2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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Introduction to the game

"Hi, I'm Jerry.......Jerry Hazelnut.......and I live in Mousewood. Starting the day after tomorrow I have to go back to school, but no one at school will believe what happened to me yesterday. There was the stuff with the Fox Girl, the Little Green Man, the Scary Moths. But it all started with the Blackberry Pie that my mother was going to bake and then.......... then the Letter arrived and.... ...suddenly I was the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Well...isn't that strange? But that wasn't all strange...Oh no...I will now tell the strangest and most exciting part of my story"

"The Night of the Rabbit" is a standard "point and click" adventure game that you control entirely with your computer mouse. In the game you are Jerry Hazelnut, an adolescent who still has 2 days of school vacation and during those 2 days he experiences the greatest adventure of his young life. Left click on the place where Jerry should walk. To move Jerry around faster to the next screen, double-click the 'exit' cursor. 

A diary will appear at the top left of your screen, which lists the tasks you have to do. If you have successfully completed the task, the text will turn gray. Your cursor automatically shows you what you can do with an item when you hover over it. Then left click to perform the action such as talking, looking or picking up. Items you pick up disappear into the Inventory. 

On the main menu screen you will find the buttons to continue your game, start a new game and load a save game.  In the game you reach this Main Menu screen via your ESCAPE key or via the icon in the Inventory.  You can adjust some audio and video settings via Settings and you can close the game via Quit Game. 

Save/ Load game

Through the Save menu you can save your game and load your saved games.There are unlimited save slots


You open the Inventory by scrolling with your mouse wheel or by pressing your I key. Your inventory is a transparent balloon and at the tail of the balloon you will find the options to open the Main Menu screen, save your game, open the Journal (Diary) and go to the Bonus screen.  On the right edge of the inventory balloon are small circles in which fixed objects that you use throughout the game are stored. Such as the magic coin and the magic wand/hint function. To unlock the Hint feature, you must first obtain the Magic Wand

The items you collect in the game are stored in the Balloon. Right-click on an item to read a description of it. Left-click on an item and it will stick to your cursor. You can then click on another item in your Inventory to combine the 2 items together. If you want to remove the picked up item from inventory, scroll with your mouse wheel to close the inventory, or drag the item out the balloon. You can then "use" the item in the game screen.

Journal (Diary)

Through the diary you can read the tasks you have to do in the game


On the bonus screen you will see 5 signposts that you can click. Each signpost opens a Bonus screen. 

You must "earn" these Bonuses by searching and collecting them. 

On the bonus screen you will also find the buttons to view the credits (Credits) and to replay the card games that appear in the game. 

You must have found and played those card games in the game. 

Audio Book:

On this page you can listen to eight audio books with a story from Mousewood. You must first find these audiobooks in the game


The stickers are images of the animals from Anja's daycare. You have to find them through out the game

Quartets (Quartet cards)

Here you will find all the quartet cards you found in the game.


This stores the awards you earn when you find certain items or take certain actions during play.


Here you can watch the cutscenes from the game again.

Well...enough explanation...choose a New Game to get started.


A magician stands in front of the "First Tree"  which is a magic tree, The magician is moaning out his frustrations.

In the left down corner you see a suitcase full of magician's supplies. The Magician says that he "wished to know sooner" and then the suitcase and the Magician disappear. Then we see Marquis de Hoto, a rabbit, walking into the forest. The Marquis is greeted by a strange creature wearing a white mask.

Click on the mask creature and...... the creature starts talking to the Marquis... The Marquis is looking for "The Beginning of the Story" and the creature will show the Marquis the Beginning. You have to give a random answer to the creature's questions twice. The creature will walk to another spot twice and then you have to click on the creature again to move Rabbit Marquis back to it. First the creature disappears to the top right and then to the left. The creature will then eventually show the rabbit the picture on the left where the story begins and the rabbit will then disappear through that hole and we end up in Chapter 1

Chapter 1: At Jerry's House and Into the Forest

Chapter 2: In and Around Mousewood:

Chapter 3: The Magician of Mousewood:

Chapter 4: The 4 Portal Trees and Chapter 5: Ireland

Chapter 6 and Chapter 7: Portal Tree 3 and 4 and the Moth's and the North Pole

Chapter 8 Everything is different: The 5th Portal Tree

Chapter 9: The Great Zaroff and Ending the game

2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot