizard gets sucked into the bottle and iscaptured. 

The lizard has lost a ticket for the Great Zaroff Show (Admission Ticket)...

Try to grab the Admission Ticket....But Jerry doesn't want to touch theticket because when the Garden Hare saw the ticket he immediately fell into a deep sleep. And indeed,the grumpy Garden Hare is actually sleeping upright and it seems as if he is at Zaroff's show in his dream.

2: The Lizard in the Town Hall:

Enter the town hall. The 3rd Lizard is still present in the council chamber, Owl Conrad and his niece Ursula are fast asleep. However, Jonathan is awake. Talk to Jonathan. Jonathan would also like to buy a ticket for the Zaroff show, but Conrad has already sold all the glowing nuts, books and documents to pay for his own ticket. So Jonathan no longer has anything with which to pay for a ticket. Talk to the Lizard......The Lizard is drunk and he doesn't take Jerry seriously, because Jerry is just a child and has no possessions. So use the "Fox Cunning" spell on the Lizard and......Jerry talks to the Lizard again, who now thinks that Jerry is filthy rich.

The Lizard then wants Jerry to sign a contract to get a ticket for the Zaroff show...so say "Sure, where do I sign?". To celebrate its victory, the lizard then drinks some alcohol. Talk to the lizard again and now say "Sure! A bird never flew on one wing! I want another contract" and.....the lizard takes another sip and becomes even more tipsy. Talk to the lizard again and now say "The price of acorns and nuts just crashed......" and this makes the lizard very upset and he takes off his clothes and hides in the armor that is under the painting with Jonathan. 

So the lizard's clothes are now on the ground.....Look at the clothes and look at the  Armor...the lizard is stuck in the armor. Open the inventory... a long time ago, in chapter 1, Jerry picked a few rose hips... but those rose hips have now completely dried up and turned into a pile of Itching Powder.

 Use the Itching Powder on the armor the lizard is in and.......

....... the lizard comes out of the harness and flees through the window. So follow the lizard outside through the window. 

The lizard cannot be seen behind the town hall, but we hear it panting so where is it hiding? So press your space bar to use Jerry's magic coin and...... 

.......the lizard hangs high above Jerry on the tower facade of the town hall. Talk to the lizard.........

 the lizard is thirsty... so give the thirsty lizard 1 of your 2 remaining empty bottles and the lizard opens the bottle itself and.....is captured in the bottle. 

One more lizard to catch and we will find it at Ludwig's new radio station in the swamp, so go to the swamp.

3: The lizard at the swamp radio station:

DJ Ludwig tries to buy his luck with the last lizard, who draws fate balls from the drum hanging on his back. But Ludwig keeps drawing black balls.

 Kitsume sits here as a fox statue next to the slender fox. Talk to the orange lizard and ask him "Can you also tell your own fortune?"............

....the lizard tries it and pulls a white ball and the white ball says that a joy dance must be performed......so the lizard does a joy dance. Ludwig then says that for him a ticket to the Zaroff show would be the height of happiness and he bets his dewfly as payment and... The lizard now draws a white ball for Ludwig and he promptly falls asleep. The dew fly escapes to the flower above the radio and this causes the Blue Sugar Beet (Blue Beet) to fall to the ground. Take the Blue Sugar Beet.

The Dewfly sits on the flower of the leftmost stem. Click with your hand on the leftmost flower stem and see what happens......

Shaking the stem causes the dew fly to buzz and float above the lizard, which distracts the lizard for a moment because it then tries to grab the dew fly with its extremely long lizard tongue... .Could Jerry take advantage of this?. Talk to the lizard again and ask him again to predict his own luck via "Can you also tell your own fortune?" and.....the lizard pulls another white ball and starts doing its happy dance again.....

Quickly....as soon as the lizard does its dance, click on the left flower stem again with your hand.......the dew fly will buzz again and the lizard looks up and tries to catch the dew fly again. Quickly... take the Blue Sugar Beet from inventory and put the beet in the lizard's drum... the sugar beet will block the drum.

The lizard then wants to put the white ball back in the drum, but because the drum is blocked by the sugar beet, the white ball falls to the ground......

....the lizard does not notice this.....Pick up the white ball.

The white ball says that you have to do a dance. Combine the White Ball with the Blue Juice Sticker in inventory and you have a Manipulated White Ball. The sticker states that a strong sip should be taken. Talk to the lizard again and now ask him to predict Jerry's luck via "Can you tell me my fortune, too" and....... there are now only black balls in the drum, so the lizard draws a black ball from the drum and.....the blue Sugar Beet falls to the ground......While the lizard reads what is written on the black ball, quickly click on the left flower stem again....... The lizard will look up again to try to catch the Dew Fly..... Quickly..... take the Manipulated White Ball from inventory and put the ball in the drum.

Then ask the lizard to predict its own luck via "Can you also tell your own fortune?" and.....of course the lizard now pulls the manipulated white ball from his drum and he reads on it "Get the Bottle for Luck"......the white ball has never lied, so the lizard looks for a bottle. Well....give the lizard your remaining empty bottle and.....the lizard opens the bottle itself and is  then captured in the bottle.

Kitsume now turns back into the girl.....

Kitsume is very upset because she can no longer open the portal here and so she cannot return home to Japan. It's the fault of the lizards, which she knows from her homeworld, Kitsume says and she disappears. Jerry has captured the 3 Lizards each in a bottle....the 4th had already been captured by Magician Aro. So now quickly return to Magician Arno

Magician Arno:

Choose your Magic Cloak:

Back at the Magician, you give him 1 of the 3 bottles containing the 3 captured Lizards and.....

Jerry then gives all 3 bottles to the Magician and he then tells that there is a bigger problem because "something dark" has taken hold. Nestled in the heart of the portal world and only a magician trained by Hoto can avert this danger, and that is Jerry. But in order to carry out his new task, Jerry needs a magical cloak and Aro then zaps our hero into the wardrobe where Jerry can choose his own cloak. 

Look at all the coats in the closet...Jerry doesn't think any of the coats suit him. You then get the hand cursor on the red coat. Click on the red coat and  Jerry slides the red coat to the right. Now click on the blue coat and then on the next one to move all the cloaks to the right and...... When you have shifted all the cloaks to the right, you will see a light shining through the back wall of the cupboard.....

Look at the light....... the light shines through a keyhole. Click with the hand cursor on the keyhole. Jerry hits the keyhole with his hand and .... well, it is a door , so go through the door and...... Jerry ends up in his own room, but Magician Aro explains that it is a dream but that he has to find the suitable cloak here. On the left are 2 doors....the left door is a sliding door. A corner of the traffic carpet is clamped under the sliding door. Open the sliding door, this will fold over the point of the rug that was under the sliding door. Click with your hand on the folded point of the rug and ...... 

Jerry pulls the folded point of the carpet to remove itand.....the carpet covered a floor hatch. Open the floor hatch. 

Under the hatch is a storage space where cardboard boxes are stored and there is also a stack of old newspapers.

 Open the top left cardboard box and.....

Jerry finds his own old leather jacket and he puts it on and is immediately retrieved by the Magician. However, Jerry immediately loses the jacket because it was only a dream after all, but Jerry has now become a real Treewalker. ...the jacket was only for Jerry's memory to remember about his father. Jerry now receives his father's Quartet card.

The Woodsprite then appears and explains that Jerry's father wanders in the space between the worlds. If someone walks into Jerry's world, something else will disappear from that world. And so Jerry's father also disappeared. Because the boundary between the worlds is weakest at the portal trees, Jerry always saw the shadow of his father there. Magician Aro then takes Jerry back to:

The Hall of the Students:

Here Aro explains a few things, so listen to Aro because I'm not going to write down all this out for you. 

The bottom line, though, is that Jerry needs to find a Sound Carrier here.

The round metal frame is located at the bottom of the trunk of the tree. Look at the round frame. The round frame lights up for a moment and we see the image of a leaf in it. Take the Leaf The Marquis Left behind from inventory and click with it on the round frame and.....

The frame slides open and Jerry automatically takes the Uncanny Sound Carrier from the tree trunk and....

...........Jerry is then transported to the slope path above the Dwarf House.

Open the 5th Portal:

At the very top of the slope path is the Tree with holes....the Wind Organ Tree. Walk to the tree.

Take the Uncanny Sound Carrier from inventory and click the thing in the big Hole In Big Old Tree Stump.......

The Sound Carrier vibrates and records the whistling of the wind through the tree. Jerry says that the wind sounds like the sound of the crystal statues that stand at each of the 4 Portal Trees. So the tree has 1 large opening and 4 smaller openings. Go back one screen via the bottom left exit to the broken radio and then climb up the mushroom stairs to the Moth Cave.

 Walk through the tunnel to the crystal statue. Use the Sound Carrier on the crystal statue. 

The crystal starts to vibrate and shatters and the round piece of Amber and the round face then lie on the ground. 

Take the piece of Amber and.....the crystal image restores itself.

Look at the round piece of Amber in inventory....there is an Eye on it and Jerry thinks he has to stick it in something. Climb back down to the broken radio and, on the left at the Shoe, take the swamp path to Ludwig's new radio. So here is portal tree 4 and here too there is such a crystal stone. Use the Sound Carrier on the crystal again to break it and then pick up the round piece of Amber.

This Amber disc contains a Left Hand. Go to the Town Square. We don't meet any residents of Mousewood anywhere. The town square is also completely deserted. Go through the stair gate, to the right of the town hall, to Behind the Town Hall. Behind the Town Hall, use the Sound Carrier on the Crystal Stone again and then pick up the Amber disc..... this disc has a right hand on it.

On the left, near the tunnel, are the remains of the Woodssprite. Go back to the town square and then through the Town Gate and then take the forest path, above the signposts, to the Owl Wall and then on to the forest pond. Jerry is then back at Portal Tree 1. Here too, use the Sound Carrier on the Crystal Stone and then pick up the 4th Amber disc.....the disc has a Heart on it.

Jerry now has 4 round Amber discs with an Eye, a Left Hand, a Right Hand and a Heart on them. These 4 discs are needed to open the 5th Portal, and for this we now have to return to the Wind Organ Tree: So return as quickly as possible to the Hole Tree, on the slope path above the Dwarf House. You should know the route by now, so I'll see you there. Around the large tree hole you will see 4 smaller holes. Place an Amber disc in each of the 4 smaller holes.....

it doesn't matter which disc clicks on which hole........Jerry automatically places the right disc in the right hole. A wooden door then appears and then a green glass room with a fountain appears. In the glass room lies an enormous glass Caterpillar. The wooden door has a silver keyhole and the silver key is on top of the fountain. 

Try to see if Jerry can get the silver key........unfortunately.....The water in the fountain is acidic and therefore very dangerous. The Caterpillar is holding a square panel and on that panel you see a Heart. The Heart Panel has 4 compartments......a Sliding Puzzle? Click with your eye on the Heart panel.......Jerry then walks to the panel and touches it and then desperately shouts that this puzzle cannot be solved. Use the Glimmer Of Hope spell on the Heart Panel and......The Puzzle is solved.....the heart breaks into a thousand pieces and the poisonous fountain disappears.

The Silver Key is now in the round fountain basin, so grab the Silver Key. When Jerry has taken the Silver Key, the screen starts to shake and...just in time, Jerry walks out of the glass room and it breaks in pieces and disappears. Use the Silver Key on the Wooden Door and....

...The 5th Portal opens. 

Kitsume and Plato then show up because they want to go with Jerry through the portal to help Jerry against the Great Zaroff...

......and  they then step through the portal and....we end up in:

Chapter 9: The Great Zaroff:

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot