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Chapter 9: The Great Zaroff:

Between the Worlds:

Jerry has ended up alone on the other side of the 5th portal...no trace of Kitsume and Plato. Jerry has ended up in "The Place Between the Worlds" and you will undoubtedly recognize this screen from the Intro of the game. Then Hoto and the Woodsprite was here. Place your arrow cursor in the large holes......there are 4 EXITS over the tree branches in the 4 holes

Which is the correct Exit.  Each of the 4 tree branch paths brings Jerry back to this screen. 

Jerry needs some advice, so open the inventory and then click on the "Advice Seeker", which is attached to Jerry's wand and Magician Aro appears

However, Aro cannot help Jerry any further because he is stuck himself... he cannot get to the First Tree. However, there is one person who could help Jerry here, but he is a very dangerous magician. Aro then gives Jerry a piece of Tree Bark, with which that dangerous magician can be summoned. However, Jerry must not show any weakness towards that magician. Aro then disappears and.....a talking Raven then appears. 

Talk to the raven and then use the conversation options. This raven lives near the 1st Tree but, like Jerry, he is lost. 

Ask further and listen to what the raven says. The raven then makes a Stone Wheel appear in the top right opening. Jerry must now summon that dangerous Magician. Jerry has called a magician before because that was Hoto and Jerry did that through the Root Flame. The recipe for the root flame is still in the inventory. So right-click on the recipe (Mysterious Message) in inventory and Jerry lists the ingredients for the Root Flame again. Click with your hand cursor on the Stone Wheel and...... images will appear in the holes, as if they were windows.

In the Bright Path hole you now see a campfire and in the Unknown Path hole you now see a cannon. Click with your Hand on the Campfire ..... Jerry walks to the campfire and tells something about it and then takes a burning piece of wood from the fire, but he does not put the piece of firewood in inventory ..... You can't use the piece of firewood yet, so right click to put the piece of firewood back in the campfire. Click with your hand cursor on the Cannon and Jerry takes a handful of black gunpowder from the cannon and he put this in inventory

Click on the Stone Wheel again and....other images will appear in the holes....

There is now also a net with acorns in the large upper hole....Take some acorns from the net. 

In the Bright Path hole you now see the rusty metal closet that is in the dwarf house. 

Take the Dried Long Brush With Syrup from inventory and click with it on the closet in the bottom left hole and... 

Jerry pries open the cupboard with the stick and steals a Blue Dwarf Root. In the Unknown Path hole you will see a stone with the Treewalkers symbol on it. In the middle of the screen is the Crossroads of the paths and at there you see 3 stones . Take the Bag of White Pepper from inventory and click with it on the Treewalker Stone.

In inventory combine the bag of White Pepper with the pile of Gunpowder. Then put the Powder Mixture in the Coffee Mug. Also put the bark, acorns and blue beetroot in the Coffee Mug. Then take the Coffee Mug from inventory and click with it on 1 of the 3 Crossroads Stones.......

Jerry then automatically draws the Magic Circle at the intersection and places the mug in the circle. Now click on the Stone Wheel again and....The campfire will appear again in the Bright Path hole. Walk to the Bright Path hole and click with your hand on the campfire again to take out the piece of burning wood again... Your cursor is then the burning piece of wood. Now click with piece of burning wood on the Powder Circle With Mug and...

Jerry lights the whole thing and.......the mysterious and masked Magician appears:

The mysterious Magician says that Jerry must have a lot of inner strength otherwise he would not have been able to summon this magician. Continue talking through the conversation options, but the magician does not give clear answers. The magician does murmur a spell, which changes Jerry's magic ring. With the magical Ring, Jerry can then follow the Light through this maze between the Worlds. The magician disappears and the raven makes the Stone Wheel and the images in the holes disappear again.

Follow the Light

Now take the Magic Coin With Hole from inventory. Place the Magic Ring in each of the holes in the screen. in the bottom hole, the "Path Into The Light" hole, the ring will then have a bright purple edge, so this is the correct path to follow, so click in this hole and

Jerry steps through the hole and..... ends up back on the hole screen. 

Take the Magic ring from inventory again and click with it in the bottom left hole, the "Bright Path" hole and.....

Jerry steps through the hole and ends up back on the hole screen...

.so take the Magic Ring again and click with it again in the "Path Into The Light" hole and.....

Jerry steps through this hole again and ends up back on the hole screen... 

Take the Magic Ring again and click with it in the right hole, the "Into The White" hole and.........

finally.....Jerry now arrives at the clearing near the First Tree.....and we meet....

The Great Zaroff:

The Great Zaroff is standing under the tree and he is just about to start his show and he introduces Jerry as a volunteer to the audience. The audience (Ghostly Audience) consists of the residents of Mousewood who ended up here in their dream. Click on Zaroff with your eye cursor. Jerry then walks to Zaroff and he recognizes Jerry and tells a whole story. 

Then say that you are not afraid of Zaroff via "I'm not afraid of you" and,........

Zaroff then zaps Jerry into the dark forest of the First Tree. 

Your screen goes black for a while and we hear Aro's voice saying that he can only keep Jerry's mind clear for a moment.

The nails hammered into the tree spread a poison that affects the soul of the tree. 

Jerry is ordered to find the others, who are also trapped in this tree. We have ended up in:

Zaroff's Stage play:

Act 1: Mousewood:

The spotlights turn on and Jerry notices that he is now on stage. Zaroff sits in the director's box, bottom center, and provides commentary. 

Present on stage are now 2 Jerry's, Plato the frog and the big Toad of the Forest. The Jerry next to Plato is a fake Jerry. Then more lights come on......

On the stage is a green cloth with prickly thorns. Plato keeps shouting the same thing and the fat toad's mouth is covered with Zaroff posters. The silver nail is in the tree, which serves as a decor piece. To the left of the fat Toad there are cardboard rocks as set pieces and on the far left is a stool with a script book on it.  First click the script book to let Jerry read the script of this play act. 

it's the script of this play and Jerry reads through the script...in the play, Jerry is portrayed by Zaroff as a very unpleasant boy who is hated by all the residents of Mousewood and  will be ultimately trodden down by the fat toad. Zaroff then wants Jerry to give up his resistance, but Jerry has no interest in that at all.

When Jerry has read the script then click with your talking cursor on the fat toad

Jerry then tries to pull the posters off the toad, but it becomes aggressive and 2 fake Hazelnuts fall from the tree onto the stage. 

Take the 2 fake Hazelnuts (Styrofoam Chestnuts). 

On the left of the thick path there are a few cardboard rocks (Scenery) as set pieces. 

Click with your hand on those "rocks" to move them aside and a light switch will then become visible. Click on the light switch and...

....in the wall, left behind the stool, a lamp turns on and a speaking horn (Voice Tube) hangs on that wall. Talk through the Speaking Horn and......

....the technician, on the other side of the wall, then points the spotlight at the fat Toad and he is then blinded for a moment by the bright light...

. Quickly....The spotlight only stays for a moment aimed at the fat Toad.......... 

So quicly take the fake Hazelnuts from inventory and ram them into the nostrils of the toad.....

.....if you were too slow, talk through the horn again to focus the spotlight on the pad again and you can then try again. The nuts make the toad sneeze and blow the Zaroff posters away. As soon as the Zaroff posters are off the toad, the toad comes to itself and Zaroff's spell on the toad is broken. The toad then disappears from the scene and returns to the forest.

Now to save Plato. Talk to Plato but Plato does not recognize Jerry. Take the Clicker Frog from inventory and click with it on Plato and.......

Plato's spell is broken and he recognizes Jerry as his friend again. The friendship between Jerry and Plato makes the nail fall from the tree. 

The Iron Nail automatically ends up in Jerry's inventory and it is the Black Nail...Mousewood is freed from Zaroff's spell and we end up in:

Act 2: Ireland:

There is now a huge pot of Gold on stage and on top of the mountain of gold is O'Donnell, the Green Hat. There is a Zaroff poster in O'Donnell's hat and it must be removed from the hat to break O'Donnell's spell. In front of the pot of gold is a flower pot with a 4-leaf clover growing in it. The script book is on the right side of the stool, so first read the script. Look at the Pot of Gold.......Zaroff tells you what the intention is and you can then talk to O'Donnell, so talk to O'Donnell. 

O'Donnell thinks that Jerry is coming to steal his pot of gold. Zaroff's intention is that Jerry accepts the pot of gold in this 2nd act in exchange for his surrender.

Look at  the Flowerpot. Jerry tries to lift the flowerpot but he can't because the flowerpot is nailed to the floor. Behind the Pot of Gold is the decor consisting of, on the left, the Tower and, on the right, the Tree. The Bronze Nail is stuck in the Tree. Try to pull the nail out of the tree but this also doesn't work because the nail is hanging too high in the tree for Jerry. 2 Sandbags hang from the ceiling.  Look at a sandbag and O'Donnell  will tell a long story that you must sit out

On the left behind the tower you see the left end of the decor curtain and there is a Rift In Landscape  curtain. Click with your hand on the rift in the curtain. Jerry says that there is something behind the curtain but he cannot enlarge the crack with his hand.... Take the black Nail from inventory and click with it on the rift and.....

Jerry now makes the rift larger and... ..a machine with a Lever and a Round Button becomes visible. 

You can move the sandbags with the lever and you can lower the sandbags with the button. You can click the lever in 3 positions, top, middle, bottom. The lever is now in the top position. Click once on the lever to click it to the middle position and then click on the round button and........a sandbag, above the flower pot, lowers and pulls the flower pot, with a piece of the carpet , upwards. Where the flower pot stood, a plank from the stage is now visible. Now click the lever to the bottom position and then click on the round button again and ..... the middle sandbag crashes down again and hits the bare plank and this causes the Pot of Gold to fall over and O'Donnell falls onto the stage and starts frantically digging for the gold.....Quickly... walk to O'Donnell and click on his hat with your hand to pull off the Zaroff poster and.....

O'Donnell's spell is broken. O'Donnell then conjures a rainbow bridge through which Jerry can reach the Nail in the Tree. 

O'Donnell then disappears home. Click with your hand on the Bronze Nail again and......

via the rainbow bridge, Jerry now reaches the nail and pulls the thing out of the tree and. Ireland is freed from Zaroff's spell and we end up in:

Act 3: Japan:

The girl Kitsune is now on stage and she is wearing a fox mask. Kitsune is standing in front of the Gatekeeper and 4 Zaroff Posters are stuck on the Gatekeeper and the Gatekeeper has placed his large paws on Kitsune's shoulders. The Golden Nail is stuck in the tree. The Script of this 3rd act is also on the stool here and the large Bell hangs in the foreground.

Read the Script again. Try to talk to Kitsune but Kitsune can't hear Jerry. Take Kitsune's golden bell from inventory and click with it on Kitsune. But the bell also has no effect because the Gatekeeper then covers Kitsune's ears with his large paws. Click with your Hand on the large Bell. Jerry gives the bell a good kick, but the noise of the large bell is not loud enough to release Kitsune from her spell, it has to be louder. So take the Uncanny Sound Carrier from inventory and click with it on the large bell and....... 

....the sound carrier greatly amplifies the sound of the large bell and this is too much for the Gatekeeper who let go of Kitsune to cover his eyes and ears with his paws. Quickly take Kitsune's bell from inventory and click on Kitsune again and Kitsune now remembers who she is and she take off the fox mask. But the Gatekeeper then grabs Kitsune again and threatens to eat her.  Zaroff then uses a magic spell to destroy Jerry's sound carrier, so Jerry can no longer use that thing. Talk to Kitsune.

Jerry now tells Kitsune that he accepts her for who she is, that she is a fox. And foxes are always ready to fight. Kitsune realizes this is true. She fights and rips off the Gatekeeper's posters, freeing it from Zaroff's spell as well. The Gatekeeper thanks Jerry and tells him to take good care of Kitsune. Then he disappears. 

The golden nail falls from the tree and automatically ends up in Jerry's inventory. Japan is now also freed from Zaroff's spell and we continue to:

Act 4: North Pole:

This last act of Zaroff's performance takes place at the North Pole. There is an icy wind and Jerry is standing on an ice floe. Zaroff lowers a screen, showing the Eye of the Whale... 3 Zaroff posters are stuck on the whale's eye, so the whale is also under Zaroff's spell... the whale wants Jerry to dive into the ice cold Arctic water to visit him.

To the right of the whale's eye shield is the Iron Nail in the dry tree, but if you try to grab the nail, Jerry tells that he cannot reach the nail know from his ice floe. Under the whale's eye screen there is a tasty Candy Cane in Jerry's ice floe. The script for this one is again on the stool and behind the stool is a fully decorated Christmas tree. In the Christmas tree hangs the string of lights that Jerry hung on the burned tree in the North Pole. Read the script again. Look at  the Christmas tree.....

Jerry muses a bit about home and that he misses his mother. Zaroff is acting sneaky and that is not appreciated by the audience, who now seem to be more and more in favor of Jerry. Jerry then takes the String of Lights from the Christmas tree and stores it in his Top Hat. Click on the candy cane with your hand.......

