2023: Guide by: Louis Koot  

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I have played this Tex Murphy game in 2014 on a Windows 7 computer that I had at that time

If you want to know where you can find all the Comic books then click this linkWhere to find  Mike and Hammer Comic Books guide

Just to get the bad news out of the way.....I'm not going to do a complete detailed Walkthrough for Tex Murphy Tesla Effect.....the game is too complicated and there are too many "scenarios" to choose from to do a good and unambiguous Walkthrough for it. Moreover..... If you play in "Casual Mode" you can use the very extensive hint function in the game and on YouTube you can find a range of video walkthroughs for Tesla Effect. But I do have some TIPS for the game's Miscellaneous ENDINGS and how to get to those ENDINGS. You can find these TIPS at the bottom of this page.

Tex Murphy Tesla Effect is an FMV adventure game with action elements. 

You move Tex through the game using the ASDW keys or the arrow keys of your keyboard. 

But otherwise you do everything with your mouse, such as picking up, interacting, using items and so on.. .....

I also want to warn anyone who thinks that Tesla Effect is a standard adventure game......Tex Murphy Tesla Effect is NOT an ordinary "point and click" adventure game.....it is a game with a lot of action moments and Tex can die at the drop of a hat. W Action doesn't mean that you have to fight in the game, you don't have to fight ..... but you must mamaneuver Tex through a corridor with very fast moving laser beams........

..... or how about a Spider maze, scary mutated insects, tunnels and corridors where you have to dodge fireballs and to top it all off, a pitch dark maze full of mines and invisible drones where your Tex 10,000 times dies...... It's just that you know what kind of game you're buying when you decide to buy the game.

You cannot buy the game on disc.....you buy the game as a download via gog.com or Steam and probably also via other sales sites. When you buy the game you buy a download of about 15 GIGABYTE. After downloading, extract the download and install the game. If you buy the game at gog.com, you can do whatever you want with it. You may install it as many times as you like, including on other computers, and then burn it to disc.

Tex Murphy Tesla Effect is a so-called Motion Video Game.....an almost 3 hour long movie has been recorded with real live actors. You control Tex in the game and get to see beautiful videos at various times. When you start the game for the 1st time you need to create a Profile. You can create multiple profiles, which means that you can play multiple game sessions at the same time.

Once you have created a profile you will be asked if you want to play in "Casual Mode" or "Adventure Mode". 

Before choosing "Adventure Mode", please read the explanation carefully.

"Casual Mode" does not mean that you play the game as a "Casual" game....no...the game remains the same as in "Adventure Mode", but in "Casual Mode" you have access to the very extensive Hint function and, not unimportantly, the SKIP BUTTON with which you can automatically solve the puzzle in puzzles. As said ..... you can create multiple Profiles .... you play the game in the profile you start, but you can switch profiles. The advantage of this is that you can start several New Games, so you can play one scenario in one profile and another scenario in another profile.

Because you have to make choices at various times in the game,  such as do you go for Taylor or do you stay loyal to Chelsee,  the choices you make determine how the game will end for you. For as far as I know the game has at least 5 different endings, but there are rumors that there are 7. There are only 2 endings in which it ends well for our Tex .... All other endings will lead to the dead of Tex. The game is divided into days.....you have to do everything you need to do in a day to get to the next day...that will happen automatically once you have done everything you had to do in the day. Usually you see a cutscene and there are some very long cinematic moments in the game.

Smart Alex:

Immediately in day 1, Tex finds his Smart Alex ....... Your Smart Alex is your indispensable helper in the game

I'm not going to explain how to operate the Smart Alex, because the game explains this via a Tutorial, which you can also skip

Saving en Loading a saved game:

In the game you go to the menu screen via your ESCAPE key. 

Here you can save and load your current game, go to the game options and read the help and exit the game.

The HELP in the menu screen is NOT the Hint function. 

The game saves itself and does so on many occasions....an AutoSavefile is then created. 

But you can also save yourself, as you can see on the next picture....

I have played the game on my Windows 7 computer a few years ago and then your saves are saved in Appdata/Local/BigFinishGames/Teslaeffect/profilename....

...I do not know how this works on newer computers with Windows 8 or 10 or 11 because I do not have the game anymore

Saves in one profile are not interchangeable with saves from another profile and you cannot use Saves from another profile unless you play the same scenario, because your scenario data is stored inside the saves. The game is the same in all scenarios, but the choices you make during the playing determines how you have to continue at a given moment and which cutscenes you will see and of course which ending you will experience 

In the game you call up Smart Alex with your right mouse button.

 Your Smart Alex is your indispensable helper in the game and if you have watched the tutorial you will know how it works and what the various functions are.

The Hint System (Casual Mode Only)

Via Smart Alex you can access the Hints when you play "Casual Mode" ......

 there are separate hints for each area in the game and you can switch between the various hints in the Hint screen ..... .

Puzzles and the Auto-solve/Skip button:

You activate puzzles via the Open cursor, which you also use to open doors and cupboards/drawers. Here is an example of a puzzle

As soon as you activate a puzzle, your screen "freezes" because you are then in the puzzle ........

.... unfortunately you never really zoom in and the screens to solve the puzzle are small or you are far away from it.

You also don't get a Hand with which you have to press the buttons ..... you must do that with the normal white arrow cursor, which is quite small and often hardly visible. If you are unable to solve a puzzle, you can have the puzzle solved by the game via the Auto-solve button / skip button .... but that is only possible in "Casual Mode". However, the Skip button does not always appear immediately .... you often have to try it yourself 1 or 2 times and go wrong and then DO NOT leave the puzzle .... After 2 wrong attempts, the Skip button appears, which is still orange at first and not available yet....you have to make 1 or 2 more attempts to make the Skip button appear completely, as you can see in the pictures below

Mike en Ike Hammer Comic Books:

In the game you can collect Mike and Ike Hammer Comic books ..... if you manage to find all Mike and Ike Hammer Comic books, the Chamber of Secrets of Tex will open when you have finished the game. So find the Comic Books and then get them....the game automatically stores the Mike and Ike Hammer Comic Books in the rack in Tex's bedroom at the Ritz hotel on Chandler Avenue.

What else can I say about the game......GO PLAY IT.....it's a great game but remember.....it's not an easy Game.....Tex can die at a lot of times, especially in the action pieces like the laser corridor, the spider maze and, once you're in the Tesla Facility, by nasty nasty bugs.....so remember what you start before you buy the game....Oh yes .... when Tex dies, the AutoSave "kicks" in ... You first see a short cutscene of the cemetery and hear a sarcastic remark from Smart Alex and then you can try again immediately

Some Tips to help you through the game

I have  played the game 3 times, choosing Taylor, Chelsee and Ariel....here is a short description of these 3 scenarios.

The Taylor Scenario:

Just completed Tex Murphy Tesla Effect through the Taylor Scenario, so I can confirm that Tex gets a Happy End through this Scenario. If you also want to experience this ending of the game, choose theTaylor option when you have to choose between Taylor or Chelsee and then when you have to choose between Ariel and Taylor, choose Taylor.

The choice you make determines which ending you will eventually see ..... If you choose Chelsey with the first choice, the game will run differently than if you had chosen Taylor and then it is also the case if you choose Ariel instead of Taylor. In the Taylor scenario there is no pitch dark maze with drones and mines........I have not come across it.  You can navigate through the Spider maze very easily if you just stay out of the way of the spider. And the Fireballs in some corridors in the Tesla Facility are also easy to avoid. Unfortunately I didn't find all the Mike and Ike Hammer Comic books in the Taylor scenario.....I'm missing 3, which is why I didn't unlock the secret room in Tex's office. 

The Chelsee scenario.

The only difference with the Taylor scenario are the ending movies. At the end, when the Immortal Coil is destroyed, Tex is arrested, just like in the Taylor scenario. But because you rejected Taylor, she's not coming to save Tex now. Tex is arrested but released again and in the final scene we see Tex in the Chelsee room of the Ritz ....... Tex found out that Chelsee is also still alive but has been happily married for 7 years now. Lonely and alone, Tex leaves New San Francisco. It is then 10 months later and we are in the Petrified Bar....... Tex and Saffyre have apparently become an item and in the bar a gunfight ensues with the only remaining enemy (forgot the name) ... ...Tex wins the fight and he and Saffyre face a turbulent future together. The difference between the Taylor and the Chelsee scenario is therefore not in the gameplay .... The game is the same ..... only the end movies are different. There are even more scenarios, such as the Ariel scenario.

The Ariel scenario

This scenario gives you as additional storyline..... "The Treasure of the Czars" story, which includes a few new locations such as the Sewer and the Blue Dragon warehouse. The main story remains the same, but in the Ariel scenario you find out why Tex has a suitcase with $ 50,000 in his office. The Ariel scenario shows you what a jerk Tex has been for the past 7 years. You meet the Russian girl and she turns out to be the heiress of the Romanovs and in possession of the Copper Egg. You will learn more about Ariel and the White Guard Movement. You will enter a few new locations, such as the Sewer under Chandler street and the Blue Dragon Warehouse ..... To get into the Ariel Scenario you have to choose Ariel in the Beach House.

You must then drop your previous choice for Chelsee or Taylor. So when Taylor shows up at the Beach House, you have to reject her. 

You also have 3 options in rejecting Taylor and the way in which you reject Taylor is also important for how the game ends for Tex.

 If you have chosen Ariel, you must also spend the night with her ......

From Ariel, Tex then receives the key to the sewer and Tex immediately goes there the next day.

The Sewer is a maze in which you have to watch out for the Morlock that wanders around and for the sewer rat .......

In the sewer you have to find the door with the blue question mark on it, and that is quite a quest.

The blue question mark door takes you to the Fortune Teller. Take the card from the fortune teller

In the Blue Daragon you then have to find 16 fragments of a 100-year-old photo and then you must puzzle those 16 fragments together. There are also a number of click spots that show you a number of films in which it becomes clear that Tex was hired by the Russian Girl to protect her and her Farberge Egg ....... From those films it becomes clear that Tex has betrayed the Russian girl for his suitcase with 50,000 pieces of silver, which started this game .....

When you have solved the Blue Dragon room you will automatically return to Chandler Avenue and continue with the main story of the game. 

At the end of the game Tex is arrested but then Ariel shows up to save Tex

2023: Guide by: Louis Koot