2023: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot:

This walkthrough is my English translation of my old Dutch Tex Murphy Overseer walkthrough I did years ago

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Tex Murphy Overseer is a game from 1998. It is a DOS/Windows 95 game, but in 2014 I have playd the GOG.com edition of the game. 

The following games have been released in the Tex Murphy series: Martian Memorandum, The Pandora Directive, Under a Killing Moon, Mean Streets,  Overseer and The Tesla Effect. The leading role in the Tex Murphy games is Tex Murphy, a Private Detective of the Phillip Marlow genre...the difference is that the Tex Murphy games take place in the future. Overseer works with real live actors

When you start the game, the Menu screen opens right away. You can always reach this menu screen during gameplay by moving your mouse to the top of the game screen. In the menu screen you will find the various Tabs with which you open the various functions, such as "New Game", "Save", "Load" and "Config".

On the menu screen, first open the "Config" page and then, via the Tabs, set the video, sound and game options that work best for your system.

 I would stay away from the "Advance Preferences" if you don't know exactly what "Midmapping" and such things mean.

Return to the home screen and then click "New Game" to start the game. 

You will then need to provide a "Player" name, so type in a name and then click "Start".

In the next screen you have to check on which difficulty level you want to play the game, "Entertainment" or "Gamer".

"Entertainment" is the easy level. You can get hints in the game and you can skip all the puzzles by typing code 911. You can earn a maximum of 1500 points at the "Entertainment" level. "Gamer" is the difficult level and there are no hints available and you cannot skip the puzzles via code 911. You can earn a maximum of 4000 points at "Gamer" level. So choose at which level you want to play the game and then click "OK" and ...... the game will start with the:


The game first lets you experience a nightmare of Tex ......

...... in his nightmare Tex relives his adventure from 6 years ago, which was covered in the game Tex Murphy Mean Streets. I

n the end, our Tex is pulled out of his nightmare by his girlfriend Chelsey, who calls via the Vidphone ......

Tex is shocked and rolls out of bed because he doesn't want Chelsey to see his still unwashed and unshaven face. A conversation follows between Tex and Chelsey and you have to click an answer option. It really doesn't matter at all what answers you give. So click one answer at a time and the scene will eventually continue in Chelsey's flat. Tex wants to do hanky panky with Chelsey, but Chelsey has some hesitation to deepen her relationship with Tex into bed ..... Chelsey first wants to know in detail how Tex now stands with an other woman by the name of Sylvia and .....Tex is going to tell Chelsey about how he met that Sylvia and for that he takes us back in time 6 years ..... we start the story in:

Tex's office:

How to move through the game

You open the Game menu screen by moving your mouse cursor to the top of the screen.If you go to the bottom of the screen, the "VR Movement Overlay" will open. There are a number of ways to move through the game and one of those ways is to use the "VR Movement Overlay" system. However, you can also use your W,A,S,D keys or the 4 arrow keys of your keyboard. First practice a bit with the "VR Movement Overlay" screen or with your keys on your keyboard to get the hang of the controls of the game.

How to Look at, Grab, or Open Things:

To Look at, Grab, Open, or Move things, the game uses an "Action Menu" that pops up when you LEFT CLICK on items. The Action menu usually consists of 2 transparent circles in which you see a small Icon. Usually the left icon is to Look at things and the right icon to Grab or Open or Move things (Get, Open, Move).

WARNING: In this game you often have to open drawers of cupboards to see if there is something in such a drawer that you need. It is important that you can really look in the drawer. You really have to put yourself in such a way, via the "VR Movements Overlay" or your movement keys on your keyboard, that you can really LOOK in an open drawer, otherwise you have a good chance that you just miss that item, from such a drawer , which you need.

You are in Tex's office and in front of his desk. On the desk is the Vidphone and, to the right, is the "Rule Book for P.I's". On the left wall are 2 filing cabinets and on top of the filing cabinets is Tex's Fax machine. In the corner, to the right of the filing cabinets, is a low table with a marble toy, a "Pepertual Mobile" on it.

Let's practice with the Action menu and the Motion screen. Use the Vidphone to request some information about yourself, Tex Murphy. So left-click on the Vidphone and then, in the action menu, click the On button to turn on the Vidphone. You then end up in the Vidphone screen. Click in the screen on "American Info. Database" and then on the "Dail" button and .....

You end up in the people search system. At the bottom right you click on "Ask about" and .....

...... a notepad will appear on which you will now only see 1 option .... so click on "Tex Murphy" and ..... ..

.....the system will now look up all information about Tex Murphy and then report that a Fax has been sent to your Fax machine. Because you can't ask the AID about other people now, click on "Done" and then on "End conversation" to exit the Vidphone. Left click on the "PI book", which is on the desk and then take the book via the "Get" option of the action menu. Turn to the left and move forward a little to the filing cabinets. Then left click on the Fax machine and then extract the Fax, via the "Get" option of the action menu.

The fax disappears to your INVENTORY. 

You open the INVENTORY by moving your cursor to the right edge of the screen .... the Inventory screen will appear

You now only have 1 item in inventory and that is the Fax, which you just took from your Fax machine. To read the Fax, drag the letter/fax to the "hammer" in the top right box....then release the Fax in that box and you will read the thing in close-up. In this way you can also read letters and documents and you can also view other items in more detail in inventory. You lose the Fax because you no longer need the fax. 

Close the inventory by moving your cursor to the right again. Look again at the 2 filing cabinets and look down at the lower drawers. Then open the bottom drawer of the left file cabinet, via the "Open" function of the action menu. Make sure you're standing close to the open drawer and then make sure you look down so you're looking into the open drawer. In the bottom left drawer you will find a Toy mouse .... Left click on the toy mouse and then take the thing out of the drawer.

The Toy Mouse is stored in inventory and you can take a closer look at the thing via the View box .... it is a Wind-up Mouse. 

In the corner, right behind the filing cabinets, is a Peppertual Mobile marble game. 

Make sure you're standing in front of that marble toy and then set it in motion via the "Move" option of the action menu.

Turn to the right so that you are facing the other side of the room. You will then see the door of Tex's bedroom. In the left corner there is another filing cabinet and you can also see the bookcase. In 1 of the compartments of the bookcase is a tape measure, such a roll-up measuring tape. Walk across the room to the filing cabinet and open the bottom drawer in this filing cabinet as well.

There is a letter in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. Take the letter from the drawer, via the "Get" option of the action menu, and then read the letter through the View box of the inventory. Then go to the bookcase and take the tape measure from the box. Then look at the front door. There is a magazine on the floor by the front door

Open the action screen on the Magazine and then pick up the magazine via the "Get" option.... in a short cutscene you see Tex pick up the magazine .... it is a "Boys Life Magazine". Go to the bedroom door and open the door via the Action menu and then enter the narrow bedroom.  On Tex's bed is the "Parcheesi" game....."Parcheesi" is a kind of Human Worse You Not. 

Open the action menu on the "Parcheesi" box and then click the "Get" option and.. 

The game will now really start and it will start with a long movie:

Sylvia Linsky:

Tex has just started as a PI and is sitting in his newly opened office waiting for his first client..... So far Tex hasn't been busy and out of boredom he just plays a game of "Parcheesi" as his 1st client appears and it's not just any client......Jesus what a Babe........we meet Sylvia Linsky

Sensual Sylvia Linsky then steps in and slutty she drapes herself in Tex's chair .......

Sylvia wants to hire our Tex to investigate her father's, Carl Linsky's,  apparent suicide. 

Sylvia is convinced that her father did not commit suicide but was murdered. 

Tex can barely keep the drool in his mouth and his eyes off Sylvia's tits

Sylvia knows very well how to make men like Tex do her way and she also succeeds excellently in convincing Tex to at least go talk to detective Eve Clements, from the police, about her father's alleged suicide. Sylvia then says goodbye and we end up back in Tex's office,

Perhaps it is now a good idea to SAVE your game for the 1st time. Move your cursor to the top of your screen to bring up the Menu screen. 

Then click on the "Save" tab to open the Save screen. Enter a name for your save at "Comment" and then click the "Save" button to save your save.

Back in the game move the cursor to the left side of the screen and.......your Location screen will appear. Via this screen you can travel quickly and easily to the various available locations. At the moment there are 3 locations available, which you see in the top right corner as small pictures. Tex now wants to talk to Eve Clements, the police detective who investigated Sylvia's father's suicide. Click on the small picture of Eve and .... Eve Clements will appear large in the large box. At the bottom left of the large picture you see the "GO" button ...... Click on that "GO" button to go to the selected location

Police station:

Via a cutscene, Tex ends up in the office of detective Eve Clements. Eve Clements and Tex are old acquaintances. So what follows is a "warm" greeting in which you have to give Eve some random answers... It doesn't matter how you react to Clements' prickly remarks. So respond to Eve's comments a few times and then click the "Ask about" option and then ask Eve further about all the topics you get through the notepad. You're done when all options on the notepad are checked in red. Then click "Done" and then "End conversation".

It is important that you always ask all the questions you get in conversations. Through the conversations and questions, Tex gathers information that makes new locations available and which he can then talk to other characters about. Once you have fully talked to Eve Clements and then ended the conversation, open the Locations screen and travel to Carl Linsky's house:

Carl Linsky's House:

Sylvia is at her father's house. Interrogate Sylvia through all options of the notebook

When all the questions from the notebook have been used, Sylvia disappears to the police station to collect her father's things and Tex is alone in the house.

There is a Domino game on the coffee table. Walk to the coffee table. 

There is also a white piece of paper with the domino game. Take the domino game

Open inventory. You have not only picked up the domino game but also that white piece of paper.

 View the white piece of paper via the Viewing box and ..... you can read the solution for the dominoes on it.

Stay in inventory and now drag the Dominoes to the viewing area and .... you get into the:

Dominoes puzzle:

There are 9 dominoes that you have to place in the 9 squares. So this is a Sudoko puzzle. The white paper has told you that the sum of the dominoes horizontally, vertically and diagonally must be 21. So drag the dominoes to the 9 squares and click them in the squares so that horizontally, vertically and diagonally the sum is always 21. On the Entertainment level, you can also type code 911 to solve the puzzle. If you do this correctly, the 3 green lights of the top 3 squares will light up and Tex will read the code 498

When you have solved the domino puzzle, turn clockwise to the kitchen corner. 

Then walk to the refrigerator and then turn left. To the left of the refrigerator is a green box on the counter.

Take the green box and look at it in inventory. The box contains a morphine set and it was supplied by the company De Leon.

Close the inventory and then open the refrigerator and then take the bunch of Bananas from the refrigerator

Close the refrigerator and turn left. Across the room you will now see the bedroom door. 

Walk to the bedroom door and open the door and then enter the bedroom.

In the bedroom you are immediately in front of a desk. There is a letter on the desk. 

Take the letter and read this "Dear Jane Note" in inventory. You read that Carl Linsky is kicking out one Dolores.

Close the inventory and then open the middle drawer of the desk and take the letter out

Also read this letter in inventory ...... It is a letter from Linsky's publisher. 

Close inventory and close the drawer and turn clockwise to the bed. On the right bedside table is a chessboard with chess pieces. 

Walk to the right bedside table and look at the chessboard

There is 1 chess piece missing from the chessboard and Tex thinks this is important enough to remember. 

Go to the left nightstand and open the drawer. From the drawer of the left bedside table, take the green Carl Linsky Address Book

View the address book in inventory and ...... 

Tex then knows the address of tDelores Lightbody and this location has now become available in the location screen. S

o open the Location screen and travel to that Delores' house

Delores Lightbody:

This Delores is a horny fat bitch and she clearly has her cunt itching, judging by the way she tries to turn Tex on. Move through the conversation by clicking one option at a time and once you get the "Ask about" option click that and continue questioning this old cunt whore through all the questions on the notepad. When you have asked the bitch everything, click the red "Done" tab and then the "End conversation" option. Then open the location screen again and travel back to the:

Carl Linsky huis:

Sylvia returns from the police station and hands Tex a brown manilla envelope containing her father's things. Continue talking to Sylvia until you can ask her anything again using the notepad. Then ask all the questions and then close the conversation the way you need to know by now. Sylvia disappears again and Tex is alone again in the large living room of the house.

Open the inventory and then drag the brown manilla envelope to the View box to remove the items from the envelope and then take a closer look at those 3 items.

Go  to the middle of the room and turn completely around. You look at the front door and, in the right corner, you now also see the door of a deep wall closet.

 Open the action panel on the closet door and then click Open to open the  door. Then enter the deep closet

In the deep closet is the ladder to the attic. Stand against the ladder and then look up and then click to climb the ladder ....

 a screen will appear asking if you want to climb up the ladder, so click "YES" and .. ..

....Tex then ends up in the attic. Turn right and then walk to the workbench with a wooden door against it .....

At the workbench you turn left and ..... hello ... a door .... open the door and then walk into the back room .....

In the back room stand a long low chest of drawers. On the left is a double filing cabinet. In the right file cabinet, open the 2nd drawer from the bottom. Then stand close to the open drawer and then look down so that you look into the drawer. There is a threatening letter in the drawer ..... Take the threatening letter from the drawer and read this "Werner Letter" through the View box of the inventory. It is a threatening letter in red from one Blair Werner to Carl Linsky.

Close the drawer again and turn to the right, to the roller shutter desk. 

Open the roller shutter of the desk and then take the "Sylvia Credit Report" and also read this in inventory

Sylvia has a bank debt. Turn right. In the corner, to the left of the filing cabinets, is a table with a few books. 

There is also a recorder on the table. Left click the recorder and then turn it on and .....

........you hear Carl Linsky going crazy with voices in his head. Turn back to the low chest of drawers. The top left drawer has a lock. 

Take the Small Key from inventory and click it on the top left drawer to open the drawer.  Then look in the drawer and take out the "Lease agreement".

Read this Lease Agreement in inventory......

Carl Linsky has leased a storage room in a warehouse and this location now becomes available in the location screen. 

So open the Locations screen and then select the Linsky warehouse and click the "GO" button and....

Carl Linsky's Warehouse:

Right in front of your feet is a box on the floor. Look down and then open the box.

 Look in the opened box and then take out the "Circuit Conductor Kit" and look at it in inventory.

Close inventory and continue to the computer table and the filing cabinet, which are in front of the windows. Open the middle drawer of the filing cabinet. Then stand against the opened drawer and look down so that you have a good look in the drawer .... take the "S.F Fax" from the drawer and read it in inventory ..... F.S reports to Linsky that the first 2 on the list are dead and that he is following a trail to the number 3. Who is this "F.S", Tex wonders.

Close the middle drawer and then open the bottom drawer and take out the "Project note" and read this again in inventory ...... 

you read about a computer, a passcard and a passcard reader and about an "Overlord".


Close the inventory and then turn slightly to the right and look at the computer, which is on the table to the right of the filing cabinet ........ Tex reports that he needs a security card and a passcard reader to log into the computer files. Next to the computer table is a drawing table ....... the drawing table has 3 drawers ....... open the top drawer of the drawing table, then walk through to the open drawer, look in the drawer and then take the Newspaper article from it....read this "Newspaper article" in inventory....

You read about the sudden death of Rona Morgan....Rona worked for Gideon Enterprises but was most recently the CEO of M&T Consulting....

Rona died of poisoning but the police and coroner ruled it a tragic accident.

Close inventory and close the drawer and then open the middle drawer in the drawing board. 

ake the Direct deposit slips from the middle drawer and view them in inventory ....

Large sums have been deposited into Carl Linsky's account...but by whom? A bulletin board hangs on the wall to the right of the drawing board. Click on the bulletin board and then click "Move" to slide the bulletin board down and ..... behind the bulletin board is a piece of paper stuck to the wall ... pull the piece of paper from the wall and then view this note in inventory...

.........it says "HIP S.O.B." on the note and Tex suspects it's some sort of code. 

Close inventory and turn clockwise. On the letter tray, which is in front of the computer table and the drawing table,

............ take the letter from the tray and read it in inventory ..... it is a "Letter From Wanda Peck" and it is from a year ago. Tex wants to track down that Wanda Peck to speak to her .. Next to the chest is a cot and on the cot is a pillow .... Push the pillow away and ... then take the Pill bottle, which is under the pillow.

Look at the pills in inventory...they are strong sleeping pills. 

Turn clockwise to face the other wall. There is a ladder in front of a scaffolding and a first aid box hangs on the wall.

 Open the first aid box and then take out the small box ........

....... it is a "Heal-Aid can" box ..... view it in inventory and ..... a number of fragments of a security card pop out of the box. Take a closer look at those snippets and Tex will report that 1 piece is missing. Closethe  inventory and now walk on to the ladder and then climb up the ladder. WhenTex is on top of the ladder, he is in front of the top box, which is on top of the scaffolding. Move the box via "Move" and ..... you will now see a Calendar ....

.......Move the calendar and.....Hello.....a small Wall safe.....Open the action screen on the safe and then click "Open" and .....

......you zoom in more detail on the safe .....

 you have to enter a number code and this is the code of the domino game, so enter 498 and then click the ENTER button and ......

.........the safe opens....take all items from the safe and then look at those items, 1 by 1, in inventory...they are a Life insurance policy and a Passcard reader. The life insurance beneficiary is Sylvia and the sum insured is $1 million. Close inventory and then walk backwards to descend the ladder again and walk back to the computer. Stand in front of the computer table. 

Open the inventory and now take out the just found Passcard reader and then click with the passcard reader on the computer monitor and Tex connects the reader and the thing is then on top of the computer tower. The only thing Tex needs now is the missing piece of the passcard to be able to puzzle the passcard together. But we won't find that missing piece here.Tex wants to know who this "F.S" from the "F.S Fax" is and also who this Wanda Peck is and what they had to do with Carl Linsky. Would Delores Lightbody know more about that "F.S" and that Wanda Peck? Let's go ask that horny bitch, so travel now, via the Location screen

Delores Lightbody:

This is another cutscene in which you first have to give some random responses to Lightbody's nagging, until you get the "Ask about" option again. 

Then click the "Ask about" option and the notepad with questions will appear again.

Then ask Delores any questions available on the notebook. Delores doesn't have the answer to most questions, but ask her about "S.F," and Arnold Sternwood. Delores then tells that "S.F" are the initials of one Sonny Fletcher and that Arnold Sternwood is an acquaintance of hers because he is the boss of the North Hill Clinic. Delores will arrange a meeting for Tex with this Arnold Sternwood. Ask Delores more about that Sonny Fletcher...... Sonny Fletcher, according to Delores, was also a private snoop, like Tex, but she doesn't know why Carl Linsky hired him. When you have checked off all the questions on the notepad, so you have asked Delores about Sonny Fletcher and Arnold Sternwood, click the "DONE" button and then the "End Conversation" option. Via the Location screen you then travel back to Tex's office

Tex's Office:

When Tex enters his office again, he reports that he has a message on his Vidphone and that thing is now also beeping. 

NB: This Vidphone message only happens if you have asked Delores Lightbody about "S.F", Arnold Sternwood and Sonny Fletcher and didn't forget anything else either. If Tex doesn't tell that he has a video message and if you don't hear the Vidphone beeping now, then you have forgotten to do something. You then must find out what you forgot to do because otherwise you won't be able to continue.

So turn the Vidphone back on, via the "ON" button of the action screen and see .....

......the "MESSAGE" button reports that you have 1 message. So click on the "MESSAGE" button and .......

 you will now see a long movie. First you see the video message from Sylvia.........

Sylvia is a bit drunk and she asks if Tex wants to come over immediately...

continue watching the video in which Tex does not take advantage of the situation but helps the drunken Sylvia to bed. ..

There then follows an interlude with Chelsey and we see how Tex and Chelsey met .....

Chelsey rams the drunk Tex on the nose and that was the beginning of their friendship. Tex then continues and ends up in the:

North Hill Clinic:

Arnold Sternwood

First use meaningless options again a few times and then click the "Ask about" option again and.....

...... ask Arnold Sternwood, the boss of the North Hill Clinic,  all questions via the notepad.

Sternwood talks about Wanda Peck and mentions that she worked for an organization called C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N. and that this organization has contacted Carl Linsky. When you have discussed everything with Sternwood, click "DONE" again and then "End Conversation". The Location screen appears and the CAPRICORN organization is now included as a new location. So now travel to the:

C.A.P.R.I.C.O.R.N organization:

Here we meet this Wanda Peck now. First give a few random responses and then click the "Ask about" option and ask Wanda about all the topics on the notepad ..... 

You will now receive information from Wanda about "Overlord" and the "Law and Order Party" . 

Once you have checked everything off on the notepad, click "DONE" and "End conversation" again. 

Via the location screen go back to:

Tex's Office:

Turn the Vidphone back on. In the Vidphone screen, click on "American Info. Database" and then click the "Dial" button. The AID opens in the big screen and the voice asks what to look up for you. So click "Ask about" and .... the notepad appears. You can now ask the AID to look up information for you on all subjects on the notepad.... If the AID has information on a subject, the system will fax Tex a Fax with the info to his fax machine. Now order the AID to find information on Sonny Fletcher.

Then click the "DONE" button and then "End conversation" to turn off the Vidphone again. 

Your Fax Machine will almost immediately scream that a Fax has been received. 

So take the Fax from the fax machine and read this Sonny Fletcher fax through the Viewing Area of the inventory.

Unfortunately...Sonny Fletcher's current address is unknown. Close inventory and open the Location screen and travel back to:

Eve Clements:

Go through some conversations again until you get the "Ask about" option again and then click it to get the notepad with your conversation topics. Again, ask Eve Clements anything you can ask, but be sure to ask about "Sonny's Criminal record" and everything else about Sonny Fletcher. Eve ensures that Sonny Fletcher now also appears in the Location screen. When you have finished everything on the notepad again, you say goodbye to Eve, in the now well-known way and ...... the Location screen will open again by itself .... see .... Sonny Fletcher's apartment is now available so travel there now:

Sonny Fletcher:

Tex knocks on Fletcher's door and he peeks through the door hatch. Give Fletcher some random answers again and ..... Sonny then lets Tex in and a long conversation follows in which Fletcher gives Tex the missing chess piece and that is a Bishop. Tex says goodbye and the location screen pops open .... travel back to:

Carl Linsky's warehouse:

When you have returned to the warehouse view the chess piece, that Tex received from Sonny Fletcher, in the viewing area of the inventory .....

 the missing piece of the security pass was hidden in the token .... Close the view box .... 

the piece that came out of the token is in its own inventory space ...... 

drag that one piece now go to the box where all the other pieces are and click the piece in that box .....

.........you then have all the pieces of the security card in 1 box. Drag the pieces to the View Box and then puzzle the pieces together.

The Passcard puzzle:

There are 10 pieces that you have to puzzle together into a passcard for the computer. Click on a piece and then hold down your left mouse button to hold the piece. With the left mouse button pressed, you drag a piece to the place where you want it and with the arrows of your keyboard you can rotate the piece. So puzzle the pieces together.

You then have a passcard E card. Go to the computer. 

Then take the Passcard from inventory and click the thing on the Passcard reader, which you have previously connected to the computer .....

You then have to type a Password and that password is Bishop ..... so type bishop on your own keyboard and .....

.... then read the letter from Carl Linsky to Sonny Fletcher, which then appears on the monitor....

Carl Linsky tells Fletcher that he is afraid of being killed and mentions the names Val Davis, Rona Morgan and Bosworth Clark. Linsky asks Fletcher to track down that Bosworth Clark and he also mentions an address....Route 12, Box 4, Fresno, Ca 9365002. Exit the computer screen and then open the Location screen, where the Fresno location is now also available .

Fresno Office:

The office is deserted. Turn to the front door and then look down. There is an electricity bill on the floor. Take the electricity bill and look at it in inventory.

In the corner, to the left of the front door, are boxes and a large world map hangs on the wall. 

On 1 of the boxes is an open agenda. Walk to the boxes and then take the Agenda (Planner) and view it in inventory.

There are 3 appointments in the calendar......

   Dinner in San Francisco on Monday at 6:00PM, 

       Lunch in Paris on Wednesday at 2:00PM and.....

 Breakfast in Sydney on Thursday at 9:00PM. 

You can also read "Three Sets of Three" on Saturday/Sunday. View the world map ..... On the world map 3 different time zones are selected, namely "4 AM", "1 PM" and "10 PM". Turn around to the other wall. There is a bookcase against the wall and above the bookcase is a placard with 3 medallions on which you see the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, the Eiffel Tower of Paris and Sidney's Opera House.

Look at each of the 3 medallions to hear Tex's commentary on them. The placard with the 3 medallions is therefore the "Commemerative Plate". Left click on the bookcase and then click the "MOVE" option to move the bookcase to the left and you will see the Safe ...... the Save is connected to the 3 medallions via a rod .. ...View the Save and listen to Tex.

The Safe puzzle:

The 3 medallions are therefore clocks that you can turn. Click on the "Commemerative" plate again and then click the "MOVE" option to get into the puzzle. So you can rotate the 3 medallions. There are 3 clocks that you now have to turn at a certain time and you have read those times in the agenda (Planner). The "Three Sets of Three" hint tells you to do that 3 times. Around each medallion are the hour buttons and each medallion has a green arrow. Left click the medallions to rotate them. To get from AM to PM you first have to turn a medallion one full turn through 12 o'clock. Do the following:

Step 1: Set San Francisco to 6 PM. Set the Paris to 3 PAM. Put Sidney on 12 PM. Click SET TIME.

Over San Francisco, the green bar turns red.

Step 2: Set Paris to 2 PM. Set San Francisco to 5 AM. Put Sidney on 11 PM. Click SET TIME.

The green bar above Paris now also turns red

Step 3: Put Sidney on 9 AM. Set San Francisco to 3 PM. Set Paris to 12 AM. Click SET TIME

Above Sidney the bar also turns red and ..... the safe opens.

There is a photo in the safe. Take the Photo from the safe and view this Linsky photo in inventory...

......... the photo shows see Carl Linsky talking to another man and Tex is dying to know who the other man is.

 Wanda Peck may know who the other man in the photo is, so close inventory and travel back to the:

Capricorn organization:

Give Wanda some answers first and then click the "Ask about" option again to get your questionnaire. Now ask Wanda about the "Linsky photo".

The 2nd man in the photois John Klaus, so ask Wanda about John Klaus.

 Wanda tells that Klaus is the big shot of the Law and Order Party, but that he stays in the background. 

Say goodbye to Wanda and then travel back to:

Sonny Fletcher:

Sonny isn't home but he has pinned a note to Tex on his door. Tex takes the note by himself. Travel back to:

Tex office:

Back in your office you read that "Letter from Sonny" in inventory .... 

In the letter, Sonny talks about Big Jim Slade, Bosworth Clark and about his trip to an old Anasazi village. In that Anasazi village, Sonny has seen a sign of that Big Jim Slade, the "Angel of Death" who killed his wife. Click the letter away again and close the inventory and then open the location screen and .... 

the location screen now also shows the Anasazi ruins. You must go there now

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