Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

  Text: Dick Leeuw. Screenshots: Louis Koot  

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  Game control and saving

You control the game with the WASD keys and with the mouse you choose the direction. With the options you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, which plays better.  

 With the C-key you can crawl, with Linker Shift you can run but that is not necessary. With the space bar you can jump and interaction is clicking with the left mouse button.

The game does not automatically save, you have to save your game every time you leave the game. But to be able to save, you need to find a Savegame recorder, which is scattered throughout the game

 There is only 1 save game and that is overwritten every time. You will find the first Saverecorder in the hallway of the house.

  Start a New Game and you will see a film in which you start waking up but you immediately become numb again.

  The Initiate 1: Part 1

 Escape from your room

You are awakened by the voice of Jay, you have to escape and to do that you have to solve puzzles. Jay gives you the advice to watch everything and pay attention to everything. When Jay stops talking you have the control back. You see cameras hanging everywhere, they keep an eye on you and also comment on you.

You are in a bedroom now, walk to the door. You have to get close, then you see the word “Door”. 

  You have to be reasonably close to every thingto see the directions. Click on the door, it is locked. Opening the door is the first goal.


  A bag hangs on the doorknob, click on it. This is then gone but you get the message to press the Tab key. You will then enter your inventory, in which you will find items and the notes you will find. Close to the door you will see a display where you have to enter a code but which one. All the time you hear noises in the house, regularly the house starts shaking and things fall to the ground. Open the cupboard next to the door and look in briefly, you will not find anything important in it.

  Go to the right in the direction of the window, on the wall there is a shelf with books.


  You cannot do anything with the books but on the left is a key, take this key.

    The key disappears to your inventory  

Also look at the wall to the right of the shelf, just below the shelf there is a sign that is upside down.


The sign is an inverted M ( the Sign of Scorpio) You have to look carefully because it is almost impossible to see, remember the position of the sign. 

Turn to the left and open the doors of the cupboard which is located under the window. On the bottom shelf you will see a sign again (Capricorn). Note this sign and also it’s position.


  Turn to the left to the cabinet with the laptop, click on the picture. If it is in your screen, you can rotate the photo. Nothing is written on the backside but other pictures and paintings have something written on the backside. The laptop has no power, open the doors of the cupboard. There you find the first note, click on it to read it.


  After reading, click this away with the right mouse button, the note can be read in your inventory.


    Turn to the left and walk along the clothes rack and the rocking chair, you can click on it but you can do nothing with it.  

You then come to a pedestal with an statue of an owl, you can click on the owl and then it turns a quarter of a turn. This way you can completely rotate the owl.

  Next to it is a dressing table, click on the drawer. Read the note, it is written by an earlier candidate.

  Also click on the photo, there is nothing written on the back.

  Turn to the left and go to the chest of drawers, click on a drawer. Your inventory appears, click on the key in your inventory and the drawers are no longer locked.  

 Click the right drawer open, there is another note. Read this, it is an indication of the first puzzle.


   There are 4 paintings with signs on the wall, if you click on such a painting, it turns 90 degrees. Click the note away and you will see another sign in the drawer, also note down this sign.(Aquarius)


    Click on the picture and look at the back of it. Departed 4 is written there. You can also pick up the vases and turn around but you will not find anything.

  Walk around the bed to the chest of drawers on the other side, the drawers contain nothing interesting.


  On the photo is nothing written on the back. The vase in the middle you pick up and turn around, you will see at the bottom of the screen that something is hidden in it.

  Put the vase back, you cannot breakit.

  Above the chest of drawers hangs such a painting of a sign, how this sign should stand you have seen in the drawer on the other side of the bed. Click 1 x on the painting and then it is correct.


  Turn to the left and walk to the bank, on the right you see another painting on the wall.


  This is the sign at the bookshelf, it has to rotate 180 degrees so click 2x on the painting.


    Turn around and go to the painting on the other wall, you have already seen this sign.


  Also click twice on this painting.

  Turn to the right and between the sofa and the table lamp you will see another sign, also note this.(Sagittarius)


  You can now click on the doors of the cupboard under the TV but these are locked. Go back to the other room, right on the wall you can also see a painting.

  Here you also have to click 2x to turn it 180 degrees.


  You hear something open, walk back to the TV and the doors are now open.


  On the right is a flashlight, take it. Click on the F-button to use your flashlight. It is best to leave your flashlight on because it is rather dark in the house.

   On the left is another note, he has found the last 2 digits of the code: 8 and 6.


  Left and right next to the cupboard are a pair of shoes, on the left pair there is nothing important. Click on the pair on the right and at the bottom of the screen is written: Size 38 sneakers.


  On all other shoes that you will find there is no size, 38 could be the first part of the code. Walk to the display next to the door and enter: 3886, this is the code for the door.


  Click on the door to open it and go to the hallway. When the door is closed, turn around and look at the little plate on the door - Snake. Make a note of this and which door it belongs to.

The room you just escaped from thus is the Snake room. Walk a little further, on the right is a door and on the left is a cupboard.


  To the left of the cupboard is a recorder, so you can save the game there. You come across such a recorder in different places and you can often save your game.  

You have to save every time you exit the game otherwise you have to do that part again, because this game don't save your progress automaticaly

  Click on the recorder to save your game now and then click on "Yes" twice and the game is saved. There is only one save slot and that is overwritten every time.


  Turn around and walk to the door in the niche, click on the door to open it.


  On the left, a pair of shelfs are hanging on the wall, on the bottom shelf there is a playing card: Jack of Diamonds, pick up this playing card


  You can see a few things here but there is nothing important. Go up the stairs and click on the door, enter the attic room. It is a playroom.  

  Playroom at the Attic

  You see a snooker table or it is a pool table, you also see a table tennis table.

  A number of beer kegs and a dart board, when you are at the dartboard you see a safe on the left on the table.


  Turn around to the table tennis table, on the left side in the corner lies a book and on the right-hand corner is a note. Take the book .... it's the Volume A Book.


    Walk  to the note on the ping-pong table and read that note ... the note mentions a lens


  Walk to the round table in the corner, there you see a note with a lens next to it. Click on the note and read it and then take the lens


  You will now be notified that you must click the Q-button to have UV light. You see all kinds of symbols on the walls, there is only one important one: Y21.


  You have also seen this sign on the scoreboard next to the dartboard. Then walk back to the dartboard and you will now see in the UV light under the scoreboard: safe code.

  You have to find 5 other codes and then calculate what the safe code is.

You have to view one more thing here ....... walk back to the door and in the corner you see, on a chair, a candle holder without a candle. 

You cannot do anything with it now but remember that this empty candle holder is here. You can pick up and view many things here, but you will not be wiser.

Leave this playroom through the door again and you'll see something written in the stairwell. If you walk down the monitors jump on, this is not in every game but that does not affect the game. Below you go to the large video screen that hangs there, you see 3 objects on it. A pyramid, a cube and a dodecahedron, note this and also what colour light: purple, red and white. You will need this later.


  Go through the door to the hall, at that moment the house shakes and things fall apart. Here too you can see symbols on the wall in the UV light. It's best to leave your UV light on, because you will see symbols and texts on the wall everywhere in the house. Walk back to the bedroom where you started, so the Snake Room.

A vase has been broken. There was a green candle hidden in it. Take this green candle, you have to find 5 more candles.


  Go to the room on the left and look along the TVat the wall. There you see a symbol with a number, note this


  Go back to the cupboard in the hall and open the doors. On the middle shelf you will find another book on the right in the corner: volume N.


  Also open the lower doors and there you will find a note again, read this note.


    Turn around to the other wall, there are 3 paintings / photos. Click on each and turn them around, on 2 something is written at the back. Write down the texts: strange way 2 and summer '92. Turn around, next to the cupboard is a door. On the right on the wall is a sign: Home sweet home. Click on it and read what is on the back: Wales in red letters, write this down because you need it later.  

Turn left to the door and look at the sign on the door: Fish. Write this down. Enter the room now, it's a nursery.

  NB: if you want to save, you can do this again with the recorder in the hall, to the left of the cupboard

Nursery room (Fish room)

  Turn to the left and you will see a candlestick without a candle on the chest of drawers, remember that it is here. 

Next to it is an owl on a plinth, on top of the plinth you can see in the UV light: N with an arrow. You can also turn this owl.

  To the left of the TV is a playing card: Ace of Clubs, take this card.


  Then walk to the bunk bed, you will see something writtenon the left. Click on the drawer and there you will find another book: volume E, also take this book.


    Also in this room view all paintings and photographs, also the back. On the back of 1 of the paintings you can read: Departed 14, note this.

  On the Whiteboard is a yellow note: Orange, Blue, Red and Greene is on it, write this down.


  You can also pick up and view many things here, but it will not help you. Leave the room and go to the left, click on the door on the right. This opens a bit but is further blocked, on the door is on the plate: wolf.


  Walk to the door on the left and look at the plate on the door: Lion, note this. Click on the door and go inside, this is the bathroom.


   Inside you turn to the right and open the cupboard, on the shelf is another book: volume T. Take the book


  Go to the sink, here also a candlestick without a candle. Remember that it is here. You can just look in the cupboard under the sink, but you will not find anything. To the left of the sink you see a pipe running along the wall but there is a piece missing. Turn to the bath, on the bottom you see a key, you cannot take it because there is acid in the bath.

  Exit the bathroom, you will see a sofa on the left with 3 paintings / photos above it. To the right is a cupboard with a stack of boxes next to it.


  Straight ahead you see a brown door with a code display next to it. Go see the paintings, on the back of a painting: Strange way 11, note this.

    Turn around to the cupboard, on the left side on the boxes is a red candle, take the candle.


  Open the doors of the cabinet, the doors underneath do not open. On the middle shelf you see 4 books with openings in between, above it: What Are You? You have to put the 4 books you found here in the right place so that there will be: INITIATE. Click on an open space between the books, your inventory opens. Then choose the right book and click on it, the book is put in that place.

  When you have all 4 books well, you hear a sound and then you can open the doors underneath.

    On the left is a chest, but you do not have a key. On the right you see a playing card: King of Hearts, grab the card. You also see: Look Up.

  Press the C key to duck and you will see: 2491, that could be the code for the door.


  Go to the display and enter the code, you get access. Click on the door and go to the next hallway.


  On the wall on the left is a photo, click on it and read what is on the back of the photo: Strange way 8. Write this down. On the right is a table with a note and another recorder, read the note.


 Left is a door but it is locked, when you click on the door your inventory opens but you do not have the key yet. On this door is also a name of an animal: Zebra, remember this too. A little further on there is a painting on the right, yes it can be viewed but there is nothing on the back. Slightly further is a staircase going down and on the left is a chest of drawers.

  On the chest of drawers is the first letter about an owl, read the note. You can just look in the drawers but you will not find anything. 

Look down and you see a blue candle lying at the leg on the right, take the candle.


  Above this chest of drawers hangs a photo, look at the back: Enlightened is written on it. Walk  further, soon you will soon search downstairs but first the rest of this floor. On the left you will find another door, on the little plate is written: Horse. Remember this or note that. Enter the room.


  On the left side of the bedside table is a playing card: Four of Spades, grab the card. On the bedside table on the right side of the bed you will find a note, read this note.


    Right next to it there are 3 pedestalls with 3 empty paintings above, in the UV light you see 3 figures: a triangle, a square and a 5-angle. Think back on the screen at the bottom of the stairs to the attic, there you saw those 3 shapes. Well, you only have to find the shapes. Behind in the corner you see a cupboard, open the doors and you see that the cupboard is empty.

    Walk back to the entrance, you will see a dressing table on the left, you can open the drawer but it is empty.


  To the right of the dressing table is a cupboard, open the doors and on the floor between the boxes you will find a purple candle. Take the candle.


  Go back to the hallway and turn to the left, on the right is a photo of the Eiffel Tower. On the back you will see: Graduation 1, note this.


   Before you is a door, click there to go inside. Here is the washing machine. On the left wall you will find a sign with a number 1, note this


    Go back to the corridor and go to the left, on the right is a chest of drawers with a snake statue on it. There is nothing to be found. Continue on, on the left you see an statue of an owl standing on a pedestal.


  You can also rotate this statue, but how is it supposed to stand? You get a flash of a room. On the right is a cupboard, the doors are locked.


  Inside the cabinet you can see the silhouettes of 6 figurines in the UV light. On the top shelf is: Return The Six. On the wall to the right of the cupboard you can see a text on the wall in the UV light. 2 groups of owls fought with each other, you have to turn them to the right side. The clues in which directions they should look is in the notes about the owls, there are 3 notes about owls. Walk back to the stairs and go down.



You are standing in front of a sofa. Right and left is an statue of owl on a pedestal, if you have viewed the statues of the owls well then you have seen that there are 2 species. An owl with a hat and an owl without a hat. Turn to the left, next to the plant to the right of the owl is another playing card: Queen of Spades , grab the card.


    Walk a bit further and you are standing in front of a chest of drawers, there is a picture on top. On the back is: Graduation 12, note this.


    Left is a door, click on it to open and go down. Downstairs is a gate closed with a padlock, in the space behind the fence you see many things but you have to come back for it later.


    Go back upstairs and walk past the sofa to the chest of drawers.


  There is a note in the upper drawer. Read the note. In the middle drawer you will find a key, pick up the key. View this key in your inventory, zebra is engraved on it.


  On the left of the wall is a photo, on the back is: Graduation 6. Make a note of this. Next to the chest of drawers is a door and it cannot be opened. 

Turn to the right and continue, to the right is a box with drawers, these are locked.


  Above the chest of drawers, you see a number on the wall: 4623, note this. 

Then go a little further into the hallway and you will see another sign with a number on the right side of the wal  Walk further and you will see the kitchen to the left.


  When you walk into the kitchen you hear noise, you see a message that the noise comes from above, but this can also happen when you leave the kitchen again. When you're back upstairs, you're going to find out where that noise came from, it turns out that the door of the Wolf room is no longer blocked. You are now going to search further down here below.

  Continue in the kitchen, you immediately see a symbol with the number 3, against the side of the countertop.


  You can also see an arrow on the ground in the UV light, which points to the garden door. Next to the door is a code display, you just saw a number on the wall: 4623. You can try this number here but it is not the code for this display. Search the kitchen, on the worktop you will see a note again. Read the note, it is about the owls.


    Look in all the cupboards but there is nothing to find, go to the microwave and click it open. There you will find the playing card: Seven of Clubs, grab the card.  

It is possible that you find a note in de cupboard under the sink, it can also later in the game. It is a list of the playing cards.

    Go out of the kitchen and continue through the hallway, right at the back of the corner is a candlestick on a small table.


  On the floor are a pair of shoes with a playing card: Seven of Diamonds, pick up the card.


    Turn to the left, you can search the closet for a short while but there is nothing to find. Then click on the door and go inside, this is the poker room.

   Poker room


  On the fireplace there is a picture of a tree, on the back is written: Departed 9. Write this down.

    Walk to the bar, the house starts shaking again and a story is told again. On the bar is an orange candle, take that candle.


    Walk to the desk,. On the right above the desk you see another symbol with a number 2, note this.


    A statue of an owl stands on a pedestal between the windows. there is a note on the left of the desk, read this


  Now view the poker table, there is room for 4 x 2 cards but which card should be where? You are missing another card.


    Go back upstairs, at the sofa you go up the stairs on the left.


  Above you go to the left and follow the corridor, just before the door is the Zebra room. Left is the 2nd save game recorder, so you can save your game here again.


  You now have a Zebra key so click on that Zebra door, your inventory opens and then you click on the Zebra key.


    The door opens, go inside. There are 3 televisions on the table, the house shakes again and the televisions fall to the floor. On the table is a note with the place where the symbols are, read that note.

  Behind in the corner is a closet in the wall, it is locked. Turn to the right and on the whiteboard is a message: you have to raise the switches of the 6 animal rooms then you can get the information.


    This is one of those rooms so put the light switch up here.


 Go to the hallway and go to the left, there you will find the Horse room.

  Go inside and raise the switch.

  Wolf room

  Go to the hallway and go to the right, go through the door at the end and you'll be back in the first part. Go left and you are at the door that was previously blocked, the Wolf room door. Now you can open it, go inside. This is the wolf room so put the light switch up here inside.


    Go to the desk


  On the left of the desk is a note, The Voyage or Captain Weller part 1. Read this carefully because the instructions in it you will need later but you can always read it in your inventory. 

On the right side of the desk is another card: Queen of Diamonds. Grab the card.


 At the window again an statue of an owl is on a pedestal. Turn to the right and you will see 3 bookshelves, in the UV light see arrows and a text on the wall.


  Take a look at the titles of the books. If you have note everything correctly you should now have found a text on the back of 9 photos or paintings: Departed 4, 9, 14 and Strange way 2, 8, 11 and Graduation 1, 6, 12. These words are also on the books, the 2 bottom rows are important.

  In the middle row click on books 1, 6 and 12, in the bottom row click on books 2, 8 and 11.


  You hear something fall and you get comment again, if you turn right, you see that the painting has fallen.


  You can now also click on the top row on books 4, 9 and 14 but nothing changes. Walk to the safe that was hidden behind the painting, click on the safe door and find an Octagon in the safe.


Grab the Octagon, this is one of the figures that saw yes on the screen at the bottom of the stairs to the attic. Go to the hallway and then enter the nursery, the Fish room, and put the light switch up.  

  Exit the room and go to the attic. You have found 6 symbols with numbers. You are now going to convert this into the code for the safe,


  Go to the dartboard and look at the scorecard.

    Underneath is how the code should be and this is now: 131695. Enter this code on the safe and open the door.


  In the safe you will find a cube object, this is the second object that you saw on the screen, take the cube.  

Go back down and to the left, back to the first room, the Snake room, and also put the light switch up.


  Go back to the hallway and to the bathroom, the Lion room,

  Enter the bathroom and put the last switch up and .......


  ..... in a vision you see that the cupboard doors in the Zebra room open and that there is a television in that cupboard. 

Walk through the hallway and go through the connecting door and then turn left into the Zebra room. 

Oddly enough, the 3 televisions have disappeared, but the cabinet in the corner is now open. Walk to the closet and click on the TV to turn the thing on


  You see 2 playing cards ... they are on the poker table, note which cards and also note where on the poker table they are

  Click on the TV again and you will see 2 playing cards again, also note where on the poker table they are.

  Then click twice on the TV to see 2 x 2 cards. Note which cards they are and where they are on the poker table


    You now know which combinations of cards must be placed on the poker table. Go to the hallway, to the left and immediately to the right, down the stairs. Down on the right and follow the corridor to the poker room.

  Poker room

  Go to the poker table and stand straight in front of the poker table. On the left is a Safe on the poker table. Now place your playing cards, in the right combinations and in the right places, on the poker table.


1 = 7 of Diamonds 2 = Queen of spades, 3 = King of Diamonds 4 = Queen of Diamonds , 5 = King of Hearts,  6 = Ace of Clubs, 7 = 4 of Spades 8 = 7 of Clubs 


When you have put the cards in the right place you hear the safe / box open. In the safe you will find the triangular object that you saw on the screen, grab the object.


  Go back up and go to the right and then left the Horse room again ..... there are the 3 pedestals with the shapes above it.


  Walk to the pedestals and click on top of the pedestals and then place the right object on the pedestal. On the left the triangle, in the middle the cube and on the right the octagon.

  When  they are on the right pedestal,  then there will be light in the objects but not in right colour. Click on an object and the light changes colour, set the right colours.

  Left purple, middle red and right white. If the colours are right you hear a lot of noise in the room.


   Turn to the right to the closet in the wall, the doors have flown open and there is now a staircase down.


Do not go down yet but go back to the Save Recorder in the hallway and Save your game now ...... you never know when you find the next Recorder, so Save here

Then go back to the Horse Room and then descend down in the closet and ..... You end up deep underground in the Caves. We continue in:

  The Intiate 1 Part 2

Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

  Text: Dick Leeuw. Screenshots: Louis Koot