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2018: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw  and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and Screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot

22 August 2016: There is a new version of The Eyes of Ara ..... this new version gives the player the possibility to skip the tricky 3 paintings puzzles via a skip button. You can then easily solve those 3 painting puzzles by entering a year. If you bought the game via Gog.com or Steam you can get the new version there via your Gog.com or Steam account. So you have to download the entire game again to have the new version.

You are a radio technician and you are "out of a job". So what does an unemployed specialist do then ... Yes ..... as a self-employed person you set up your own company and in this case your company is called "Rent-a-Tech". Soon you get your first assignment because you are hired to find the source of a "Static RF disturbance". This disturbance has put all TV, Radio and WiFi traffic in a radius of 100 kilometres flat. The source of the disturbance appears to be in an ancient castle on a deserted island. The castle has a very bad reputation among the local population, so none of the local specialists dares to set foot on the island and that is why you were hired to solve the problem.

Your assignment is to go to the island and the castle to find the source of the disturbance and switch it off so that normal TV, Radio and WiFi traffic will be possible again. Full with Excitement you leave for the island, in the expectation that a couple of squatters have taken possession of the castle and a pirate radio station has started up there. But instead of a pirate radio station it soon becomes apparent that the island and castle are completely deserted and that "flying" cameras constantly keep an eye on you and that your quest through the castle is hampered by insanely difficult puzzles that you need to solve to get your assignment to a good end. Completely according to the tradition of the Myst games you are completely alone on the island and in the castle ..... You will not encounter any other characters

  First some explanation about the "mechanics" of the game:

You CAN NOT save and load yourself in this game. The Game saves your progress each time you exit the game and you continue from the last save point. As you can see on the start screen of the game you can start a "New Game" 3 times. That might be handy to do .... you can then use a different order in each of those 3 games. For each of those 3 "New Games" your playing time is kept and a Save game file is created and stored.

Under Windows 8.1 you will find those save files at the following location:

  Users \ your name \ AppData \ LocalLow \ 100 Stones Interactive \ The Eyes of Ara \ SaveData01.

Here is the "SaveData01" the save file for New Game 1 .....

If you also start a New Game 2 and 3 then the game also creates a "SaveData02" and a "SaveData03" file.

You play The Eyes of Ara entirely with the mouse. You advance by pressing your left mouse button and you can rotate 360 ​​degrees by holding your left - or your right mouse button and then rotating your mouse. You can also look up and down in this way. However, this rotation is automatic as soon as you move the cursor to the edges of the screen, but that can go quite fast. If you cannot handle that, you can reduce the speed of the mouse  in the "Settings".

Therefore go first to the "Settings" because there you can set some things according to your own preferences. Under "Gameplay", tick "Invert Camera" and "Hotspot Helper Cursor". By default, turning in the game is "in order", so if you turn clockwise with the mouse you turn left in the game and if you turn left with the mouse you turn right in the game. If you find this annoying, you can correct this by ticking "Invert Camera" in the "Settings". Then clockwise is to the right and anticlockwise is to the left. With "Camera Sensitivity" and "Input Sensitivity" you can use the sliders to set the speed of the rotation and the forward / backward movement.


You have an inventory in which the few items you need to find are stored. You will find the inventory at the bottom of the screen.

You can keep the inventory visible or hidden and make it visible again the moment you think you need an item from the inventory,

The game takes place in a large castle that has many rooms, halls and hidden spaces. That is why Ben Droste, the creator and maker of the game, has divided the castle into various "Areas". The inventory always contains only those items that you find and need in a certain area of ​​the castle. You can freely go back and forth between the areas, if at least you have "unlocked" those areas. If you move from one area to another area, the inventory is "emptied" but when you return to a previous area, then all items for that area are in your inventory again.

  About Yellow Orbs, Blue Orbs, Coins, Photos, Paintings and Action man:

  There are hidden items such as Coins, Photos and Orbs to be found per Area ... These items are of no interest to the game except the blue Orbs and the yellow Orbs ....


You have to find all blue Orbs because they are important if you want to be able to play the game to the ending. There are 2 blue Orbs per "Area" but to obtain them you need 3 yellow Orbs per Area. You will only reach the END GAME if you have found and caught all blue Orbs.

Coins and other hidden items such as photos, paintings and action men, are of no interest and serve only to score your "Steam achievements", so it is not necessary to find them all. When you have finished the endgame, you can always go back to areas to try to find the photos, coins and action man that you have misted

You need all the coins, photos, paintings and Action man to get to the hidden room after the endgame. Furthermore, you have to read all books, all journals and notes, because if you do all this, after the endgame, a puzzle and a hidden space will appear where you also have to find things. Then a hidden passage appears.

  Well ..... more can not be explained ....... So  have much fun with the game, because that's why you play computer games, to have fun playing them

Chapter 1: How to get into the Castle 

Chapter 2: In and around the Great Hall 

Chapter 3: The Library  

Chapter 4: Corridor with Bedrooms: Part 1 

Chapter 5: Corridor with bedrooms: Part 2 

Chapter 6: Throne room and laboratory

Chapter 7: Planetarium and Observatory part 1 

Chapter 8: Planetarium and Observatory part 2 

Chapter 9: Endgame and Extras

2018: Walkthrough door: Dick Leeuw  and Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw and Screenshots and lay-out by Louis Koot