Januari 2020: Walkthrough by : Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by Louis Koot. Text by Dick Leeuw

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Tad scenario

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When the introductions are over you get control of the game. You must choose who you want to play: Richmond or as Tad.

Both scenario's have different puzzles and also several endings. Click Tad to start the Tad scenario:

Deepwood Sanitarium

Tad's cel

You see Tad sitting in his isolation cell,  nurse Annabell Vollmer comes in and talks to Tad.

When the nurse Anna has left you turn slightly to the left wall of Tad's cell. There are some names written on the wall and you get your prayer cursor on it. Click with your teeth on those names to score your first VIP Name in this scenario.

Then turn slightly to the right again and walk towards the door of the cell.

Word Puzzle

On the floor you see yellow letters, click with the monkey on those letters, it is a puzzle.

You hear a clue, it's one-two-three done. Remove all letters that occur more than 1 time

Click on the letters C, F, H, A, Q and B, all these letters occur 3 times. You now see the solution: WONDERWORLD.

The nurse comes in again together with Dr. Richmond. Dr. Richmond knows for sure that Tad can heal.

Tomorrow he will go to the Stauf-Mansion with Tad.


Tad is with Dr. Richmond on the road in the car. You then see the building with Wonderworld on it.

Tad calls stop the car and then Tad flees into the building.

You are now in a room with toys, you can click on different things with the teeth cursor.

Just before the stairs are 2 dolls with a drum on a shelf, click with the mask on the dolls.

It's a bloody mess with these dolls

When the bloody dolls are gone again, turn to the table.  

There you see a miniature of the Stauf house with knights, here you have the monkey cursor again.

Click on the house.

Remove the Knights puzzle

There are 7 Knights in the house.

All knights must leave the house in pairs. More solutions are possible. 

You always click on 2 knights to let them come out of the house as a couple, except for the last one because he leaves the house alone .

The following screenshots have been made with this solution. 

First purple and red, then green and pink, then black and yellow. And finally white.

The puzzle is solved and you see Stauf and a moment later a ghost.

In the cupboard, behind the table and to the left next to the white door, is a writing block with names. You can score a VIP Name again via that block.

Click on the white door to continue.

In the other room you turn to the left, go to the workbench. 

Here you can click on the chocolate slice and on the doll.

Turn to the right and walk to the cylinder, on the box next to it you see a blue / purple box.

 Click with the mask on the box and you step into the cylinder.

Through the round window you can see that Stauf strangles a woman. The woman is Stauf's wife Lilly

Automaticallyyou get out of the cylinder again, now click on the box with the tooth cursor.

The box opens and an eye comes out. Click the eye to your inventory.

With Esc you can go to your inventory.

Then turn around and head back through the room with toys to the car.

Tad then drives to the Stauf-Mansion.

Stauf Mansion:


You are in the foyer of the Mansion and you look at the central staircase

Look at the map of the house

A bycicle lies on the floor at the stairs.  

Walk to the stairs and you will get the monkey cursor on the floor tiles at the bycicle, click with the monkey on the floor tile

The Knight's Chess Puzzle

You see 2 white and 2 black knights, they are on the wrong side.

The white knights must be on the left and the black knights on the right.

You move the knights through the knights jump of the chess game. The playing field are the fields A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.

You click on a horse with your eyeball and then you click on the field where you want to place the horse. 

You must be careful that you do not click on another knights

This solution has 16 steps, check the screenshots for how to move the knights.

When the puzzle is solved you go up the stairs and you see a ghost. 't's Lilly and she calls you

Then go up the stairs, you are in front of a painting with 2 children.  

You can click on this but do not yet because you'll end up in the galery and you don't want that now.

First go to the Doll Room via the Map, or walk down the corridor.

Doll Room First Time:

In the corner you see a Stauf house on the table, on that house you get the monkey-cursor. This is a puzzle.

First you can click with the teeth on the craddle for a scene

Click with the monkey on the house and.....

......., the ghost Lilly appears and stop you. Listen to Lilly

You must first free the children. You must find the 13th doll that is scattered throughout the Mansion.

When the ghost is done, go to the Gallery via the Map or via the painting. at the stairs


You can find a number of VIP names on the paintings here. The puzzle is in the chandelier on the ceiling.

Collect the VIP names from the paintings

Sun, Stars and Moon Puzzle

....... then go to the chandelier hanging on the ceiling.

The puzzle is in the chandelier on the ceiling

 Look at the chandelier on the ceiling and you will see the monkey cursor, click with it on the chandelier

Click at the top for a hint. The hint is: The Sun Lights The Moon.

The solution for this puzzle goes in 4 stages. You see the sun in the middle, on ring A you see the moon and 3 stars.

Stage 1: 

rotate ring A 1x, the moon is now at the bottom.

Then click 3x on 1 of the stars, then click on the sun.

If all goes well, the moon is now illuminated through the stars by the light of the sun.

stage 2, 

there are 8 stars on ring B.

Now rotate ring B 1x,

then click  2x on 1 of the stars on ring B.

Then click on the sun and the sunlight now falls on the moon via the 11 stars.

stage 3: 

there are 4 stars on ring C. Now rotate ring C 2x,

then click 3x on 1 of the stars on ring C.

Then click on the sun and the sunlight goes through the 15 stars to the moon.

Stage 4, 

there are 8 stars on ring D. Rotate ring D 1x,

then click 1x on 1 of the stars on ring D.

Then click on the sun and if you have done everything right now the sunlight will fall on the moon via the 23 stars.

The puzzle has been solved.

You automatically turn to a painting on the wall, the painting opens. There is an arm of the doll, grab the arm of the doll

In your inventory you now have the doll's head and an arm.

Now go to the kitchen, you can do that via the Map or.......

..... go to the painting of the stairs and click on that painting.

Then go left along the stairs to the kitchen.

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Januari 2020: Walkthrough by : Louis Koot  en Dick Leeuw

Screenshots by Louis Koot. Text by Dick Leeuw