The Escaper  

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw

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Start a new game and choose which mode you want to play in the next screen. Easy-without timer or Normal- with timer, the puzzles are the same.


You will enter a room and you will receive a tutorial first. You look around with the LMB (left mouse button) pressed, do that and you will see the next indication.

Click on the sofa to examine it, drag the cushion to the side with the LMB pressed. You will see a green button there, click on the button to grab it.

  Click on the item in your inventory to view it, click the item away again.


Zooming back out is done with the RMB (right mouse button) or the button at the bottom right. Zoom out from the sofa and you automatically turn to a drawer in the desk.

  Drag the green button to the top drawer, pull open the drawer with LMB pressed.


Take the paper from the tray, you can see which key combination belongs to which sound.

Close the drawer and zoom out. You will see a desk with 5 drawers and a roller shutter.

  Click on the drawer in the middle and pull it open, you will see a display with 6 butterflies.


Grab the display and push the drawer closed, zoom out and then click under the desk. You see a lever there, pull the lever.

Click right and then click on the bottom drawer on the left, take the key. Push the drawer closed and right click.


Click on the vase to the right of the desk, drag the vase to the right. Drag the plug to the socket, zoom out.


Click on the top of the desk, you will see scratches in the wood. Then click on the table lamp, you will see that there is no lamp in it.

Click 2x right and turn left, left next to the sofa you will see a wall lamp with a purple shade. Click on the lamp and pull the shade upwards, you will see a purple lamp.

Click on the lamp and unscrew the lamp, you now have a lamp in your inventory.


  RMB and turn left to the cabinet with 12 compartments, number the bottom 9 compartments from top left to bottom right 1/9.


Click in box 6, click on the painting and it will turn around. Click on the 4 sliders and you will see “dm”.

RMB and then click on box 5, then drag the key to the keyhole. Then click on the plate in the chest, it is now in your inventory.


RMB and then click on box 1, you will see 7 books. Click on the list of sounds and you will see at “Dm” the pattern how to put the books.

You just need to check the white keys. Number the books from left to right 1 to 7 and then click on books 2, 4 and 6.


  You automatically go to box 7, the door is now open. Pull the door further open and take the box out of the compartment, it is a record player.


RMB and then click in box 4, slide the vase aside and grab weight for a clock.


RMB and turn to the left, under the table lamps you will see a postcard.

Take that post card, view the card in your inventory and you will see where the next trip will go: Egypt.


Turn further left, there is a table against the wall. On the table is a telephone, on the legs you see metal rings.

Above the table is a painting of a dancer.


  Click on the table and you will see 4 black dots on the table. Now drag the box with the record player to the table, you will hear a click.

You will also see a text: Something has shifted on the legs.


  RMB and click under the table, the rings have opened and you see roman numbers. Which figure should be on the legs?

Turn left and above the desk you see a map of a globe,

Zoom in and you will see which number should be on which leg. Write down the numbers.


RMB and click under the table, put the correct number on each leg and then the drawer slides open. Take the knife out of the drawer.

RMB and then click on the seat, you will see a crack on the seat.

Drag the knife to the chair and you will find a blue button there, take the button.


  Go to the desk and click on the drawer at the bottom right, drag the button to the drawer and pull the drawer open.

You see a number panel, looking for a code.


Zoom in on the table lamp on the desk, now drag the lamp to the table lamp. Pull the knob on the chain and the lamp will light up.


Then click on the scratches and drag the plate to the scratches. The plate also contains scratches that you now see in blue light.


Slide the plate down and you see the code 5637.


  Enter the code on the panel and the drawer above the panel will open. Take the magnifying glass out of the drawer.

Turn around to the cupboard and click on box 2, then drag the magnifying glass to the globe.  

Rotate the globe and slide the lens until Egypt is visible under the lens, box 8 opens.


Take the red button and go to the desk. Drag the red button to the desk.


  Slide the hatch open.

On the left you see 4 rolls where you have to enter letters, in the middle a typewriter with a yellow note and on the right is an L.P.

Take the LP and then read the note, you have to find 4 broken letters. By clicking on all letters you will find the 4 letters: W, O, F and L.


Click the correct letter on each roll and a hatch slide open, you will find a statue.


Go to the cupboard and click on box 3, drag the figurine to the hole in the stone block. You now have to turn the head to the right until the head drops 1 line, then turn to the left until the head drops another line. Turn right again and left until the head is down. You must keep your mouse button pressed.


  If you succeed, you automatically turn to the painting next to the clock, you see the painting sink. Take the wooden button you see there.


Go to box 9 and click on it, now drag the wooden button to the panel. Then look at the painting of a dancer hanging above the phone.

The position of the hands and feet indicates where the buttons should be.


Place the knobs on the panel in the correct position and the panel will turn away. You will see 6 number roles, which numbers to fill in?


  Take the display with the butterflies, there are 6 butterflies, number the 6 butterflies from small to large.

You now have to set the rollers so that they match the butterflies. In the compartment that now opens you find a winding key, take that key.


Go to the clock and zoom in on the cabinet with the pendulum, drag the weight there.


Then go to the dial and drag the winding key to the hole on the left. You can now turn the key but then nothing happens, you have to set the correct time.

  You can see the time on the map above the desk: the big pointer at 9 and the small pointer at 1. Then turn the winding key and the clock will start working.


  Zoom in on the pendulum and there you see a key hanging, take the key.


Zoom in on the box under the clock, drag the key there and the door opens. In the box is the tone arm for the turntable.

Go to the table with the phone and open the turntable. Place the LP on it and also the arm.

Turn on the turntable and place the arm on the record. You see a text on every number and in every text there is a number, you also see which day.


• Track A: Wednesday and the number 2

• Track B: Tuesday and the number 7

• Track C: Friday and the number 3

• Track D: Monday and the number 8

• Track E: Thursday and the number 4

You must now play the LP in the order of the days: Monday to Friday. So you have to play in this order: D, B, A, E and C.

If you do this correctly, a drawer will slide open, which contains a coin. Take the coin and go to the phone.


You see that it is a coin operated phone, you have a coin but which number?

Each text contains a number, see which number belongs to Monday, Tuesday to Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. You then get: 87243.

  Put the coin in the phone and dial the number: 87243. A drawer slides open, take the key.


  Go to the door and drag the key to the keyhole, the key breaks off. Then go to the corner between the sofa and the cupboard, there you will see a grid.


Drag the broken key to the grille and the screws are removed.


Click in the tube and you crawl through the tube, you enter a basement.


You are in a basement, before you see a compressor on a table. Click on the compressor and you will see that a few parts are missing.

On the back wall you can see a Tic-Tac-Toe game, copy this and especially where the crosses are.


Click right and then click  under the table, on the floor near the wall is a fuse. Take the fuse and then click right.

To the right of the compressor are 2 tubes from the pneumatic tube with a chest underneath.

A box with a red keyhole hangs on the wall next to the tubes, the box is locked.


  Click on the box and you will see a spanner lying in the box, take the spanner.


  Click right and turn left, to the left of the table is a cabinet with a number panel, you have to find the code for it.

  Turn further to the left, you will see a gray door with 2 holes.

If you click on the bottom hole you read that it is too dark, if you click on the top hole it is too high.


  On the left of the door, a cupboard hangs on the wall, open the door of the cupboard.

It is a fuse box for 9 fuses and 2 red buttons. At the bottom of the box is a fuse, take the fuse.


  Under the cabinet are a box and 3 cans with paint on the floor, above the paint cans (red, blue and yellow) you see 8 white stones and 1 red stone. In the left corner is a rack with 3 shelves, click on the rack and take the pack of washing powder on the middle shelf. Above the rack you see a grid with a padlock, that is the exit from this basement.


  Turn further to the left. On the right is a cupboard with a green keyhole, you do not have the key yet.


  Then click on the washing machine, on the left is the compartment for the detergent.

Open the compartment and there you will find another fuse, also open the door of the washing machine.


  Next to the washing machine there is a pallet against the wall, you see that there is something written on the wall.

Click on the pallet and slide the pallet to the left.

You have to calculate this sum: the solution is X0 = 600, this is the temperature for the washing machine.

  Above the pallet is a hatch in the wall with a button next to it.

Open the hatch and you will see that it is an elevator. In the elevator is a thermometer gun, take the thermometer.


  Turn to the left and you are in front of the boiler, the pipes and the radiator with 4 parts.

In the middle under the pipes is a paintbrush, take the paintbrush.

  Click on the water heater and pull the bottom cover open, take the fuse located there.

  In the left corner next to the boiler is a dirty cloth, take that dirty cloth.


  You should now turn on the washing machine but you must first must have power. Go to the fuse box, there is room for 9 fuses and you only have 4. Look at the drawing above the compressor with 4 crosses, those crosses indicates where the fuses should be placed.


  Go to the washing machine, click on temperature button and set it to 60. Drag the detergent to the compartment on the left, then slide the detergent drawer closed. Put the dirty cloth in the washing machine and close the washing machine. Turn on the machine and when the machine is ready open the door, take out the clean cloth. The canvas has a pattern of red, yellow and blue.


  Turn to the right and click on the white stones, then drag the paintbrush to the pot of red paint.

  On the screenshot you can see which stones should get which color, drag the brush to one of the stones that should be red. Then drag the brush to the next stone to turn red. Then drag the brush to the pot of blue paint and then drag the brush with blue paint to the stones that should turn blue. Then drag the brush to the pot of yellow paint and make the correct stones yellow.


  If the stones are the right color, the box next to the paint pots will open. In it you will find a fish hook.


  Turn around and zoom in on the floor drain, you will see a green key here.

Drag the fishing hook onto the green key and the key will be taken.

  Then go to the cupboard next to the washing machine, drag the green key to the keyhole.

Open the cabinet, at the top is a part for the boiler. Take the piece of pipe.

At the bottom is a chest, take the chest and you will see a drawing in the cupboard.

  Copy that drawing, the black dots indicate where the fuses should be.

  Go to the fuse box and put the fuses in the right place. The light is on in the hallway.


  Click on the bottom hole in the door and take the V-belt there.


  Then drag the box to the bottom hole, click right and then click the top hole in the door.


  You will see red lamps that light up, number the lamps from left to right as 1 to 4.

All 4 lamps all go on and then 1 by 1, write down in which order: 4, 2, 3, 1.

  Click right and turn right, click on the combination lock of the cabinet. By clicking on the numbers you will find that the code has 8 digits.

Pick up the box again and then go to the boiler and the radiator, number the rods of the radiator 1 to 4.

Drag the thermometer gun to the bars of the radiator, point the laser at each bar and you will see that each bar is now 180.


  Then click on the boiler and then drag the piece of pipe to the boiler. Then press the green button.


You now need to rotate levers in the pipes in the correct position so that the heat goes to the bars of the radiator. From the boiler, go to the first red handle, turn it to the right. Follow the pipe further, you will miss a lever. Drag the spanner to the red button. Then turn the open-ended spanner upwards. Follow the pipe further and move the next lever to the right, now the heat goes to the radiator.


  Then measure the temperature of the bars with the thermometer gun.


  The order of the red lamps: 4 2 3 1, which then gives the numerical code for the cabinet: 35 49 43 52.

Go to the cabinet with the combination lock and enter the code, the door will open. You see a pulley there, take that pulley.


  Then go to the compressor, drag the pulley to the compressor and then drag the V-belt there.

Then press the red button and the compressor will start working.


  When the compressor stops, a tube comes down through the pneumatic tube. There is a red key in the tube, click on the tube to get it.

Click on the tube again to get the red key.

  Then click on the box on the wall next to the pneumatic post, drag the red key to the red keyhole.

Open the door and set the switches correctly according to the note (see screenshot), the lift now has power.

  Go to the elevator and drag the box to the elevator, click on the red button and the elevator will go up.

Take the key from the cable.

Then go to the grid with the padlock, drag the key to the padlock.


The lock falls off and the grid opens and you enter an Egyptian space.  

Escaper part 2

2020: Walkthrough by: Dick Leeuw