Zaroff wants Jerry to lick the candy cane so that his tongue will freeze to the candy cane. However, Jerry does not lick the candy cane but pulls the candy cane out of the ice to store it in his top hat. In inventory, combine the Candy Cane with the Light String to create a Festive Fishing Rod. Immediately take the Festive Fishing Rod from inventory and click with it on the Ocean, to the left of Jerry's ice floe.......

Jerry fishes a Cable out of the ocean......the Cable then hangs on Jerry's ice floe......

Zaroff wants Jerry to stay away from the cable, so that is motivation enough for Jerry to pull the cable anyway. So click with your gear cursor on the Cable and Jerry then pulls the large Fan out of the set and into the screen......the fan is now near the nail. Click on the Cable again to pull the fan further towards Jerry and.....

Save your game here This is your last chance to SAVE the game. So if you want to play it safe, I would SAVE  the game here now.

When you have saved, return to the game and click on the Fan with your eye and Jerry points the fan at the whale's eye screen, blowing the Zaroff Posters away.The whale is freed from Zaroff's spell and thanks Jerry. The audience applauds Jerry and the whale disappears. Click on the Iron Nail again with your Hand and......

Jerry can now walk towards the Nail and he pulls the Nail from the dry tree and stores it in inventory. 

The North Pole has also been freed from Zaroff's spell and......Zaroff's bizarre play is over....We end up back at:

The First Tree: 

Zaroff is on stage in front of the First Tree. The Zaroff poster blows off the tree. 

Zaroff is angry because Jerry is stronger than he thought and he disappears. Then Jerry, Plato and Kitsune appear in front of the tree. 

The audience of restless dreamers makes angry, threatening noises. Zaroff fires a magic ball at our 3 heroes and this tells Jerry where Zaroff is. 

Kitsune and Plato try to calm the audience by playing the main tune of the game and it works wonderfully. 

You must sit this through. Meanwhile, Jerry is looking for Zaroff.

Final Duel against Zaroff

Jerry finds Zaroff. Zaroff wants to destroy Jerry with magic spells and to do this he bundles energy in a sphere and throws that sphere at Jerry. 

Jerry then has to catch these energy spheres and reflect them back to Zaroff. Open the inventory and click on the spells attached to the wand.

The 4 spell symbols then all appear in a row at the bottom right of the screen. But a spell alone is not enough to ward off Zaroff's energy spheres. The 4 Nails are also needed for this. So open the Inventory again and click on the nails, so that the 4 Nails appear at the bottom left of the screen.  At the top right you can click on the Cross to skip this very last puzzle and go straight to the ENDING of the game, but why would you want do this? It's not so difficult to defeat Zaroff 

Jerry can  now defend himself against Zaroff. Zaroff throws a colored ball. At the bottom right, click on the spell that has the same color as the orb that Zaroff throws, and then click on the energy ball. Then, on the left, pick up the corresponding Nail and also click with the Nail on the energy ball....... Like this:

If you used the right combinations of spells and nails, Jerry will through the energy ball back to Zaroff, so that he can no longer use this spell. So you have to do this 4 times because Zaroff has 4 Energy balls, a Purple, a Red, a Green and a Blue. Always first click on the ball with the correct Spell cursor and immediately afterwards with the corresponding Nail. These are the right combination:

          Purple Orb = Purple Spell + Black Nail
        Green Orb = Green Spell + Silver Nail
   Red Orb = Red Spell + Bronze Nail
Blue Orb = Blue Spell + Gold Nail

When Zaroff has become powerless, Hoto and the old magician Aro emerge and then the Apprentice appears....

Magician Aro is now going to tell Jerry the whole story of Zaroff and Hoto and that will take a while, so sit this out

If this story takes too long for you, you can use the ESCAPE key to skip it. After the story there is a big party in Mousewood and the Credits roll across the screen. If you also want to score the last Achievement, then while the Credits roll on the left, talk to each of the residents of Mousewood in the right screen and also in the left screen. You cannot push this screen away. 

After this, Jerry goes home where his father and mother are already waiting impatiently for him....

And it's not over yet because you get 2 more short videos in which you see Backpack mouse continuing his adventurous journey and...

.....that Magician Aro has captured that mysterious other Magician in a bottle

Via the Bonus screen you can listen to all Audio books again and watch all videos again. 

You can check if you have scored all the Quartet Cards and Stickers and Achievements.


2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot