2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot  

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The Book of Unwritten Game is a serie of 3 games.

 There is the prequel game The Book of Unwritten Tales The Critter Chronicles, 

then there is The Book of Unwritten Tales 1 and then the sequel game The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. 

This walkthrough is for The Book of Unwritten Tales 1.

A war is brewing in Aventásia. During the eternal struggle of the Alliance of Free Races against the Army of Shadows, an aged gremlin archaeologist Mortimer MacGuffin discovers the secret repository that houses a legendary artifact! Knowing that this ancient treasure could turn the tide of war, the Army of Shadows sends their best agents to seize it. At the same time four unlikely heroes from the Alliance are drawn into the crisis: a cute gnome Wilbur, a stunningly attractive wood elf princess Ivo, and a brash pirate Nate with his furry companion, the mysterious Critter.


We meet the old Gremlin MacGuffin, archaeologist by profession. MacGuffin sits in his study and writes in his diary. For as long as old MacGuffin can remember, his country has been at war with the Shadow Army. No one knows anymore how and why that war started, but it continues even now. But now old MacGuffin has made an important discovery ....... In an old book he has found something that could put an end to the war. Immediately realizing the importance of his discovery, MacGuffin sent Beetle, his sidekick to the Archmage to tell him the news. 

While MacGuffin is writing in his diary, he suddenly thinks he hears something. MacGuffin turns around but sees nothing. 

Still, MacGuffin takes a book and he throws the book into the room and.........by the book, Munkus, the son of Archwitch Mortroga, materializes in the room.

Munkus and Mortroga are the enemies of the land and Munkus apparently learned of MacGuffin's discovery and wants to know more about it. 

Because MacGuffin refuses to tell anything, he is captured and taken outside. We then get outside and meet the lovely Wood Elf Ivo ........ 

Given the rather airy clothing of Ivo, it seems to me to be a warm country where we have ended up....

Ivo then sees MacGuffin being put on a dragon and taken away.

 Ivo decides to help MacGuffin and she also jumps on the dragon and you get control over Ivo

Chapter 1A: The Proloques part 1                Chapter 1B: The Proloques part 2

Chapter 2A: Seastone City part 1                  Chapter 2B: Seastone City part 2

Chapter 3A: The Sunken Temple part 1      Chapter 3B: The Sunken Temple part 2

Chapter 4A: The Wild Lands part 1              Chapter 4B: The Wild Lands part 2

Chapter 4C: The Wild Lands part 3              Chapter 5: The Wild Lands part 4

Chapter 6: The Wild Lands part 5: Back in Time and Ending

2023: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot