2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot 

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The Perils of Man is a point and click adventure game witch means that you play the game entirely with your left mouse button. The game plays in our time and it tells the story of a 17 years old girl,  Ana Eberling, who wants to find out what happened to her father who suddenly disappeared without a trace 10 years ago. 

The game has an option menu where you can set various settings to your own preferences,  all depending on how well your PC meets the system requirements for the game. To start a new game, press "New Game". You have to choose 1 of the 3 "Slots" to start the game ...... So you can actually play 3 new games at the same time.

You can NOT save and load in the game. The game saves your progress every time you leave the game and does so in a save file that will get overwritten each time you leave the game. When you leave the game and then start again, click on "Continue" and then choose slot 1, slot 2, slot 3, depending in witch save slot you were in, to continue where you left off. Everything you did until the moment you left the game remains resolved. The only drawback of this system is that you can never go back to a previous save moment, but I don't have the experience that this is a problem. I have already played the game twice and I did not find this saves system a problem.


Ana Eberling celebrates her 16th birthday today, but she's doing this alone in her room where she watch a movie about her father and his ancestors. One of Ana's forefathers, Thomas Eberling, was a brilliant inventor. 150 years ago, at the peak of his career and shortly before the completion of his most brilliant inventions, Thomas Eberling disappeared and nobody ever heard from him again.  

Only in our time Thomas Eberling have a descendant who could finish his work and that was Ana's father Max Eberling. But 10 years ago, during a gala banquet in honor of Einstein when Ana was 7 years old, Max Eberling suddenly disappeared also. Max Eberling foresaw that the roof of the building would collapse and because he could still sound the alarm in time, he saved many lives ... But Max disappeared forever.   

The intro  then comes to an end and Ana notices that, in the movie, her father Max wears sunglasses everywhere and always, except when he looks straight into the bright light. 

Then Ana's mother comes in and she has a box with her. Ana's mother is a rather confused person, but what do you expect from a woman who's husband suddenly disappeared 10 years ago without warning and left her with a child of 7 years. Surely that is reason enough to be a bit confused, right? There is a glass tube in the box and it belongs to Ana's father and actually it should have been given to Ana last year, on her 16th birthday. But mothers only found it a few weeks ago.

Ana receives the tube and she is determined to find out what happened to her father, 10 years ago, and whether he is still alive.

Mother is not happy with Anna's plan because she thinks Ana should leave the past well alone.

 Mother disappears, but not after she says she has ordered a birthday cake and that she is suffering from drafts.  You now get control over Ana

Chapter 1: At Ana Eberling house:

A: In search of Thomas Eberling's secret laboratory

Ana's room:

At the bottom left there are always 2 round buttons and they are a Hint button and the Inventory button. At the top right you can read which task you have to solve and for now that is solving the mystery of the glass tube that Ana has just received from her mother.

Click the Inventory button to view the Inventory and then read how things work  in the inventory.

Look around in Ana's room ..... Left click on stuff you want to take and  store in inventory. 

In the large cupboard there are a pair of fur Boots ..... they are Mommy's boots. Get the boots

Walk down to the bed .... Make sure you see the bed completely

A large mirror leans against the wall and there is a bedside table next to the bed. On the bedside table stand a lamp and a radio. On the bed is Ana's favorite doll and a tablet / e-reader. A coat hanger hangs at the foot of Ana's bed. Left click on the Radio. .... Ana then takes the 2 Batteries from the radio and she stores them in inventory. Ana is not interested in the doll and the e-reader, but do take the coat hanger, which hangs at the foot of the bed. You can then view all the other things in the room, but Ana will not pick up anything anymore.   Open the inventory......... Ana now has the purple glass tube, the boots, the batteries and the coat hanger in inventory. Click on the purple glass tube ..... There is something in the tube but Ana can not see what it is. Leave Ana's room and ......... Ana walks down the stairs and ends up in the hall.


The telephone is on the cupboard under the stairs. A cuckoo clock hangs on the wall above the cupboard. Behind the cupboard is the front door of the house. Coats and Anna's the shoulder bag hang on the coat rack and there is also a vacuum cleaner. The other door is the door of a storage closet. Around the corner stand a standing lamp with 3 lamps, of which only 2 lamps are lit. Next to the lamp is a diorama box on a small table. 

Click on the telephone . Ana says that the phone is not working because of the storm that is raging around the house outside.

 Click on the cuckoo clock. ..... the cuckoo does its job

Click twice on the front door......Mother has locked the front door and Ana says that her keys are hanging on the coat rack. So click on the coats and the bag ..... Ana's house keys are not hanging on the coat rack, but Ana suspects that her mother knows where the keys are. Click on the vacuum cleaner ...... Eh .... no way .... Ana is not going to vacuum the house on her birthday. Open the door of the storage closet ....... The thermostat of the central heating stands in front of the heater in the cabinet .

The thermostat button is now in the middle, in the yellow. Click on the thermostat button to turn the arrow all the way to the right ..... It is getting very hot right away in the house ..... However, Ana thinks it is too dangerous to leave the thermostat on the highest position, so click the thermostat button all the way to the left, to the lowest position.

 It will immediately get cold in the living room and Ana's mother will not like that at all. Now leave the thermostat on the lowest setting. 

There is also a broom and a bucket in the closet

Click on the bucket to slide the bucket and broom to the left and ...... Ana finds a light bulb , which lay behind the bucket on the floor ..... The light bulb immediately disappears to the inventory. Click the arrow, top left, to exit the close-up. Open the inventory and then click on the light bulb ..... Hold down your left mouse button and drag the light bulb out of the inventory ...... The inventory disappears automatically and the light bulb now sticks to your cursor. Click with the light bulb on the standing lamp to put the lamp in the non-burning fixture .... then all 3 lamps of the lamp are on.

Because you have clicked the light bulb lamp in the standing lamp, the diorama box is now illuminated. Click on the diorama wardrobe......... you go in the close-up of the diorama ........ Ana suspects that the diorama has something to do with the disappearance of her father because he was working on this thing shortly before his disappearance. At the bottom left is a speaker. At the bottom center 2 electrical wires stick out of the box and at the bottom right you see the Power button.

Click on the Speaker ..... Ana says that there was once an amplifier attached to the box to make the sound audible. Click on the electric wires .... they are a negative and a positive wire. Click the Power Button ... Ana says that the diorama has never done it before but that she will use her birthday wish and by this she means the purple tube she got from her mother. Get out of the close-up and then walk through the passage to the:

Living room:

As soon as Ana walks into the living room, her mother screams that the fire in the fireplace is almost out, so it is getting cold in the room. Mother want to do something about it but she does not want to walk the cold floor on her "bare" feet. Mother is sitting in her lazy chair in front of the fireplace, where only a very small fire is still burning.

Ana's birthday presents are on the long table and there are balloons hanging above the table. Click on the birthday gifts ....they are socks again. Click on the balloons ....... Ana puts all the balloons in inventory. On the other end of the long table lies a birthday card that you can click on. Ana has walked over to her mother. Click on the window, left of mother and .........

.... Ana then walks to the window and a long dialogue follows, well ... actually it's a long monologue from mother who screaming that Ana should stay away from the windows. Mother is afraid that Ana will be struck by lightning. Mother also chats about the Eberling Spirits, who she thinks are wandering through the house and that she doesn't want Ana to leave for college.  

When mom has silenced her nagging voice, click on her to talk to her extensively through all the conversation options you get.

The conversation options are offered in categories. Click on a category and then use all the options that you get in that category to talk to mothers about it. Once you have gone through all the options within a category, click "Back" to return to the list of categories and then continue with the other categories.  

The most important thing that you now hear from mother  is that Max, Ana's father, always locked himself up in his study when he was at home. Mother also think that the diorama is somehow "connected" with Ana's ancestors. Mother also says that the diorama contains the spirit of one Pepper. Pepper was a friend of Thomas Eberling and also an inventor. By talking about Pepper you get the Pepper spirit icon in inventory. The diorama was made by Ana's ancestor Thomas Eberling

When you have discussed everything with mother then she will go sit in the chair again. Ana urgently needs her house keys, but her mother stole them. Mother has it cold and she actually wants to go to the storage closet to set the thermostat to a more pleasant temperature. But mother suffers from cold feet and she does not wear warm boots ...... However, mothers must be "chased" out of her chair, so take the nice furry boots from inventory and give them to mother and ......

Mother disappears to the thermostat in the storage closer ..... As soon as mother is out of sight you quickly click on her chair and .....

......Ana finds her house key in the chair and she quickly stores the key in inventory. 

After a few seconds we hear Mother screaming that she has managed to set the thermostat to a higher level and then she returns. Move Ana to the right of the fireplace ..... Ana then stand in front of the gate to the portrait gallery ..... it is a bit dark in the gallery .... if you let Ana walk through the gate to the gallery she will do that but she stops because she finds it too dark in the gallery.  

Outside the house:

Go back to the hall. Stand in front of the front door. Take the house key from inventory and click it on the front door and .....

Ana ends up outside the house. It's crazy weather ..... it's raining and it's thundering. A large fountain stand in front of the house. 

There is a ladder against the left facade of the house. Click on the ladder.

Ana walks to the ladder and stores the thing in inventory. 

Walk back to the front of the house and then on to the fountain. The fountain has 4 stone rings. On the 3rd stone ring of the fountain are symbols. 

Click on one of the stone rings on the left side of the fountain and.....

you go in the close-up of the left side of the fountain and see the circle with the symbols ......

Ana says that she also saw these symbols in the box where the purple glass tube lay. The hands of a clock lie on the middle ring of the fountain. 

Take the clock hands to store them in inventory. Get out of the close-up.  Now click, on the right side of the fountain, on the lower stone ring ...... 

Ana then sees that there are 3 gold coins on that lower ring and she puts these 3 coins in inventory .....

Ana wonders who put these gold coins on the fountain .... they were not there yesterday and there have been no visitors in ages. 

Walk back slightly to the left, so that Ana is standing between the house and the fountain. On the right side of the house is the greenhouse. In the air, above the greenhouse, there's  thunder and lightning.  Open the inventory and briefly click on the purple tube in the inventory so that Ana sees again that there's something is in the tube. Then drag the purple tube out inventory and then drag it up to the Thunder and Lightning and click the tube there and ...

Ana holds the tube up and waits for a lightning flash and ......the lightning flash shows that there is a key mold in the tube, so a mold to make a key.

Left click, in inventory again at the tube, where now the key is visible ...... Ana now also discovers that there is a small hole in the tube ....... Click a few more times on the tube ... Ana has to make the key, using the mold in the glass tube. Go back into the house through the front door ..... just left click on the front door and Ana goes back inside. Return to mamma by the fireplace and then walk through the gate to the

Portrait gallery:

Ana stops again because it is still too dark in the gallery. To the left of Ana is a small fragile table with the drawer open. Click on the table and .....

Ana takes a flashlight and a 15 amp fuse from the drawer of the table. 

Open the inventory. The center circle of the inventory is the place where you can combine items from inventory together. In the middle you see 2 circles, circle 1 and circle 2.

Now drag the batteries to circle 1 and drag the flashlight to circle 2 and ......... the batteries are put in the flashlight.

Close the inventory ...... Ana then has the burning flashlight in her hand ....Walk all the way to the other side of the gallery ....... 

While walking through the gallery you notice that there are buckets on the floor to catch the leakage water, and that there are 5 portraits paintings hanging on the wall. On the other side of the gallery are some toys and some furniture that are covered with rugs. Behind the covered desk there is a fuse box on the wall ..... Ana says that she must put a new fuse in the box ....... Take the fuse just found from inventory and click it on the fuse box and......

Ana puts the fuse in the box and ..... we have power and light. Ana will put away the flashlight automatically .... Ana no longer needs the flashlight, so you lost the flashlight but Ana has kept 1 battery. Now walk back through the gallery, but do not go through the gate to the dining room. There are 5 Eberling portraits on the wall.  

Click on each portrait to hear what Ana has to say about it. Start with the 1st portrait, of Thomas Eberling .....

You  see the portrait in close-up and Ana tells something about it ......

The first portrait is Thomas Eberling and here it strikes Ana that there is something new about it, that she has not seen before in this portrait. When you have seen all 5 portraits in close-up you know the following:

  • Thomas Eberling: 1818-1889. His greatest invention is the refractory mine lamp.

  • Edgar Eberling: 1847-1892. Traveled the world. Warned everywhere about the dangers of gas lighting and he died in a fire in a theater.

  • Konrad Eberling: 1878-1941. Edgar's son, but there was some doubt about it. Built Zeppelins and wrote the very first aerial map.  
    Konrad was killed during the 2nd World War when his zeppelin was shot from the sky.

  • Victor Eberling: 1936-1998: Son of Konrad. He was a surgeon but he choose for research into infectious diseases. 
    He became a smuggler and he went down with his ship.

  • Max Eberling: 1968 -.......?. Ana's father. No mention when he died. 
    Max disappeared without a trace 10 years ago and nobody knows whether he is still alive or dead.

When you have viewed all 5 portraits and heard Ana's commentary about it (You can click on each portrait several times to hear Ana say something new about the portraits), then Ana has the Portrait of Thomas Eberling in inventory. Left click in inventory on the Thomas Eberling portrait.  Ana finds that there are strange details in the painting such as: a violet mantle, a blue striped bird, a green book with a spiral and a red rose. 

Continue further to the right and then go through the narrow doorway to the

Study room:

A family photo is on the bare desk. On the left wall is a photo of Thomas Eberling at work. In the left corner more pictures are hanging on the wall and also the head of a stuffed moose. On the left is a small round table with a lamp with a lampshade on it. The rear wall and the right wall are crammed with books. Look at, so click on, all the photos to view them and to hear Ana's comments. In the "Thomas at work" photo you can see the machine that Thomas invented. In the other photos you see Thomas with a chess robot Max,  with a laser and Max with a blackboard.

When you have viewed all the photos, click on the lamp that is on the round table

Ana says that the lampshade is a bit scorched by the light bulb and she stores the lampshade in inventory. 

Walk to the right wall.  In the bookcase stand a grandfather clock ..... Move your cursor over the bookcase, to the left of the grandfather clock ...... you will get "Ladder rails" ......Take the ladder from inventory and place the ladder against the bookcase at the "ladder rails"

Then move your cursor up over the ladder and ...... you will get the "Massive Bookshelf" as a click place .

Take the Pepper Spirit from inventory and click it on the "Massive Bookshelf" spot and .....

Ana finds the "Pepper's Ghost Book" and puts this book in inventory. In inventory, left click on the "Pepper's Ghost Book" a few times to hear Ana tell something about it ... Ana then knows how the diorama works ..... but she still needs a light source. Click on the grandfather clock ...... Ana tells that the clock does not work and never worked because the clock has no hands. So take the Clock hands from inventory and click with it on the clock and .....

Ana places the hands on the clock and you will see the clock face in close-up ....

.it is a somewhat unusual clock because the dial has the digits 0 - 23. At the bottom there are 8 circles where a digit code must be entered, by clicking on the correct 8 digits on the dial .... but which 8 digits must you click? .... we don't know this yet.   So get out of the close-up and leave the office and return to the diorama in the hall.  


Click on the diorama box again to get close-up again. Take the purple lampshade from inventory and click the thing on the speaker .... the lampshade serves as an amplifier for the speaker. Take the battery from inventory and then click it on the 2 electric wires and then click the Power button and .....

Ana now gets to see a movie in the diorama of the spirit of Thomas Eberling who explains a few things ....

Thomas is talking about an "assistant" who is called Darwin. Thomas also talks about his secret laboratory, which must be somewhere in the caves beneath the house. To open the secret door to that lab, Ana must enter the correct numeric code on the dial of the grandfather clock, start at 0 o'clock. This code can be found in the "Fibonacci" book by "von Liber Abaci". Ana now receives the "Liber Abaci" book icon in inventory.

When the video is over, go out of the close-up and return to the:

Study room:

Ana must find that "Fibonacci" book in the bookcase on the right wall. 

Stand in front of the ladder again and then take the "Liber Abaci" icon from inventory and click it again on the "Massive bookshelf" spot and ......

Ana finds the book and she puts it in inventory. Click in inventory on this "Liber Abaci" book ...... in the book Ana reads how the "Fibonacci code" works .... and that goes as follows ....You must add up two previous numbers to find the next number ...... Thomas has said in the video that the you must start at 0 .... You can now calculate the code ..........the numeric code, according to the Fibonacci series, is.....

0 + 1 = 1
1 + 1 = 2
1 + 2 = 3
3 + 2 = 5
3 + 5 = 8
5 + 8 = 13

so the full number code is: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ......

close the inventory and left click on the grandfather clock again .... you will be in the close-up of the dial .... Now click in the dial on [the circles with the 8 digits of the code, to get these 8 digits at the bottom of the 8 circles .... so click on the digits: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and ......

once you have clicked on 13, you will automatically exit the close-up and hear Ana say that a secret door has been opened in the corner of the rear wall behind the seat. Walk to the left corner and ..... behind the chair there is now an opening in the bookcase that leads to the Grotto. 

Go through the opening and........ Ana ends up under the house in the:


Ana finds a generator and an elevator. The he doors of the elevator are closed and locked. You cannot click the lever of the elevator door. Click on the generator to hear what Ana has to say about it. The coal chute, through which the coal is transported into the generator, sticks out on the left side. At the top of the coal chute is the Coal chute switch, but that switch is much too high for Ana. Originally there was a chain on the switch but that chain has disappeared. Ana has to come up with something to be able to pull the switch of the coal chute.

In inventory, combine the coat hanger with the balloons to tie the coat hanger on the balloons.  

Then take the balloon / coat hanger combo from inventory and click it on the Coal chute switch and .......

The balloons rise and the coat hanger hooks on the switch, pulling it up and coal is rolling into the generator through the chute ......

..... the fire in the generator starts to burn harder, producing more steam and resulting in the elevator coming up. 

So click on the elevator doors again and .......Ana steps into the elevator and the elevator takes her further down to:

B: Thomas Eberling's Secret Laboratory:

There is a hatch in the floor in front of the elevator. The hatch is the entrance of the workshop . Do not click on that floor hatch yet. We first have a look around this lab. The lab has a deepened section, where all the equipment and lab tables are. In the corner, left of the elevator, is the entrance to a Escape Tunnel and there is also a filing cabinet but it only unpaid bills. ...... Let's just see where Ana comes as she goes through the escape tunnel ....Click in the escape tunnel and ........ Ana ends up in the front garden at the fountain ....

... we know this then ..... Click the Passage to Lab on the fountain to return to the lab via the escape tunnel. At the back of the lab is a telescope and the oven and there is also a large flywheel. Walk to the telescope and the oven. You can see that there is an iron cage. View the oven and the flywheel. You can't do anything with the telescope or with the hanging iron cage ......

On the edge of the lowered part is a letter from Thomas, the "Thomas 1863 note" . Read that letter ......

 you hear the voice of Thomas read the letter aloud ..... In the letter Thomas talks about one Elsi and a crystal that he found on a gledger, the same gledger where that Elsi lost her life. Ana wonders who that Elsi is, of witch Thomas is talking about in the letter. Click the letter away ..... the letter stays on the floor. 

Now walk into the deepened part and make sure that you can see all the work tables.

There is an old book on the small square table. View that old book .... "The Perils of Man" is the title of the book but the book contains only blank pages. Go out of the close-up. Next to the table where the old book is on, there are 2 more tables .... On the left table are dangerous chemicals and on the right table are lab stuff. View the dangerous chemical table and view the lab table .... When you click on the lab table you get in close-up ..... On the lab table is a wooden hammer and tongs and there is a melting pot and a Bunsen burner. Grab the hammer (Mallet), the Tongs and the white Crucible to store them in inventory.

Ana now can make the key in the key mold that is  in the purple tube. In inventory, combine the gold coins with the white crucible to put the coins in. Then combine the filled crucible with the Tongs. Close the inventory and click on the Bunsen burner to set it on now. Then take the crucible / tongs combo from inventory and click with it on the Bunsen burner flame and ......

 the gold coins are melted into liquid gold ..... Click the Bunsen burner again. Open the inventory and now combine the crucible with melted gold with the purple tube and ....... you get a Golden Key in the tube. Combine the purple tube with the mallet to smash the tube .... Ana then has the Golden Key . Get out of all close-ups and walk back to the floor hatch in front of the elevator. Now click on the floor hatch and ...... The hatch slides open and Ana goes down the stairs to the:


Continue to the workbench / table . On the left wall is a chess table with a chess board on it. At the chess table, the Chess Automaton is waiting for an opponent. On the workbench is a note from Edgar and the parts of Darwin , the robot bird that Thomas Eberling talked about in the diorama movie. First read the letter from Edgar, so click on "Edgar's 1874 note" ....... In the letter Edgar writes about an onyx and a crystal and a "Risk Atlas".   Click in close-up on the letter to put it back on the workbench and then click on the workbench to get into the close-up and ...... we now "meet" Darwin, the robot bird .   

Put Darwin together:

Bird Darwin is divided into parts .... You have to put Darwin back together. On the left are the Right leg, the Bird tail and a ineffective spring from Darwin. On the right are the Left leg and a micro maser Take both legs , the wooden tail , the spring and the micro maser. A keyhole is in Darwin's head. Take the golden key from inventory and put the key in the keyhole ........ Ana turns the key to bring Darwin to life but nothing happens ..... first Darwin's parts have to be put in Darwin. Take the wooden bird tail from inventory and click the tail, on the right side of Darwin, in the tailgate and ......

as soon as the tail is put into Darwin, he  turns around and a flap opens in Darwin's back. In inventory, combine the Small maser with the Ineffective spring

Take the Small maser / spring combo from inventory and put it in the hole and ..

Darwin comes up ..... So you see the back of Darwin so on the right is the connection for his left leg. 

So take the left leg from inventory and click the leg to Darwin. Then take the right leg from inventory and click it on the left side to Darwin .....

Then click on Darwin's Key) and ......

Ana turns the key again and ....... cut scene .....

Darwin is now coming to life ..... Darwin thinks Ana is his maker Thomas but Ana rectifies this ..... For Darwin, Ana is now "Not Thomas". 

Darwin asks if Ana wants her Risk Atlas and he then flies off to the Chess Automaton to make the first move on the chess board

Darwin is now the head of the chess robot and he expects Ana to make the "Bird's opening" move on the chessboard. 

In inventory you now have the "Bird's opening" icon. Click on the chessboard .... the chess game in unfinished. Ana does not know what the "Birds's opening" is so she needs more information about this. Go up the stairs to the lab and then back to the cave via the elevator. Back in the cave you continue to the right and then back up the stairs to the study room. 

Go stand at the ladder  again. Take the "Bird's opening" from inventory and click it again on the "Massive bookshelf" and .....

Ana finds a chess book and she stores it in inventory. So left click in inventory on that book (Bird's opening) and ..... white pawn to F4 is the move that Ana must make. Ok .... back to the cave and then through the elevator to the lab and then through the floor hatch back to the Workshop. Stand at the chess table and then take the "Bird's opening" from inventory and click it on the chess board and .......

Anna makes the move, white pawn to F4 and Darwin reacts with a counter move and ........ then a drawer slides open in the chess table and Ana automatically takes a pair of sunglasses , a micro-maser and a Risk atlas without a maser from the drawer. Darwin flies back to the desk and he now thinks Ana is Edgar ..... but it is Thomas Eberling who speaks to Ana through Darwin. ...... Darwin then sit  on the floor . Click on Darwin to continue speaking with Thomas Eberling, Go through all the categories and follow-up options that you get.

Listen carefully to what Thomas, through Darwin, tells Ana. 

The bottom line is that Thomas is stuck in the future in Zurich in the year 2033. Thomas ended up there by his son Edgar, who also took the Risk-Ocular away from him so that Thomas can no longer go back to his own time.   Apparently the mini transistor in Darwin reacts with the Tantalit crystal of Thomas. This happens when there are thunderstorms. This allows Thomas to talk to Ana through Darwin from the future. 

Thomas also explains what a Risk Atlas is and what it does ...... The Risk Atlas shows how the Universe ticks and predicts how likely it is that there will be a major disaster at some point. Thomas also says that Ana should look again in the "Perils of Man" book. The pages in that book are indeed written but can only be read by someone who is open to it. From now on Ana will always have to take Darwin with her wherever she goes.

When you have  discussed everything with Thomas, close the conversation. Then combine the "Risk atlas without maser" with the "maser" in inventory and ...... we have a Risk Atlas and it turns out to be some kind of glasses. From now on, Darwin will happily hop after Ana, wherever Ana goes. Thomas has said that Ana should go and see that "Perils of Man" book again, so go back up the stairs .... Darwin will follow Ana. Back up in the lab you walk back into the deepened part.  

Stand in front of the "Perils of Man" book and open the inventory and take out the Risk Atlas glasses and click on the book with it and .......

Ana puts on the glasses and ...... The book now opens on 2 pages .... they are the pages of the year 1973 and on this Ana sees the Aladon Theater in London ..... 

That theater was completely destroyed in 1973 by a fire and many people died in it ...... you can see that theater on the right page ...

Click on the theater ...... Anna then reads the text aloud at the theater .....

Left click, on the right page,  again on the Aladon theater but now hold down your mouse button ..... a curved dotted line will appear that you can rotate and stretch out by turning and dragging your mouse .....Move the dotted line to the top of the left page and ...... A "Vortex" will appear there . ..... make sure that the end of your dotted line falls exactly into the "Vortex" and then release your mouse button and .... 

Ana and Darwin fall through the Vortex and go back in time ..... 

Ana and Darwin end up in:

Chapter 2: London: The Aladon Theater 1873: 

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot