2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Ultreia is a point and click adventure game. It's a STEAM game. You control the game entirely with your computer mouse.

There are a few game Options that you can adjust to your own preference

You are Nymo and you are a little robot. 

Your best friend, whom you consider to be  your father, has been murdered and you are out for revenge. You want to kill the killer.

 A supernatural being tells you to travel to the planet Ultreia because there you will find the answers to your philosophical questions.

You control the game with your computer mouse. Left click on objects to get an eye, hand or talk icon. 

Through the Eye icon Nymo then looks at the object and tells something about it. With the Hand icon you take the object to store it in the inventory. You can talk to other people via the talk icon. In conversations you usually get several dialogue options and you use them all until you repeat yourself. 

You open the inventory with your mouse wheel. Mouse wheel up is inventory open, mouse wheel down is inventory close. In inventory you can also combine items with each other and you will certainly have to do this a number of times. If you need to use an item from inventory in the game, open the inventory. In inventory you then left click on the item so that you pick it up, then you close the inventory with your mouse wheel. The item is then stuck to your cursor. Now drag the item to the place where you need to use it and then click on the spot with the item.

Pressing the Escape key open up the menu where you can Save, Load and leave the game. 

You can save yourself at any time in the game but there are only a limited number of Save Slots, so if you save often you will have to reuse previous Save Slots at some point. 

The game also makes an Auto-Save every time you do something important or when you reach a new area. 

Use the Spacebar to make all so-called Hotspots visible in your game screen

Because Ultreia is a STEAM game you can earn achievements in the game. You earn those stupid STEAM achievements by doing certain stupid actions that are not important for the game. These achievements and those things you have to do are so childish that I won't mention them in the walkthrough. I don't like the weird stuff with those Steam achievements in my games at all

I've already played through the game once and found that the graphic quality is quite dark, but that could also be due to the settings of my state of the art video card. But because it all looks a bit dark, I'm forced to make the screenshots a bit bri
ghter, otherwise you won't be able to recognize much on them. Okay.....the game starts with a.......


Nymo stands at the grave of his murdered friend and swears that he will avenge his friend.

Then Nymo hears the voice of a supernatural being who tells him to travel to the planet Ultreia because there he will get the answers to all his philosophical questions.

Nymo says goodbye to his murdered friend one more time and when that has happened, move Nymo to the right and ......

......Nymo sees the planet Ultreia in the sky and he pauses to look at  the planet

Nymo needs a spaceship to get to Ultreia and he thinks he can find such a spaceship at Mount St-Troy 

Nymo will then walk on by himself and ...... after the loading Nymo has reached the bridge. The game now asks if you need a little help in the form of a tutorial. It's up to you whether you want the tutorial or not, but this is basically a standard point and click game so why waste time with a tutorial?

Unfortunately Nymo can't cross the bridge because there is a gaping hole / pit in the plank bridge. Nymo will have to repair the bridge first. Fortunately there is a plank and some branches on the ground in front of the bridge. First look at the pit, the branches and the plank with your eye and then grab the plank and the branches with your hand.

The plank and the branches disappear to the inventory. Open the inventory. The plank is broken and you need to fix it. Combine the branches with the plank in inventory to repair the plank. Then pick up the repaired plank and close the inventory via your mouse wheel. Then click with the plank on the pit in the bridge to repair the bridge with the plank

........after a few more comments from Nymo automatically crosses the bridge and after the loading we have arrived in ........

Part 1: On route to Mount St-Troy

A: Motel:

On the hill in front of the motel, Nymo pauses to enjoy the view of Mount St-Troy, then he continues to the motel's front door.

Just in front of the hotel entrance is a bunch of mushrooms. 

Look at the mushrooms with your eye and then pick them with your hand......they are sleep-inducing mushrooms

Enter the motel and take a look around first. The bartender / motel owner is behind the bar counter. On the left a nervous looking guy sits at the  frond table and a drunken guy sits at the rear table. Between that nervous guy and the drunk guy you can go to the toilets and at the back is the exit to go outside. In the upper right corner is the stairs to the upper floor where the rooms are and there is also the kitchen in that corner

Go talk with the bartender and use all the conversation options that you get

The bartender tells that this motel is actually an old spaceship. The bartender also tells that Nymo has to visit the gypsies, who are camping right next to the motel, because those gypsies will travel  to the Mount St-Troy town tomorrow. Order a whiskey, but Nymo doesn't get whiskey but a glass of orange juice. Nymo drinks it right away and decides to keep the ice cubes the little umbrella and the straw

When you're done talking to the bartender, go talk to the nervous guy, sitting at the front table.

The nervous guy needs someone to help him so he asks Nymo for his help. 

Well.... Nymo is curious so ask why the guy needs help and then listen to what the guy says. 

The guy says that he is keeping an eye on that drunk guy because it is suspected that the drunk guy has hidden a stash of Popaine in his motel room. Popaine is a halicin flower and it is forbidden for consumption. That drunk guy spends the night here at the hotel and Nymo has to go into his room to get that Popaine. The nervous guy will pay Nymo for this. Use all other conversation options and then exit the conversation

If you try to enter the kitchen or go up the stairs, the bartender yells that Nymo is not allowed.  

Try to talk with the drunk guy, but that guy doesn't want to talk. 

On the table of the drunk guy lies a key and stand the drinking glass of the drunk guy. 

Look at that key, it's the key of the room of the drunk guy. Try to take the key, but the drunk guy isn't that drunk that he doesn't notice that Nymo tries to steal his key. So you cannot take that key while the drunk guy is watching. Between the nervous guy and the drunk guy, you can go to the toilets. Go to the toilets and have a look around. The sink hangs on the wall and at the urinals you see a hatch in the floor. Under the hatch you see a ladder. Look at the sink ..... Nymo tells that there is no water but oil coming from the tap. 

View the hatch and then try to open it and listen to Nymo

Exit the restrooms and exit the motel. Nymo is then outside again at the front door of the hotel. On the right side you can go one screen to the right. 

Right next to the motel you can go up to the rear of the motel. 

Now first go one screen to the right..... Nymo ends up at the gypsies

B: Gypsies Ellie and Glover

Stand still and push your spacebar to see all the hotspots. 

Just in front of Nymo is a barrel and on that barrel stand a whiskey bottle. An oil jar stand on the ground in front of the barrel.

 Look at and then take the whiskey bottle and the oil jar There is still some whiskey in the bottle but the oil jar is empty. Nymo puts both items in inventory

A big guy stand between the crates and Ellie leans against the wheel of the caravan. 

Go talk with Ellie and use all conversation options that you get

Ellie and Glover are artists and they have to be at Mount St-Troy in two days to do a gig there. Nymo is allowed to travel with them to that city, but Ellie wants him to first steal some uranium for her, from the caves below the motel. Underneath the hotel there must be an elevator that will allow Nymo to descend to those uranium caves. Ellie then gives Nymo a pickaxe that he needs to get some uranium. Ellie also tells something about an Alchemist who lives in those caves and that he has to watch out for that guy because he's dangerous

You now have a pickaxe in your inventory. Go back to the motel and re-enter through the front door. 

C: Find the Golden Elevator:

Back inside you go to the toilets again. In the toilet room you use the oil jar on the sink to fill it with oil from the tap

Leave the motel again through the front door and now go to the back of the motel

A mountain of trash is located here at the rear of the hotel. Here is also the back door of the kitchen and at the top of the fire escape is the back door of the motel

Click with your hand on 1 of the garbage bins and ..... Nymo finds a wire cutter and stores the thing in the inventory

Enter the kitchen through the kitchen door and .......

......the kitchen door creaks and the cook notices that Nymo enters his kitchen. The cook throws Nymo out of his kitchen again

Nymo is outside again but he has to go into the kitchen, so something has to be done so that the kitchen door doesn't creak anymore. 

Take the filled oil jar from the inventory and click it on the kitchen door and .....

.....Nymo lubricates the creaking door with oil. Go back through the door and ...... the door now makes no sound so the cook no longer notices Nymo. 

There is a grater on the chest of drawers. Take the grater 

Leave the kitchen through the door on the left and ...... Nymo will automatically end up on the 1st floor where the guest rooms are. 

All 4 doors of the 4 rooms are locked. Now leave the motel through the back door here

Nymo is then at the top of the fire escape. Walk down and through to the front of the motel and re-enter through the front door.

In inventory combine the grater with the mushrooms and then combine the grated mushrooms with the whiskey.

the whiskey is now a sleeping potion. Put the ice cubes in the drunk guy's drinking glass and then empty the whiskey bottle into the glass and........

the drunk guy finishes his glass and falls asleep like a log. So now take the room key from the table. It's the key for room 2

Go back to the back of the hotel and re-enter through the back door at the top of the fire escape. Then open the door of room 2 with the key just stolen and enter

Room 2 is the drunk guy's room and his suitcase is on the bed. On the left is the bathroom and there you see a pipe in which you see 2 wires. Open the suitcase and .......

...from the suitcase Nymo then steals the white Popaine flowers but also a note and a few screws. 

Now go to the bathroom and look at those wires in the pipe ...... Cut the wires with the wire cutter and .....

.....you see that the hatch at the downstairs toilets gets a green light

Leave the room and then the motel through the back door here in the hallway and go back to the front and then back in through the front door. 

Give some of the white Popaine flowers to the nervous guy and ...... as payment Nymo receives a coin with a value of 4

Go back to the toilets and now use the pickaxe on the hatch and ..

...... Nymo ends up under the motel in the interior of the spaceship. Look "inside the ship"

D: The Golden Elevator:

Move on to the right and Nymo will be at the golden Elevator..........put your  coin in the elevator button and........

....... The coin activates the button and with it the elevator and Nymo automatically steps into the elevator and the elevator starts to descend.

While Nymo descends, we see that the lady in room 4 is taking a shower and .......

....... due to the shower of the lady in room 4, water leaks on the elevator and this causes the elevator to short circuit and Nymo gets stuck halfway through the cave with the elevator

The leaking water from the shower falls on top of the elevator and there is a telephone in the elevator. The engine of the elevator hangs under the elevator. 

On the right you see a red button and you see 2 buckets full of white flowers. First look at everything with your eye icon and listen to what Nymo says about it

Nymo has to make sure that the leaking water no longer falls on the elevator. So let's try something. In inventory Nymo has the little umbrella of his orange drink. 

So take the umbrella from the inventory and click with it on the dripping water, at the top right and .....

......well......that doesn't work. Maybe we could ask someone from the motel for help? 

Try to use the phone in the elevator......but unfortunately.....the battery of the phone is dead

Nymo needs a new battery for the phone. However, the 2 buckets are full of white flowers. So let's try that red button. However, Nymo cannot reach that red button from the elevator so you have to come up with something to be able to press that red button. Now combine the screws with the straw in the inventory and you then have a blowpipe. Take the blowpipe from inventory and click it on that red button and ......

.... Nymo blows a screw against the red button and this causes a bucket full of new batteries to fall down on a chain....Quickly....as the bucket sinks down you have to take a battery out of it, so get your hand on the bucket quickly and then click to take a new battery from the descending bucket. 

....if this doesn't work before the bucket has reached the lowest point, the bucket will go up again and you will have to try again. So if you failed to take a battery out of the bucket while the bucket is lowering, then you first click with the blowpipe on the red button again, to lower the bucket again, and then you try again to quickly get a battery from the bucket....Nymo will let you know when you have a battery from the bucket

Take the battery from inventory and click it on the phone

The phone is now working again so use the phone and.....

......you end up in the phone screen. With the number display you can call the different rooms of the motel. You can ask for help with the help button.

First click the help button a few times and see what happens ..... the voice you hear just keeps saying Yes and nothing else

Use the phone again and call up room 4, where that lady is taking a shower. So click #004 and see what happens

You call room 4 but the showering lady doesn't hear the phone. Nymo then tells that the connection isn't broken

Use the phone again, but now call room 1, so click #001 and ...... You get the resident of room 1 on the line and he asks if you are Elsa. You now get 3 answer options. If you use options 1 and 2, the connection will be broken and you will have to call room #001 again. First use option 1 but the guy doesn't believe you. So call room 1 again and now use option 2 to hear the guy tell about Elsa and that he wants to have a date with here

So call room 1 again and now choose option 3 "Keep silence" and then click on the red HELP button. The Help answers the guest with Yes and the guest from room 1 continues to ask questions..... So always click on the HELP button to always answer with "YES" and ......

Finally, you convince the guy that he has Elsa on the phone and that he has a date with Elsa. The guest then turns on his TV, but the noise of the TV causes a headache and insomnia for the guest in room 3. Use the phone again and now call room 3 via #003 and listen and read what that guest says ........ the cook can be reached via #009

So now call the kitchen via #009 and then tell the cook that he has to go to room 4 and ..........

.....cook goes to room 4 and the lady in room 4 now turns off the shower, so that the leak on the elevator now stops

....the elevator now drops further down to the bottom of the cave and Nymo steps out of the elevator

 Click with your red arrow "In the Forest" and ...... after some hesitation Nymo then walks on and.......

....... on the next screen you continue to the right and ......

 in a short cut scene you see how Nymo is trapped in a cage by the Alchemist .....

E: Get some Uranium and Escape from the Alchemist

The alchemist has captured Nymo in a cage and placed it on a shelf in his room. The cage is attached to a chain and Nymo can't get out. Take a good look around. To the left of Nymo's cage is a burning candle. Between the burning candle and Nymo lies a stick. Above the burning candle hangs another shelf and the end of the chain that holds Nymo's cage. To the right of Nymo is a bag on the shelf and also a jar of glue.

Nymo can take the stick from his cage, so take the stick

Immediately take the stick from inventory and then use the stick to take the bag with it.

Nymo immediately takes a number of things from the bag but also keeps the empty bag in inventory

Nymo still can't get out of the cage, but you can look further into the room via the red left arrow, so click that red left arrow and .......

You can see the huge Alchemist brewing a potion in his huge cooking pot. Behind the alchemist see shelves and on the top shelf are a few Flasks

A little more to the right you see a cage hanging and in that cage a friendly creature is trapped.

Nymo has taken a Stone from the bag. Take the stone from inventory and then throw that stone against the Flasks and.......

..........apparently there was a creature hidden behind the flasks and it now appears and walks to the end of the shelf, above the burning candle at Nymo. The creature will now lift Nymo's cage but first he warns that Nymo must stay out of the light or else the alchemist will notice him again.

Nymo is now freed from the cage. Walk to the glue pot and take the stick from inventory and click with the stick on the glue and .......

.....Nymo then has a stick with glue. Walk to the right and ..... Nymo ends up on the next screen, with that friendly creature in the cage.

That creature is also trapped in a cage and it appeals to Nymo. Listen to the creature and then talk to it and use all options

The creature tells about its brothers and how they were captured by the Alchemist.  Above the cage are glowing stones on a shelf and those are uranium stones. Ask if the creature could grab those stones. The creature could grab those glowing stones if Nymo can lift his cage and to do this Nymo has to wake up his brother who is sleeping by the window.

Such a creature is sleeping by the window and the window is closed. There is also a burning candle here. The creature in de cage has warned Nymo to stay out of the light because then the Alchemist will smell him. If you want to see what happens if you ignore the creature's warning, then you walk to the window and ........ The alchemist "smells" Nymo as soon as he comes into the light of the candle and Nymo quickly retreats back into the cover of darkness So stay in the dark near the cage and take the blowpipe from the inventory again. Click with the blowpipe on that sleeping creature by the window and ....

The sleeping creature wakes up and it then opens the window and because of the draft that candle goes out. Now that the candle is out, Nymo can continue walking. Walk to the now open window and then double click in the bottom right corner, where you get the "go over there" red arrow and .....

Nymo then ends up on the alchemist's large table. An open book rests on the bookshelf. Close to Nymo are a few weights on the table. There is a hook on the edge of the table, next to a nail sticking out of the table top. To the left are sheets of paper. On the sheets of paper stands an inkwell with a feather in it. At that the sheet of paper also stand a Pot

Grab the weights

Look at the open book on the shelf. You can read in the book which ingredients Nymo needs to brew potion that will give him wings. 

Click on everything you see on the right page of the book

Get out of the book and then go pick up that hook.

In inventory combine the hook with the stick to glue the hook to the stick. Check out the nail and hear what Nymo has to say about it.

Walk to the pot and the sheets of paper. Take a sheet of paper. Grab the feather and look at the pot

Nymo breaks off a piece of the feather and puts it in the inventory and he also puts a sheet of paper in the inventory. The pot contains liquid and Nymo has to put the ingredients for the flying drink in it and then he has to heat the pot. Go back upstairs to the creature in the cage. To the left of the cage is the end of the chain to which the cage is attached. Hang the Bag on the chain and then put the weights in the bag and .....

..... the cage now goes up and the creature then takes the uranium stones and throws them down to Nymo who then stores them in the inventory

Go back down to the table and walk to the nail. Take the chain from inventory and use the chain on the nail to tie the chain to the nail

Climb down the chain to the floor of the room. You can see the legs of the alchemist, who is still stirring his cooking pot.

 In the wall you see a crack and in that crack are mushrooms. Get the mushrooms

Climb back up to the table and then further up to the captive creature's cage. Then go back one screen to the left. 

Nymo is then back on the shelf where his own cage hangs. Click here again the red "go that way" on the left side and ......

.....Nymo now bales on the shelf above the alchemist's huge cooking pot. 

Take the mushrooms from the inventory and throw them into the cooking pot and ......

..... the alchemist tastes his potion and ..... falls fast asleep on the floor.

 Now go all the way back to the floor of the room ..... here the alchemist is now in deep sleep on the floor

...crawl into the alchemist's mouth and Nymo ends up in the alchemist's stomach

There are some bones in the stomach. Take the extended stick from inventory and use the stick on one of the bones to fish up a bone

Nymo takes a bone from the stomach with the extended stick and crawls back out.

Climb back up to the table and go to the pot. Now throw all the ingredients into the jar, so throw the feather, wormwood, uranium rocks and bone into the jar

Nymo now needs to heat the pot so he needs fire. Climb back up to the window. At the blown out candle you will now find some glowing fire embers. 

Take the sheet of paper from inventory and click it on the fire embers to set the paper on fire ......

...in inventory Nymo now has a glowing sheet of paper but the paper doesn't stay glowing for long.

 So quickly go back to the pot and then use the sheet of paper on the pot and ......

..with the glowing paper Nymo lights the fire under the pot and the potion is heated ..... Click with your hand on the pot and ....... well .... see what happens next. ....

...long cut scene in which Nymo now gets flies and, together with all those flying creatures, flies away through the window and escapes from the clutches of the alchemist. 

Nymo thinks he can fly to Ultreia now but he flies into a storm and thunder and a bolt of lightning destroys his wings. 

Nymo crashes but is found by Ellie en Glover en we are then inside the caravan of Ellie and Glover:

F: Find a GPS for the Gypsies

We are in Ellie an Glover's caravan and Ellie has asked Nymo to find a GPS because they need one to reach the town of Mount St-Troy.

It is a bit dark in the caravan, but at the bottom right is a table lamp on a table. To the left of the table lamp is a chessboard on the other table. Nymo needs light in the caravan so click with your hand on the table lamp to turn on the lamp, but ..... Nymo then tells you that the light bulb of the lamp is broken

Nymo needs a new light bulb for the table lamp but there is no new light bulb to be found anywhere in the caravan. 

Now click with your hand on the chessboard and .....

A light bulb appears above Nymo's head....Quickly click with your hand on the light bulb to grab it

.....the light bulb only appears for a moment, so you have to be quick to grab the light bulb.  If you are unable to grab the light bulb, click again with your hand on the chessboard to make the light bulb appear again Immediately take the light bulb from the inventory and then use it on the table lamp and .....

The table lamp is now burning and in the light of the table lamp you can see that there is a screwdriver next to the lamp,...... take the screwdriver

Leave the caravan. Glover is outside in front of the caravan. Via the red arrow you can go up to the area behind the caravan. 

Just in front of Glover is a box on the floor. Look at that box ..... it is Glover's box and Nymo can open the box ...so open the box and ........

 a tiny round robot comes out of the box ....... this is Bally and the thing can help Nymo but Bally has almost no power anymore and must therefore be charged.

At the top left of your screen you now have the Switch that allows you to switch between Nymo and Bally. 

Try this out, so click the Switch and ..... you are then Bally and you are now moving Bally. Bally screens are colorless.

  Click the Switch again to be Nymo again and now go, as Nymo, a screen up via the red arrow and........Nymo will be in front of the Scumm Gun Tower. In the distance we see the city of Mount Saint-Troy. An electrical box is attached to the electricity pole and in front of the pole is a puddle of water on the ground. Via the bridge you reach the Scumm Gun tower and an electrical panel sticks out on the right side of the tower

...First see what happens when you try to enter the tower ........ Nymo is then attacked by the defense system of the tower. Look at the electrical box on the electricity pole. The box is closed and the lid is bolted with screws. So take the screwdriver from inventory and click it on the electrical box to open the box. Then click with your hand on the open cabinet to mix up the wires in the box ....

Electricity now end up in the puddle of water. Now switch to Bally and take Bally to the Scumm tower as well. 

Then click with Bally on the puddle of water and ...... Bally is now charged a little bit

Stay Bally and click with Bally on the electricity panel of the tower and ....... Bally causes a short circuit and switches off the defense system of the tower

Become Nymo again and now go into the tower and ......

.....Octobob, the arms dealer, doesn't like strangers and threatens to shoot Nymo with his huge Tri-barrel Plasma gun. Take a look around ...... To the right of Nymo is a Global Positioning System that Nymo needs. You also see the entrance to a pipe (Hole) and a Lever. A little further to the right, under Octobob's plasma gun, you'll see a few buttons.

Nymo needs Bally but Bally can't get in through the door of the tower, so Nymo has to come up with a ruse. Now try to grab Octobob's Plasma Gun and ......

....Octobob fires his plasma gun but doesn't hit Nymo but shoots a big hole in his front door

...So now switch to Bally and enter with Bally through the hole in the front door and then immediately put Bally in the pipe (Hole) at Nymo

You will automatically become Nymo again, but if this does not happen automatically, click the Switch. The pipe is now closed and Bally is now in that pipe. Now we have to get hold of that GPS and to this end Octobob must be distracted for a few seconds. Now click with your talk icon on Octobob to talk to him and then only use the following options ....."About this Place" and then "What kind of gun are you pointing at my face?"...and......

......Octobob withdraws his plasma gun to proudly look at the thing and tell about it......

.....Now you have to be quick....Once you regain control of Nymo, grab the GPS and then quickly click on that lever and .......

.....Nymo pulls the lever down and this sucks Bally up through the pipe, to the top of the tower. If you can't pick up the GPS and click the lever down in the few seconds that Octobob is looking at his plasma gun, then repeat your conversation with Octobob as many times as necessary to get it done.

...you will automatically be Bally again and he is now at the top of the tower. On the left is the pipe through which you go back down. 

To the right is a hole in the wall through which you can bring Bally onto the outside ledge. Go out through that hole.

Bally is then outside on the ledge. There is a panel on the left and a lever. Go to the lever. You have to act quickly again. The lever is up and the panel is tilted to the left. Click with Bally on the lever to lower the lever and then very quickly click with Bally on the panel to rotate the panel towards the lever so that the panel blocks the lever and the lever stops moving up

...wind now comes up from the pipe to the right of the tower. If you didn't manage to turn the panel in time, the lever will be raised again and the wind will disappear quickly... you have to try again, as many times as necessary to keep the lever down. If you have managed to block the lever with the panel, the wind will continue to come out of the pipe. Then click with the red arrow in the wind and see what happens to Bally ...... due to the whirlwind Bally is sucked up and then fully charged by the lightning

Crawl through the wall hole back into the tower and then crawl back into the pipe and .......

.....Bally is then back downstairs, with Nymo. Stay Bally and click on those buttons with Bally and ........

.....well......see what's happening.........the fully charged Bally now detonates the tower and Nymo survives this and ends up in a scrap heap. Bally, however, did not survive. With a few scraps of scrap Nymo fabricates a nice hat for himself and then he walks back to the caravan

...Nymo gives the GPS to Glover and finally we are now on our way to Mount Saint-Troy.......

.....on the square in front of the city there is a conversation with the alien who tells that Nymo has to go into the city to find a guy ho's name is Demian

Part two: Mount Saint-Troy

2021: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot