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The Treasured Medallion is a FREE Adventure Game. You can download an updated version HERE from the AGS site

You do not have to install the game via an Install or Setup. After downloading the Zip files, unzip them and you can play immediately. The game is amazingly long. You won't be done with it in just a few hours. On the contrary ..... the game offers you many hours of gameplay and fun.

You are Debbie Johnston, a young girl of about 20 years. While diving for shells, Debbie finds an old Medallion. Finding the Medallion is the beginning of an adventure in which Debbie Johnston goes in search of a hidden treasure.
The Game was conceived, designed and made by Anne Hemenway and she used the AGS Game software for this. 

The Treasured Medallion is a point and click adventure game, and it is a game of considerable length that you are not simply finished with. There are no spoken dialogues in the game, so no voices. Talking in the game is only possible through texts. The game is English and you can save and load as much and whenever you want. The Game Manuel explains how you control the game and which cursors are available in the game. I assume that you also read through Game Manuel, because in the walkthrough I pay no further attention to the game's controls. When you start the game, the start screen appears. 

click on New Game to start the game. Through the Set-Up button you can set some game options to your own preference.


1980......We are on board the ship The Light Star of Manuel Cantez. The barge has ended up in a raging storm and is about to perish with man and mouse. The only 2 people left on board are Manuel Cantez and his wife Elena.  With all his might Manuel tries to keep the ship a float and on course, but then he realizes that there is no saving anymore.

Manuel has a secret, a secret that he has never told his wife Elena. But now that the end is near, Manuel feels the need to share his secret with his wife. Manuel is wearing a Golden Medallion around his neck and when Elena joins him he starts telling her the Secret of the Golden Medallion. But a tidal wave washes over the barge and takes Manuel to the infinite depth of the ocean. We end up in our time.

Part 1: The Florida Coast

A: Scuba diving:

Two sisters, Debbie and Rachel Johnston are going to scuba dive for beautiful shells for Debbie's shell collection. So you are Debbie Johnston, the girl with the green swimming flippers. Debbie's older sister Rachel wears yellow flippers. The sisters dive into the water and we are then underwater. Debbie is happy that she has her notebook with her. 

Click away the text box with your left mouse.

Just move your cursor up, to the top edge of your screen. The Game bar will then appears

The game bar has the various cursors that you can use in the game. However, you can also switch between the different cursors by right-clicking. That is easier than to do it through the Game bar. The suitcase is your inventory and you go to the main menu screen through the gear wheels. You will also find Debbie's Notebook in the Game bar. Click on the notebook to open it. The notebook has various "Tabs" in different colors. Debbie will record her progress and the tasks she must do in this Notebook. Close the booklet again to return to the game.

So you control Debbie. Move the cursor to the bottom of the screen. The cursor automatically becomes a white arrow. If you double-click with a white arrow, you immediately end up on the next screen. If you do not double-click, but if you do a single click, you will see Debbie swim to the next screen, or walk when she is above water. Left click or Double click to swim down one screen. Debbie and Rachel have then arrived at the bottom of the sea.

You can go left, right or back up. Swim one screen to the left. You then see a Conch shell lying behind a shrub of purple coral. The shell is in front of the entrance of a cave. Debbie is looking for beautiful shells, so change the cursor in the magnifying cursor and click with it on the Conch Shell. Debbie finds this a beautiful shell that she want in her shell collection.

Left click again to make the text box disappear. Change the cursor in the Hand cursor and then click on the Conch again to grab the shell and .......

A dangerous crab comes out of the cave and that crab does not want Debbie to grab the shell.

The crab growls and snarls at Debbie and then disappears back into the cave. Every time Debbie wants to grab the shell, the crab will come out of the cave again to prevent Debbie from grabbing the shell. If Debbie really wants that shell, she will have to come up with a plan to keep that crab in the cave.  Swim 2 screens back to the right. There are 2 wooden planks on the bottom. 1 of the boards leans against a rock and the second board lies in the sand. At the bottom right is a green Plant.

View both boards with the magnifying cursor. The plank that lies against the rock is longer than the plank that lies in the sand. Change the cursor to the Hand Cursor again and click on the board that leans against the rock. Debbie then takes that plank and puts it in the inventory. View the green plant with your magnifying cursor. Debbie notices that there is an object under the green plant. Click with the hand cursor on the green plant and ..... Debbie finds a Medallion. Get the medallion.

Open the inventory and pick up the magnifying cursor and click it on the Medallion. 

Debbie wonders if the Medallion was from someone from the Light Star. 

Click on the Hand and then click on the Medallion with the Hand to open the Medallion.

2 small photos are placed in the Medallion. They are the photos of a young woman and a young man. Click with the magnifier to look at the photos.

Debbie wonders who this young woman and young man are and if they have any connection with the sunken Light Star. Click at the bottom of the screen with the white arrow to return to the game. Go another screen to the right. Debbie ends up at the wreck of the Light Star. There is a big dark hole in the hull of the Light Star and Debbie really has no intention of going into the wreck. At the bottom left is a small board and at the bottom right there are 2 round rocks. View the Board

Debbie thinks it's a piece of wreckage from the Light Star. Take the board

View those 2 rocks and then click on them with the Hand. You have to do this on both rocks. 

Debbie finds nothing under the larger rock, but under the small rock she finds a few old coins. Take the coins.

Debbie reports that Old Bill may know what kind of coins they are. View the 2 coins in inventory. They turn out to be Golden Coins. Go 3 screens back to the left, so to the Conch that is in front of the entrance to the Crab Cave. Swim on to the cave entrance. Debbie really wants that conch, but she knows that if she tries to get it, then that dangerous Crab comes out of the cave to "tickle" her with his sharp scissors.

Open the inventory case. Debbie now has the large plank and the small plank in inventory. Click on the With arrow and then click on the small board to grab the small board. Your cursor is now the small board. Click OK to close the inventory screen. Click with the small board on the cave (Small cave) to close the entrance to the cave ...... but ..... Debbie reports that the board is too small .. You are now loosing the small board lost again. So take the other board from inventory and then click on the entrance to the cave and ..... the large plank is large enough to close the cave. The crab can no longer leave the cave, so change the cursor to the Hand Cursor again and finally grab that damn Conch

Swim 1 screen back to the right and then go 2 screens up and .....Debbie and Rachel climb back aboard the motorboat to be sailed back to town.

A conversation between Debbie and Rachel follows on board the motorboat. The Conversation Options appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on the conversation options to start the conversation. You can make the conversations go faster by clicking with your left mouse button. Debbie shows Rachel the Medallion she has found. Rachel advises Debbie to show the Medallion to Old Bill. Romero then reports that they have reached the port and we end up on the pier.

B: In the city:

Rachel agrees to meet up with Debbie again at Old Bill, but first of course there has to be a change of clothes

Get on the motorboat again, so walk to the right. Behind Debbie's but you can just see a table sticking out. Click on the table with the magnifying cursor. You will then see the table in close-up. The key to Debbie's and Rachel's motel room is on the table. View the key with your magnifying glass and left click to find out that Debbie and Rachel have room 5 at The DewDrop Inn motel. Take the room 5 key

Step back through the bottom of the screen and then get out of the motorboat, through the slot in the left edge of the boat. Debbie is back on the jetty. Continue to the left and then walk down the stairs from the jetty to the beach. Debbie then stands on the beach and with a few seagulls fighting over the loot.

Walk through the bottom left immediately a screen to the left and ...... Debbie now walks up the stairs to the jetty again.

When you reach the top you walk straight ahead. Debbie is then at Bob's Fishing Shop, "Bob's Bait and Tackle"

Bob is in his fishing shop. View Bob. Debbie likes Bob but she says that he ha s also a nasty gland (he is very cute. Too bad he's such a jerk). To the right of the hut is a white table. On the white table is a lump of cheese. View that lump of cheese. Debbie reports that it is quite smelly cheese. Take the lump of cheese

Walk back one screen to the left and then back down the stairs to the beach via the bottom of the screen. Two seagulls (Seagulls) are fighting for a herringbone. Click with your hand on the 2 seagulls and ...... the seagulls fly away but leave the herringbone behind. Take the fishbone . View the fishbone in inventory, 

Go down one screen via the bottom of the screen. Debbie is then off the beach and is standing on the sidewalk. 

Go down one more screen and ..... Debbie will be at the Motel

DewDrop Inn Motel:

Debbie and Rachel are staying in room 5 of this motel and Debbie is already right in front of room 5. There is probably a man on the right, under the "Vacancy" sign, dressed entirely in black. Walk through to the room 5 door. Take the Room 5 key from inventory and click it on door 5 and ... 

Debbie enters: Walk straight to the bathroom. Debbie freshens up and changes her clothes and then comes out of the bathroom, dressed in a blue dress.

Go down 2 screens. Debbie is again in front of the motel on the street. Go one screen to the right. Debbie is then at the reception / office of the motel. To the right is the playground where children are playing. There is a newspaper vending machine in front of the reception. Enter the reception. 

No one is present at the reception. On the table is a coffee maker, a bowl of cookies and a bowl of fruit. There are computers on the reception desk and a TV in the corner. There is a letterbox in front of the reception desk. View everything. Take a cookie from the cookie bowl and grab a banana from the fruit bowl. 

Go back through the bottom of the screen. There is a lamppost on the sidewalk in front of the playground. Just before the lamppost is a sewer drain in the curb. Click twice with your hand in the drain and .... The first time Debbie fishes something nasty out of the drain but the second time she takes a Creepy Clown Coin (Token) out of the drain

Go 3 screens to the left. Debbie ends up at the corner and at the restaurant. Debbie and Rachel have a dinner date with Old Bill at this restaurant.

Don't go inside because it's too early. Walk one more screen to the left and .... Debbie will be at  Bill's Bookstore:

Bill's Bookstore:

A guy in black clothes is leaning against a lamppost around the corner....is he stalking Debbie?.

Go inside. Rachel is talking to Old Bill in the back corner.

Old Bill is the owner of the bookstore and a friend of Rachel and Debbie. Old Bill knows a lot about the local history. Walk on to Rachel and Old Bill. Debbie takes a seat with Rachel and Old Bill to get involved in the conversation. Use the only option you get and ......

Debbie tells Old Bill about the wreck of the Light Star and she also shows him the Medallion she found at the bottom of the sea. Old Bill has seen the young woman and the young man whose photos are in the Medallion before and he remembers that a few years ago the newspapers were full of a ship called Light Star. Old Bill still has those old newspapers somewhere in his bookstore, but he no longer knows where. Debbie has to go look for those newspapers himself.

The conversation will then automatically end. Go down one screen. Then view the first bookcase. You are then in the close-up of the first bookcase. 

There is a red book in this bookcase. View the red book. It is the "Maps of the World" book. Take the red book.

Step backwards On the right edge of the screen is a bookcase in which, on the second shelf from below, there is a newspaper.

Take that newspaper. Debbie reports that it is one of the old newspapers that Old Bill was talking about.

View the newspaper in inventory: "This is the first newspaper that tells about Manuel and the statue," Debbie then tells you.

Click with the magnifier to read the newspaper article. Click on the newspaper article to read it in close-up.

You read an article in the "Florida News" of Tuesday, March 5, 1980. The article tells about an Egyptian artifact stolen from the Brazilian Museum. It is a golden Anubis figurine and the value is estimated at more than a million dollars. Detective Alfonse Noriez tells that an employee of the museum, one Manuel Cantez, is suspected of the theft. It is suspected that Manuel has on his ship the Light Star and that the statue is hidden on that ship.

When you have read the article, you step back. Go one screen to the right. Debbie is then among the last bookcases. View, with your magnifying glass, the books in the left bookcase. That is bookcase 1 and bookcase 2. Click with your magnifying glass in all compartments of these 2 bookcases. In 1 of the shelves of these 2 bookcases, Debbie then finds a book with the title: "The Moment I killed You" written by Mama Derringer. This is a book that Debbie has not yet read. Click again on the shelf where the "the Moment I killed You" book can be found and ...... Debbie finds the 2nd old newspaper with the continuation of the story about the theft of the Anubis statue. 

Debbie automatically puts the newspaper in inventory. So open the inventory and click on the 2nd newspaper by hand and read the article.

You read that Manuel Cantez's wife, Elena, and his son have been rescued by the US Coast Guard. Manuel had fled from Brazil with Elena and his son, but the barge was wrecked in a violent storm and Manuel Cantez was thrown overboard and drowned. Elena and her son survived the disaster. Elena has stated that she knew nothing about the theft of the statue and she also stated that the statue was not on board the Light Star. Elena also couldn't tell where Manuel hid the statue. The police had no choice but to let Elena go.

When you have completely read the newspaper article, you step back. The entire right wall is occupied by bookcases. If you start from the front then these are the bookshelves 5 to 10. Click with your magnifying glass in each compartment of the bookshelves 5 to 10. Always make sure that the number of the bookcase appears above your magnifying glass and then click in the boxes . You really have to click in every box of all bookcases. In 1 of the shelves of bookcase 8, Debbie finds a book that she says is interesting and that she wants to take a closer look.

Click with your hand again in that shelf and ..... Debbie takes the "Animals of the Tropics" book written by Anne Marino. Click a few times with your left mouse. Debbie then reads a few pages in the book and then puts the book away. But ..... there was a page loose in the book and that loose page is now on the floor.  Pick up the book page from the floor. 

Debbie stores the book page in inventory. So read the book page in inventory. 

You read about a tropical TUKI TUKI bird, a bird that can only be found on Alethia island. The bird is green / yellow and can therefore hide in the green / yellow landscape of the island.

Click the down arrow when you have read the article. Dive the inventory back in and scroll up the Medallion in inventory. The Medallion is still open in inventory. Click on the Medallion again by hand to view the weather in close-up. Then click again with your magnifying glass on the photo of Elena. Debbie now knows that the 2 photos in the Medallion are the photos of Elena Cantez and her son and ... she notices that there is something strange about the brace that holds the chain to the medallion. Change the cursor in the hand cursor and then click on the bracket. Do that twice and .... the right part of the medallion now opens again and ..... there is a paper hidden under the photo of Elena's son.

Take the paper from the medallion. Close the close-up screen via the down arrow at the bottom of the screen. Dive back into the inventory and look for the piece of paper that you have just taken from the medallion. Then click on the paper with the hand cursor. It appears to be a note. Click on the note with the hand cursor to read it. 

It's a note from Manuel Cantez, it's pretty much his "Testament". You read that Manuel has made a map on which he has indicated the exact location of the place where he has hidden the Anubis statue. However, Manuel has cut his card into 4 pieces. Manuel has hidden every bit of the map on a different island. So there are 4 islands and on each island, Manuel has hidden a piece of the map. In the letter, Manuel also mentions the Tuki Tuki bird.

Debbie now knows that the search for the Anubis statue can best start on the Alethia island, the island where the Tuki Tuki bird occurs. 

Click the down arrow to exit the close-up screen again.

Note: It is important that you have all newspaper articles, notes and book pages in inventory and that you've read them through. If you have skipped something or have not read it completely, you will be irrevocably get stuck in the game later on. So dive back into the inventory and now read all articles, notes and books at your leisure. So those are the 2 newspapers, the Tuki Tuki page from the book and the note from Manuel Cantez. In the 2nd newspaper article of March 19, 1980, also read the "Citizens up in arms about new leash law" and also the weather report.

When you have read everything then you go back to the right and back to sister Rachel and Old Bill.

Debbie takes a seat on the couch again to talk to Bill again. Use all the talk options that you get here. Do not skip any call option.

Debbie tells Bill and Rachel what she has read in the 2 newspaper articles about Manuel Cantez, the golden Anubis statue and the Light Star. Debbie shows the letter from Manuel Cantez, which she found in the medallion. Debbie wants to look for the stolen Anubis statue, but Rachel has her doubts. Debbie thinks the island of Alethia, where the Tuki Tuki bird lives, is a good starting point to start the search, but she has no idea where that island is. Bill refers Debbie to a Jobo. Jobo can be found on the beach and he seems to have come from the island group to which Alethia also belonged. Debbie is determined to start her search for the Anubis statue, but Rachel clearly has no desire to embark on such an adventure. Debbie agrees to meet Rachel and Bill again in the restaurant for their dinner date.

Leave Bill's bookstore, via 2 times bottom screen. Again outside on the street you go one screen to the left. We end up at the "Nothing But Dolls" puppet shop. There is an alley between the bookstore and the puppet shop. Walk into the alley. At the back of the alley is a stuffed garbage container with a Doll sticking out between the full garbage bags. 

View the Doll and then take the Doll. To do this, you have to click on the doll twice with your hand because initially Debbie doesn't feel like fishing for the doll among all the filthy dirt. To the right is a beautiful, full Oak tree. A squirrel moves over the lower branch of the oak. Click on the Oak tree with the hand and ..... Debbie breaks a thin branch off the tree and puts the branch in inventory. 

Walk back down to the street, and then walk back one screen to the right to the bookstore. Cross the street at the bookstore, so go down one screen in front of the bookstore. Across the street from Bill's Bookstore, Debbie lands at "Dan's Sporting Goods & More" sports supplies shop and "The Sands Bar".

A note is stuck on the door of the sports store. Try to enter the sports store. The sports store is closed, but the note on the door says that the shopkeeper will be back in 5 minutes. But Debbie does not believe this and she hopes to find someone who knows where the manager of the sports store is. 

Step back. An older woman is reading a book in front of the Sand Bar. Change the cursor in the mouth and click on the book-reading woman to talk to her. 

The woman introduces herself as C.C and she tells that Dan, the manager of the sports shop, is fishing on the pier for an elusive fish. According to C.C, it is unlikely that Dan will return soon. Here, too, there is a drain in the curb near the lamppost. Click with hand on the drain and ...... Debbie fishes a 20 dollar bill from this drain. Click on the floor drain and .... Debbie fishes an unused Condom out of the drain and she decides to keep the Condom also .... 

Go a screen to right and .... Debbie ends up at the:

Black Cat Fireworks store:

Here too, there is a drain in the curb, so see if Debbie knows how to fish something from the drain. 

Debbie fishes a nice wine bottle from this drain, which is shaped like a lamp from the 1001 night fairy tale. 

Walk into the alley, to the left of the fireworks stand. The wooden fence is painted red and there is a box and a can of red paint and a paint tray with a paint roller. Click with your hand on the box  and .... Debbie takes a rubber candle from the box. Take the rubber candle from inventory and click with it on the can of red paint to paint the candle red.

Walk back to the right, to the manager of the fireworks shop. Take the 20 dollar bill from inventory and click with it on the manager and ...... Debbie asks what she can buy for her 20 dollars in fireworks and that turns out to be a Roman Candle. Debbie decides to buy the Roman Candle. So there are 4 red Roman Candles on the right of the counter. Take a Roman Candle (Firework).

Debbie now has to go back to the beach and the pier to find Jobo and also to persuade the manager of the sports store to return to his store. Walk down one screen and then one screen to the left. Debbie is then back at the Bar and Sports Shop. Go one more screen to the left and ..... Debbie is then back at the :


A girl is sunbathing here on the beach. Walk onto the beach and then go one screen to the left and ...............

A guy is sunbathing in a beach chair and this is the Jobo that Old Bill was talking about. Talk to Jobo. Jobo wants to tell Debbie everything about the island of Alethia, but Jobo is thirsty and is only willing to tell something if Debbie first provides him with a "Seaside Berry Wamba" drink. Well .... where could Debbie get such a drink for Jobo? Right .... in the Sand Bar. So go 1 screen back to the right, then 1 screen down and then 1 screen to the right and ...... Debbie is back at the Sports Shop and the Sand Bar. Now enter the Sand Bar.

Sand Bar:

The Sand Bar aims to maintain an image of a raw Wild West cowboy saloon. Unfortunately that doesn't work. Talk to the bartender behind the bar counter. After the introductory courtesies you can ask the bartender about his clientele, but why would Debbie be interested in that? So ask right away: "Would it be possible for you to make a certain drink?".

The man then asks which drink he can make for Debbie and Debbie then says that it must be the "Seaside Berry Wamba". Unfortunately ..... the guy does not have the right ingredients to mix a "Seaside Berry Wamba". However, if Debbie can deliver the ingredients, bartenders will lovingly mix the drink for her. Bargoof then lists the ingredients needed for a Seaside Berry Wamba and that are: Seaweed, an Acorn and Blackberries.

Go down 2 screens to end up on the street again. We're close to the beach anyway, so let's start looking for Seaweed. Go another screen to the left and walk back onto the beach, to the girl who is sunbathing on the beach. To the right of this screen are a few rocks on top of one of the rocks, a bunch of Seaweed (Seaweed).

Try to get the Seaweed, but unfortunately .... Debbie can't reach it. Take the Branch, which you have previously taken from the Oak Tree, from inventory and then click with the branch on the seaweed and .... with the help of the branch Debbie manages to get the seaweed. 

Now to get an acorn. There is an oak tree in the alley, between Bill's bookstore and the doll's shop, so there are probably acorns there. Walk down 2 screens. Debbie is then back at the restaurant. Go 2 screens to the left and Debbie is back at the alley between the doll's shop and Bill's bookstore. Walk back into the alley. In the right corner is a heap of leaves that have been shaken by the squirrel of the tree because the squirrel always picks an acorn from the tree. Click with your hand in / on the heap of leaves and ....... Debbie fishes an Acorn  from the heap of leaves.

You can also find some Blackberries because a blackberry bush grows in front of the oak tree. Click with your hand on the Blackberries and ....

Debbie picks a few Blackberries from the bush. 

Now that we have all the ingredients we go back to the Sand Bar. So walk down, to the right and down again and we are back at the:

Sand Bar:

Go back inside and talk to Barremans again and say, "I've got all the items for the drink" and ...

The bartender does what he was hired for, namely the mixed of a Seaside Berry Wamba. Barman puts the drink on the bar.

Debbie does not have to pay because the drink is on Jobo's account. Grab the Seaside Berry Wamba and head back to the beach and to Jobo. 

Talk to Jobo again and say that you have the drink and of course Debbie will give the drink to Jobo and Debbie will now tell everything about the Alethia island. 

Use all the questions here to miss important information. During his story, Jobo gives Debbie a small statue. The statue will protect Debbie, according to Jobo, against the Black Magic, which, according to Jobo, is practiced on the islands.  Walk back to the right and down again 2 screens. Debbie is back at the restaurant on the corner of the street. Go inside now.


Debbie reports that she is too early for dinner with Uncle Bill and Rachel. View the front table, which is on the left side of the wall. Debbie then goes straight to the table. Move the cursor over the table to read what cutlery there is on the table. There is, among other things, a pair of Tongs on the table. 

View the Tongs. It's meant to grab lettuce with. Debbie thinks the tongs look like a big tweezers. Take the Tongs because Debbie can use this tongs as a tweezers

Leave the restaurant again and return to the:

Beach / Jetty:

Walk up the beach again and then 3 screens to the left and .... Debbie walks up the stairs to the Jetty again.

Dan, the owner of the Sports Shop, is fishing at the end of the pier. So walk on to Dan. Talk to Dan.

Debbie asks Then whether he wants to open his store again, but Dan doesn't worry about it. First Dan wants to catch that damn big fish because he wants to be crowned as the best angler of the year. Walk one screen back down to Bob's fishing shop (Bob's Bait & Tackle). Talk to Bob and ask: "I was wondering if you could help me?"

Debbie asks Bob how she can make sure Dan catches that damn fish. Bob says that his uncle, who actually owns this sales shack, has a special bait to catch that big fish with (Lucky Lure). Debbie can get the Lucky Lure but then she first has to catch some worms for beautiful Bobbie. Bob then gives Debbie a Shovel to dig out the worms with it. Ask further: "Do you happen to know where I could find some worms?", But Bobbie doesn't know that either. To the right of the sales cabin is a stack of buckets (pails). Grab a bucket.

Go back one screen to the left and then one screen down and Debbie lands on the beach again, where she previously stole the herringbone from the 2 seagulls. Walk down 2 screens and we are back at the Motel. Go one screen to the right, to the reception / office of the motel. Right next to the motel is the playground. There is a picnic table, a merry-go-round, a swing and a climbing frame on the playground. Just before the picnic table is a filthy spot (Dirt) in the grass. View that Filthy spot (Dirt) with the magnifying cursor.

Then take the Shovel from inventory and click it on the filthy place (Dirt) and ..... 

Debbie digs a hole.

Click 3 times with the hand cursor in the hole that Debbie dug. Every time Debbie takes a earthworm out of the hole, so that you have finally caught 3 worms. Dive into the inventory. In inventory you pick up a worm and then you click the worm on the bucket and .... Debbie automatically puts all 3 worms in the bucket. 

Walk back to the left and then down and then walk back to the beach. Turn left again to end up on the jetty via the stairs. Walk on to Bob and talk to Bob again and say "I got your worms". 

Debbie will of course give Bob the worms and in return she will receive the Lucky Lure. Walk to the right, to Dan. 

Take the Lucky Lure from inventory and click it on the fishing Dan and ..... say "Dan" and ....... 

Debbie gives the Lucky Lure to Dan to catch the big fish with it. Walk back to Bob and ..... You will see that Dan has caught the fish and is now returning to his store.

So go back to Dan's Sports Store. So first back to the beach and then  to the right.

Back at the Sports Shop and the Sand Bar you can see that the Sports Shop is open again, so go inside now:

Dan's Sports Store:

A conversation with Dan follows, who is very grateful to Debbie for ensuring that he was able to catch that big fish. As a thank you, Debbie can take all the things she needs from Dan's shop. On the wall is the large cupboard containing the things Dan sells. To the right is a green tent. 

Take the tent. Take the following items from the cupboard: Compass, Flashlights, the 2 Bedrolls, 1 for Debbie and 1 for Rachel, a small Knife and a Rope.


Leave the store when you have packed all your belongings. Cross the street immediately. Debbie is back at the bookstore. Walk to the right, to the restaurant and enter the restaurant again. In the restaurant you walk a screen to the right and .... talk to the restaurant receptionist and say "We have a reservation under the name of Johnson" and the receptionist confirms the reservation.

Step back. There is a chewing gum ball machine near the gray wall. View the chewing gum ball machine. Debbie reports that the thing takes Tokens from the Creepy Clown Arcade. So take the Creepy Clown Coin from inventory and click it on the bubble gum ball machine and then take the red bubble gum ball from the device.

It is a Gator chewing gum ball that Debbie takes out of the vending machine and that happens to be her favorite chewing gum ball. Debbie reports that the restaurant is being prepared to receive the dinner guests. Leave the restaurant but immediately go back in and ...... Uncle Bill and Rachel have also arrived because it is time to have dinner ..... the game will now continue automatically.

Debbie, Rachel and Bill enjoy the meal while Debbie unfolded her plans. Rachel, however, scrambles back ..... Rachel will not accompany Debbie on her search for the Anubis statue. The next morning, Bill and Rachel say goodbye to Debbie, who drives the motorboat through Romero, leaves for Alethia.

After an emotional goodbye and a long sea voyage we end up in:

Part 2: Debbie on the Islands:

2010: Original Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

2019: This English translation by: Louis Koot