January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by Louis Koot. Text by Dick Leeuw

Richmond scenario part 2

Heine room

You are in Heine's room, on the left is a purple chest in front of a mirror.

On the left in the corner are flowers on a cupboard and on the right in the corner is a triangular table with a metal ball on it.

Go to the right corner and click on the metal ball, click this ball to your inventory.

Walk to the left corner and click on the flowers with the mask. The flowers then become doll's heads.

Scale puzzle

Then walk to the mirror and click on the purple chest, this is a puzzle.

The scales must be balanced on the red line.


De weegschalen moeten uitgebalanceerd worden op de rode lijn.

Place the right balls from left to right, on the screenshots you can see which must come where.

When the puzzle is solved you hear something say, then the purple box closes again and you see Dr. Richmond in the mirror.

He asks the sister to marry him.

Foyer: Grandfather's Clock

Leave Heine's room and go down, turn to the right at the bottom of the stairs.

At the back right corner is a grandfather's clock.

Divide the Clock's Face in 4 equal parts

You have to divide the dial into 4 parts, you have to pay attention.

The hands must be exactly right, on the right line.

On the screenshot you can see where the hands exactly must be.

The clock opens and the screen turns black, moments later you see Tad talking with a ghost.

When they are finished you are in the

 Knox Room.

Walk to the bed, there is a Coil on the duvet, click it to your inventory.

Type machine puzzle

Walk to the other side of the bed, there is a cupboard next to the door. There is a typewriter on the cupboard.

Click on the typewriter, you have to enter a message here, from top to bottom.

You must enter: KILLBOYTAD.

Exit the room and turn to the right, enter the next room.

This is the bathroom.

Click with the mask on the toilet and admire the toilet seat.

Go to the sink and click in the middle of the sink, you will find a Steam Cap. Click this to your inventory.

Then click on the shower curtain, it is pushed aside and you see a skeleton.

Bones and Eyeballs puzzle

The skeleton is falling apart, this is another puzzle that you have to solve.

Click on the bones and you will see that there are eyes between the bones.

The eyes have different colors but these are in the wrong place between the bones.

You have to put the eyes in the right place, click on an eye.This floats, then you have to put it in an empty place.

Then you can put the right one in that place, then put the other eyes in the right place.

On the screenshot you see where each coloured eyes must be placed.

When the puzzle is solved, you go through the drain pipe and end up at the bottom of the stairs.

Click on Esc and on Map and go via the Map to: Laboratory.


Walk to the treatment table and you will see 2 ghosts busy.

Turn to the right and to the right of the white cupboard is an illuminated bell-glass on the floor. Click on the bell-glass and you'll find a VIP name again.

Here in this room you will find 7 of these bell-glasses, click on all glasses to see the VIP names.

Puzzle in the test tubes

Go to the microscope on the cabinet against the wall, behind the microscope is a rack with test tubes.

Click with the monkey and you zoom in on a red test tube.

You have to fill in boxes to reveal an image.

Look on the screenshots to see which boxes you have to fill.

Puzzle solved, then leave the room but do not go through the Map because you will miss a Cut Scene

Click on the black fence and you are back at the bottom of the stairs.

Go up the stairs and turn to the left, walk down the hall and you will come across a ghost.

You now have to go to the attic and the Room At The Top. You can do this through the map, but it's more fun to this walking

When the ghost has disappeared, continue walking and turn to the right.

Click on the door and you go through the spiral staircase to the attic.


Just before you see a house on a barrel, walk there and click on the top.

You find a lever, click it to your inventory.

Walk to the next door and enter,

you are now in:

Room At The Top:

Stauf's Machine

You will find the Stauf machine there,

you have all the items you need in your inventory. You still miss 1 item and that are the Eyes.

Click on the machine with the teeth and all objects are placed on the machine.

Then you hear Stauf talking about the last item to complete the machine.

Dr. Richmond has to take the eyes off Tad, who is in the chapel.

Go to Dutton's room, you can do that via the Map or walk towards it.

Dutton's room:

When you enter you see Tad standing by the side door, he walks away without saying a word.

Take a step forward and you will see the female spirit, Lilly again.

Lilly disappears again, then turn to the left, there is a sheet of paper on the desk.

Click with the mask on the paper, a message is now written on it: "Your fate is bloody."

Then go to the side door and click on it with the monkey.

Blood cell puzzle. You must defeat Lilly 

This is another puzzle: the blood cell puzzle: you must defeat Lilly.

Number the buttons from left to right and from top to bottom 1 to 49.

The player who is the first to make 3 in a row wins.

You start: Dr. Richmond to Lilly.   Click the  following cells.......Lilly will do her counter move after your move















You wi....... 3 in a row. Go through the door, following Tad.


You find Tad in the chapel, he has the doll in his hands. Dr. Richmond is possessed, he is in the power of Stauf.

Richmond attacks Tad to grab the eyes and the doll.

To survive, Tad throws the eyes to the ground.

Get the eyes off the ground.

Now go to the Doll Room.

At the back right corner is a house on a table, there is a doll in front of the house. Click with the mask on the doll.

You see Richmond grab the doll and then walk to the Attic. Tad comes after Richmond to the attic room and he takes the doll

Tad takes the doll into the Room at The Top

You must follow Tad now but first SAVE YOUR GAME here. This is important if you wish to play both endings of this Richmond scenario. 

So....Save Your Game now and call it Ending 1, or something like this

Then follow Tad into the

Room At The Top:

Two Endings:

You  see Tad sitting by the circle of dolls. Click on the Stauf machine and.......

Stauf comes to life and Stauf yells at Dr. Richmond, to kill Tad.

You now have 2 options: A = You kill Tad and option B = You kill Stauf.

A: KillTad Ending

Start with option A. So click on Tad with the knife and look at this ending.

Tad is stabbed, all ghosts appear and walk to Richmond.

Richmond falls out the window and you see him back in the isolation cell in the Deepwood Sanitarium.

You see Dr. Thornfield standing at the door talking to the nurse.

End A

When all Credits have rolled through your screen then Load your last save game to play the second ending

 B: Kill Stauf Ending

You will be back on the Attic, where Tad has taken the doll and went into the Room At The Top.

So go to the Room At The Top and click on the machine and Stauf comes back to life.

  Again Stauf demands that you kill Tad

but instead of Tad you stab Stauf to death, so you now choose option B

Click on Stauf with the knife and Richard put the knive through Stauf's rotten heart view the end.

Dr. Richmond and Tad leave the Stauf Mansion , alive and kicking

End B  

View the credits, ore press your ESC-key to skip this. To play the Tad scenario you must start a NEW GAME

Now play a new game to do the Tad scenario, which is very different from the Richmond scenario with many other puzzles and it also contains the maze. 

The Tad scenario has 3 different endings

Cemetery: Secret Puzzle and Golden Coins

January 2020: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by Louis Koot. Text by Dick Leeuw