The 13th Doll Extra

About the Cemetery: Secret Puzzle and the Golden Coins

By: Dick Leeuw

A: Cemetry: Secret Puzzle

When you have played 1 of the endings in the Richmond or in the Tad scenario, you can walk from the kitchen to the cemetery. Load a save game, from the Richmond or the Tad scenario,  and go to the kitchen and go through the door to the left of the phone. You'll come at the secret cemetery. You will find a number of VIP names here.

You will also find a secret puzzle here, but then you play against your own computer, so you can't actually win.

This secret puzzle is almost impossible to win. 

You play this against your own computer and you're on your own here because we won't help you with this one

B: Golden Coins

Just a few words about the golden coins. You can find a total of 20 Golden Coins in the Stauf House. In the dr. Richmond scenario you can find 10 golden coins, and in the Tad scenario you can also find 10 golden coins.Those Golden Coins hidden are hidden in the rooms of the Stauf mansion. 

We have not been looking for those Gold Coins, but Louis did made some screenshots of a few places where those Golden Coins can be found. I did came across some of those coins and found that some are difficult to grasp because they are located in hard to reach places.

So, we did not search for the golden coins but here are some screenshot where a few coins can be found.

January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by Louis Koot. Text by Dick Leeuw