Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

  Text: Dick Leeuw. Screenshots: Louis Koot  

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 Part 2: Ben

You are now in the space of Ben and there is much to see and do here. You are now standing at a boiler with a question mark on it. Before you see your door with a clock above it, you saw such a door in the room of Sam. Walk forward and in the short wall you see a wooden plate in the wall: We Are All Just A Brick In The Wall. Then walk on and to the right on the wall there is a plate with 4 zodiac signs: Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn and Aquarius. What you have to do with it you will discover later. Continue further and you will see a round pillar on the right with 4 number plates next to it.  

Here is a license plate of New Mexico as you saw on the photo in the laptop. Only this is screwed to the wall but you do not have a screwdriver. That you will  arrange later but first finish your round through the room. Turn to the left and you will see a control panel with above it a safe. 1 of the handles of the panel has disappeared. You also see a few books that you can view.

On the left is a rack with on top of a TV that only sees noise. On the bottom shelf is a book, click on it and you will see a clue for the first riddle on the laptop. Turn to the left and you will see a clock with a turning mechanism on the left and right. Only on the left  the lever is gone, if you click on the right lever then  the small hand turns. On the left side on the short wall you see another white lamp with a red symbol above it. You can check if the boots fit, wrong size. Now look in all the drawers of the filing cabinets. In the middle drawer on the left you will find a lever, grab the lever


    Next to the filing cabinet is a metal case, the left door is closed with a combination lock, below the lock is written Pd - Co, How Elementary.


 Left next to the cupboard is rack with on the top shelf 2 vases and a clipboard with a phone number: 555 6498.  In this game you also have to turn over all vases and jugs, because in some of them something is hidden. Painting E is hanging on the wall above this rack. Painting E shows a Horse. On the bottom shelf you will find a hammer, grab the hammer.


  Go slightly further to the left and you will see a door in a fence, unfortunately locked. Walk a little further and you will see a large jug standing in the corner near the gate and the wall.


  Click on it, you will see a black mask painted on it and on the back it says: Bronze Before Gold.


This is the second indication of the order in which the masks should hang in the space of Sam. Above the vase you see a panel with 12 switches. If you have not solved the first 3 riddles in the laptop, it will be time for you to solve the riddles because you will need the answers here. Turn further to the left and you will see a green toxic vapour flowing out of the ceiling. On the table is a Save Game Recorder  

  You cannot get in the corner here yet because of the toxic green fumes. You can also see such a round pillar. You will first solve a few puzzles.

  Walk back to the round pillar next to the number plates, then switch to Sam by clicking on 1.


  There you walk to the round pillar with the turning wheel, click in the open empty part. Your inventory opens and then click on the screwdriver, this is now in the empty part.


Now click on the turning wheel and you will see the part turning with the screwdriver. Walk to the telephone on the bed, and key in the number you found at Ben: 555 6498.

  Switch again to


As Ben you can now take the screwdriver.


    Click on the New Mexico license plate, the sign falls down and in the hole behind it you will find a gold ring.


    Then go to the control panel under the safe, click on the location of the disappeared handle. Your inventory opens and then you click on the lever, it now comes on the control panel.


  Under the handles you can see how the handles should stand: Under the left lever is 180 From South, which is then turned north, click the lever a number of times until it is on the N. Below the right lever is: 1440 From East = 4 x 360 from east that is east again. v Click that lever a number of times until it points to the right.


At the top of the panel you will now see 3 green lamps and right under an orange lamp. Click on the orange light, it will turn green and the safe will open. 

In the safe is a silver statue, grab the statue. There is also a book in the safe, click on it. This is again a note from A.R.

Walk to the cupboard with the combination lock. With the letters on the case 2 chemical elements are indicated: Palladium and Cobalt. Each element has its own atomic number, you will later encounter a periodic system in the game where you can look this up. But just search the internet and find 46 and 27 as atomic number. The code then becomes: 4627, puts these numbers on the lock and the door is no longer locked. Click the door open and at the bottom of the cupboard you will find a bronze statue. On the right is a note from A.R., read the note.

  Turn to the left and walk to the panel with the 3 x 4 switches. If all goes well, you have noted the solutions of the first 3 riddles in the laptop at Sam, this is the solution for this panel.  

  Set the switches correct and the door on your right will open.


  Go through the door, on the left a plate hangs against the wall, on the shelves the figurines have to be placed.


     Looks like you still have to find some figurines, you see that figurines 4, 5 and 6 should be placed here. You only have 2 figurines and you also do not know which figurine should stand where.

  To the right of this is a film projector where you miss a role.


Next to it, there is a phone number: 555 1234, you can switch to Sam and call that number but you will not be wiser. You can search the next box, but there is nothing to be found. Turn to the right, there are a few crates and behind that you see a corridor. The boxes block the corridor. Click on a box and your inventory will open, then click on the hammer and the box will be smashed. Do the same with the other crates and wonderfully all the wood has disappeared.

  Walk into the corridor and you come to a number of metal toilet pots, in one of the pots is a film roll. Grab this film roll.


    Turn right to the seats, click on the book. This is another note from AR, read this note.On the other chair is another red lamp and on the ground is a paper.Click on the lamp and you see that there is no light bulb in it. To the right is a box hanging on the wall , you see a dial that you can put on different letters. Below is a lever but it is blocked and above the box is: ELIZABETH.


  What you have to do with this you will see later. Turn left again and you will see the stairs, go upstairs. You can view  yourself in the mirror


    High up on the wall you will see on the top right: BADD WOLFE. Walk up the stairs

  At the top of the stairs is a tape recorder again, click on it and you hear the same sound again

In front of the recorder lies a spec with red lenses, take these red glasses and you will see a message that you have to press R.


Press "R" and then you put on the glasses and you will see hidden texts on the wall.In this space there are no hidden signs on the wall but in the other room you can see them. You now have to search for question marks, the other signs are not important. When you walk out of the hallway you turn to the left, there are bottles, vases and cups on the two tables. View them all and turn them around.


On the wall there is another painting that you have to turn, This is Painting D and in this painting you see a sailboat. If you have forgotten how to turn this painting, you have to go back to Sam and to the laptop. You have to rotate Painting D so that it hangs upright but the sailboat points to the left with the sails ..... so turn this painting 270 degrees, click 6x on the painting.

Then go to the cupboard next to it, on the top shelf there is a book. Click on the book, this is another note from A.R. Turn to the right, there you will see a question mark. It is a stone that protrudes, click on it to push the stone into the wall.  

  The metal door is locked. Turn to the right, you will see a sign hanging on the wall and on the floor there is a vase with a question mark.

Click on the vase and turn it upside down, a ring falls out. This is now in your inventory.


    Then zoom in on a screw of the board and click on a screw, your inventory opens and then click on the screwdriver.


The screw is turned out of the board, do this with all screws and the board falls down. You see a text on the wall: ELIZABETH Z.


  Walk back through the corridor and turn to the right, on the wall you saw a device where Elizabeth was written above. Then click the dial a number of times until it is on the Z.


    Then walk back to the number plates, on the wall on the right you will see a question mark on a stone. Click on the question mark again to slide the stone back into the wall.


    Then go to the metal door below the clock and click on the hatch.


 The hatch opens and you see a drawing board, there is nothing on it.


  Zoom out and click on the light switch to the left of the door. Then click on the hatch again and now see a picture of Aquarius on the board in an orange color.


    Then go to the board with the 4 symbols and click on Aquariusuntil it is orange. If you see red now you have to turn off the red glasses you see good color.


    Now it is time to switch to


Go to the metal door under the clock. Click on the hatch and you will also see Aquarius there. Zoom out and click on the light switch to the left of the door, then click again on the hatch.  

  You see a small piece of Capricorn and the light is green. Go back to


  Click on the hatch in the metal door and you will see Capricorn completely.


    Click on the image of Capricorn on the board on the wall until it is green.


    Turn around to the cupboards. To the left of the cupboards is the rack where you found the hammer. Above this rack is Painting E, the horse painting.


  According to the drawing in Sam's laptop, the horse has to hang upside down, so turn the horse painting upside down. Click 4x on the painting.


  Now go to the film projector and click on it, your inventory will open. Then click on the film roll and it will be placed on the projector,


  click on the projector again and then turn to the metal door. You will see a projection, first of a text: We Wait For You.


    Then you get 3 projections of a row with arrows. Note how the arrows are, you have to click on the projector a few times because the arrows do not stay visible for long.


  You have seen this text before, at Sam on the panel with 3 x 5 switches. Switch to


Go to that panel, click on the panel and set the switches right now, according to the arrows you have just seen. If all switches are right, the valve will open above the red button.


  Press the red button and the safe will open. In the safe you will find a Bronze ring and a Bronze statue, there is also a book.


  Take the ring and the Stratue, then click on the book. This is again a note from A.R., read this note.

NB: Note from Louis. As Sam you now need Ben's Hammer. So Ben has to give the Hammer to Sam via the pass-through pillar that stands next to Ben on the wall with the license plates. But it is possible that the opening in this pillar is not here at Ben and Ben cannot turn that pillar open. In my game, this was so ........ As Sam you look now whether the pass-through pillar is open or closed. If the pillar at Sam is closed now, you can immediately switch back to Ben. However, if the pillar is now open at Sam, you must now close the pillar by clicking on the turning wheel ....... Then the pillar will open at Ben


  Switch back to BEN. Walk as Ben to the pillar at the number plates ....


  At Ben this pillar is now open. Now place the hammer in the pillar.


  Ben cannot turn this "hatch" on, so put the hammer in the pillar and switch back to 


You are SAM again and you stand in front of the pass pillar. Turn the pass-through hatch open via the turning wheel and take out the hammer


  Then walk to the bed in the other room. There is a wooden box on the bed. Click on the box and then on the hammer in your inventory and ......


  ........ the box is smashed and underneath you will find a note about the rings.


  There are 3 rings with bone and 3 without bone. Make a note of what number belongs to what. 1 = Silver Bone, 2 = Gold Bone, 3 = Bronze Bone, 4 = Silver, 5 = Gold, 6 = Bronze

  Then walk to the other room, where the 2nd Save Recorder is located. In the corner there are 3 wooden barrels.

  Click on a barrel and then in your inventory on the hammer and the barrel is destroyed, also do this with the other barrels.


  Curiously, all the wood disappear and in the corner you will find a white mask. Take the mask.


    Walk back to the pass pillar and click in the opening and put the hammer in there and click on the wheel.


    Switch to BEN and take the hammer. Then click in the opening and put in the red glasses now because SAM needs the glasses now


  Back to SAM and click on the wheel. Take the red glasses and then click on the R-button to put the red glasses on your nose.


  You are now going to view the walls with the red glasses. Right next to the tape recorder you see a stone with a question mark, walk to that question mark stone and push the stone into the wall.


  Go slightly to the left and there are the 3 squares plates, now you see that there are arrows on it. You have to turn the plates so that the arrows point upwards.

  You only have to find the fourth plate.


  Now looking at the rest of the rooms, next to the radiator under the license plates is another stone with a question mark. Click on the stone to push it into the wall.


  In the room behind the gate, where the 2nd recorder is, you will find 2 Question Mark Stones. Go push those 2 stones back into the wall

  If you have now pushed all the question mark stones into the walls, go back to the pillar, take off the red glasses and place them in the opening. Click on the wheel and the glasses will return to Ben.


    Switch to BEN and take the red glasses.

 Walk to the recorder to save and ...........  

  The voice introduces a new victim, it's Steve. If the voice is finished, you now have 3 photos at the bottom left. Click 3 to switch to Steve.


    Part 3: Steve

Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

  Text: Dick Leeuw. Screenshots: Louis Koot