A short Myst like free game on Steam.

2021: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot

Text Dick Leeuw an d screenshots by Louis Koot

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  Start the game and click on options, here you can adjust a few things. Click on back and start a New Game.

You see the controls: WASD and I is for your inventory. Click OK.

You play as Jeremy and you are at Hong Kong airport, you are on your way to Geneva.

You are on a small jet and you have a headache, you are looking for your pills. Walk to the table in front of you to the left.

There is a glass in the front and on the other side of the table is a bottle of water and soluble pills.

Click on the water and soluble pills, then click on the I-key to go to your inventory.

In your inventory you combine the pills with the water, the pills are dissolved in the water.

  Click on the bottle to select it, then click the I-key.Then click with the bottle on the glass.

The alarm goes off and the jet plunges into the sea. You float in the ocean and you see a memory of Anna.

  The game itself now continues until you are on the dock of an island and  it's 2 days later

Turn around and walk forward, there is no passage. You get the eye cursor on various objects and places.

In many places you only get info but at other places you can grab things or interact with them.

  On the boat you get info, then walk to the barrels. You get an eye cursor again on the first barrel.

  Next to the third barrel you see red crystals, you get a magnifying cursor there. Click on the red ruby crystals and..........

........... you will see another memory of Anna, you float over the island.

The memory is over, and you are back at the barrels. Turn to the left and you will now see a passage there.

Follow the path and you will come to a grave; you will get an eye cursor here again.

Click on the grave and Jeremy reads what is on the grave.

Turn around and walk further along the path, you will see a sign.

There's a oil lamp in front of the sign. Left of the oil lamp the path goes down to the dark entrance of a cave

At the sign are your second ruby fragments. Go to the sign. Click with the eye cursor on the sign to read it.

On the ground in front of the sign  you will find red crystals again, click with the magnifying cursor on it.

You see another memory from Anna, this one is about a cave.

Turn to the left and you will see the old oil lamp, you also get an eye cursor here. Behind the oil lamp you see the entrance of a cave, walk towards it.

  Jeremy says he will not go in there without a lamp. Turn around and go back to the path, continue to the left along the path.

On the right side is a big boulder, turn right after the boulder. Walk over the grass along the boulders and along a fence, on the left you see a concrete truck. 

You see a lighthouse, keep walking on the right side.

You see a path with yellow flowers, walk through the yellow flowers and walk up the little hill.

You see a big boulder, walk past that boulder on the right side of the boulder .You see the sea and you also see a barrel.

Walk to the barrel and you find a torn note, click on the note and the note is in your inventory.

Click on the I key and you see in your inventory the note with the number 3.

Turn around and walk back to the yellow concrete truck, a little bit further you are at a fork.

Straight ahead you go to the bunker and the path to the right goes to the house.

Go to the right, walk past the house to the cabin of the red truck.

On the right side of seat in the cabin you find another torn note, click on the note. In your inventory you see the number 1 on the note. 

Turn around and go to the house, go up the 2 little staircases and go to the right.

You now are on the lower floor of the house, go left through the hallway.

You see 2 cupboards there, in the left cupboard you find another torn note. 

Click on the torn note and then go to your inventory, you now have 3 torn notes with the numbers 1, 2, 3. 

Go back outside and go up the couple of steps, turn right and go up the stairs. 

You are now on the upper floor of the house, on the right you see a safe. Walk to the safe. The safe is locked. You need a code

Go to the inventory and combine note 1 with note 2, go back to the inventory and combine note 3 with the other 2 notes.

You now have a card with a code.

Take the card with the code from your inventory and click with the card on the lock of the safe.

In the safe you find an axe. Take the axe

Next to the safe you see on the desk a radio, you can click on the radio but the radio does not work, the radio tower has no power.

Turn around and go through the doorway on the left, walk to the balcony. In the right corner of the balcony, you find the 3th ruby.

You see another memory of Anna. 

After this memory go down and leave the house

Follow the path along the house to the left and at the concrete truck take the path to the right

at the next fork you go to the left, past the concrete truck en then.......

....follow the path in the direction of the lighthouse. You see a shelter with timber.

Walk to the shelter, take the axe out from your inventory and click with the axe on the stack of timber.

You now have a stick in your inventory. 

Turn around and walk back past the concrete truck.

At the fork  walk straight ahead and you are at another fork, you see a couple of pipes with a wheel and you see the bunker. 

Take the path to the right, at the next fork you see the radio tower on the left. Go straight ahead to the house.

Go tot he back of the house and go to the right, keep walking through the grass. This is the path to the lighthouse. 

Keep walking  between the rocks. 

 Walk across the bridge under the arch.

 Past the bridge you find on the left the 4th ruby, 

 Click on the ruby and you see another memory of Anna.

Walk further along the path and you are at the bottom of the lighthouse. 

Walk around the lighthouse, go up the stairs and you are inside the lighthouse

 On the left you see the spiral staircase but it is blocked by a gate. On the wall you see 3 small bookcases, go to the middle one.

On the shelf in the middle you find a cloth.

 Combine in your inventory the cloth wit the stick, you get an incomplete torch.

Go back tot he house, go up the 1th couple of stairs.

 On the left behind a blue barrel you find a barrel containing pitch.

Take the incomplete torch from your inventory and click on the pitch, you now have a complete torch.

Turn around and walk towards the radio tower, at the sign take the path to the left.

At the next fork take the path to the right, to the bunker. 

You come to a couple of pipes with a turning wheel.

Click on the wheel and Jeremy tries to turn the wheel, an explosion and fire.

Take the complete torch from your inventory and click on the fire, you now have a burning torch.

Go back tot he cave. 

Take your burning torch and enter the cave.

Walk through the cave, at the end you see a little bit of daylight. 

On the left you see a table, in the middle you see big tank and on the right you see 3 coffins. 

Go to the room with the coffins and as soon as you enter the room you get another memory of Anna.

Walk over the wooden path, while you walk over the wooden path you see pieces of memory. to the left and right

when you have reach the end you also see how the story of Anna ends.

Back in the room with the coffins you notice that on the middle coffin is a name: Jack.

Turn around and on a barrel you find note. Read the note.

Go outside the room, go to the table on the left side of the big tank. 

On the table is a box, inside the box you find a flash drive. Take the flash drive.

Also on the table is a patient note, red the note. 

Leave the cave and go to the bunker. 

Walk past the bunker to the fenced area.

Left of the barrel you find the 5th ruby, click on the ruby and you see another memory of Anna. 

Now go to the door of the bunker, take the flash drive and click on the door panel.

 The lock opens and also the door opens.

It is dark inside, you can take the torch but that does not help. Go inside, at the end turn left. Turn left again, to the right until you see a red light.

Under the red lamp is the entrance. In the middle of the floor you find the 6th ruby, click on the ruby to see a memory of Anna. 

Go to the cupboard in the corner, in the lower cupboard you find a spare fuse.

Turn around and go to the table and pick up the pickaxe from the table.

On the right wall you see 2 panels, the left panel is broken. You miss a fuse. Take the spare fuse and place the fuse on the left panel,

the radio tower has power again. You see in a flash the radio tower.

Go to the outside: left, left, right and right again. Go to the radio tower.

On the left you see an old generator with a couple of pipes. At the bottom of the wooden pole next to the pipes you find the 7th ruby.

Click on the ruby and you see another memory of Anna

You now have found all 7 rubies

Go back to the lighthouse and go to the gate in front of the spiral staircase, take the crowbar and click on the gate.

The gate is now open

Go via the spiral staircase to the next floor, on the left is a table and on the right is a book.

Go to the table and pick up the codebook from the table, then go to the storybook.

Click on the storybook, you can only read the book when you have all 7 rubies.

 Read the storybook.

Go back tot he house, go tot he radio and take the codebook.

Click with the codebook on the radio.

An SOS is send and you receive a message that they will come to rescue you. 

 You get a last memory of Anna, she has an request for Jeremy.......Try to find her father.

You see the ghost of Anna standing at the grave.

See  and hear the Ending

2021: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw and Louis Koot