2019 Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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Unforeseen Incidents is a classical style point and click adventure game. 

When handyman Harper Pendrell meets a dying woman on the street, he inadvertently stumbles into a devilish conspiracy, a riddle that only he can solve. An unknown disease is spreading across the country, and a scientist, a reporter and a retired artist are the key to stop it. A dangerous journey awaits Harper Pendrell, and every step he takes brings him closer to the dangerous possessed person who is responsible for all troubles. Before he knows what's going on, Harper finds himself in a fight for the future of mankind, armed only with his familiar, but handy multi tools. Is Harper able to find the courage to expose the truth and prevent an epidemic, even if this means that he himself will be infected en therefore shall die?

You open up the Main menu screen with your Escape key

The Inventory bar will pop up if you move your cursor to the top of the screen.

By pressing your spacebar you'll see all the active hotspots in the screen

Double click Exits to go faster to the next screen

If you play the Steam version of this game then you can earn 18 achievements. As you know, I do not care about those silly achievements, so in this walkthrough I shall not mention them

The game starts with a:

Prologue: Yelltown

It's 5.30 PM and you hear the voice of Bobby from Blackwoods Radio. Listen to Bobby while your screen scrolls along and gives you a view of Yelltown. Bobby tells that already 3 citizens of Yelltown have dead because of the mysterious disease that's going round. Senator Sylvia Thurlow, head of the Bureau Of Public Health,  tries to reassure the people that the health authorities has everything under control and that people must call 111111 if the are experience any of the symptoms of the disease. Then we enter the apartment of Harper Pendrell

Harper's Apartment

Harper is rudely woken up by the telephone, so he gets up and goes down to answer the call. It turns out to be Professor Rubert Macbride who's calling

The laptop of the Professor won't charge up again so could Harper come over to fix the problem. Off course Harper says yes, but first he needs his multi tool

After the call from Professor Rupert Macbride, you look around. Investigate ( right click or left click) always all hotspots in the screen.  

Open the door of the lower cabinet and then take the Glue Jar, that's in the cabinet. 

Go upstairs, to Harper's bedroom and look around there

Take the Multi-Tool, that's on the floor. The multi tool consists of several parts. 

On the left is Harper's workbench and on the workbench stand a Ham radio. You can look at the Ham radio but you can't do anything with it now

Go back down and leave the apartment.

Professor Macbride's Laboratory

Outside Harper walks to the laboratory of the Professor and enters it. A short conversation between Harper and Professor Macbride follows in witch the Professor asks Harper to repair his laptop. Then talk to the Professor again and now use all the conversation options you get

 Look around.....press your spacebar to briefly see all hotspots. At the desk the Power Adaptor of the laptop is on the floor. 

The Power Adapter is plugged into the wall socket.  Click on the Power Adapter on the floor and.....Harper unplugged the thing because the power cable is frayed.

Harper needs some isolation tape, or Electrical Tape to repair the power cable of the adapter. 

The place where you can find the Electrical Tape various from game to game. It could be that you'll find the Electrical Tape in one of the wall cabinets or in one of the two desk drawers. 

 I found the Electrical Tape in the top drawer of the desk

Now move your cursor to the top of your screen, to open up the Inventory. You'll have the Multi-Tool, the Glue Jar and the Electrical Tape in inventory now......

In inventory place your cursor on the Multi Tool to see all the parts of the Multi-Tool. 

Click/Hold on the Pincers and drag the Pinchers out of the inventory to the Power Adapter, to strip the wires of the power cable

Then open up the inventory again and now click / hold the Electrical Tape and drag the tape also on the Adapter and......

...... the laptop has been repaired and Harper tells this to the Professor

Leave the lab. Outside look around a bit .Especially look at the RHC posters, so that Harper nows that the men from RHC wear hastard suits with a red stripe on them. 

Then go up the stairs to the square, where Jake's garage also is.


A very sick girl sits against the machine on the square. Harper goes to the woman, who's invested with the mysterious disease. Talk with the girl via all option.

The girl warn Harper that he mustn't get to close to her because then he also will  get infected.

 Strangely enough the woman doesn't want Harper to call for help.....she seems to be terrified of the RHC

When you have used all option walk a bit to the left, to see the public Telephone. 

Click the Telephone and call up 111111 and then click the telephone receiver key. 

Harper calls the RHC for the sick girl, but she gets in a panic. Talk to the girl again

The girl wants Harper to take a letter / envelope out of her backpack and too deliver that letter to a reporter named Helliwell, who's staying at the hotel.  

click on the girls Backpack and.....

...... Harper takes out the Envelope.

The girl says again that Harper must deliver the envelope to Helliwell and to no one else

Then the para-medics from the RHC come on the scene and Harper makes himself scares, back into the alley

The RHC men take the girl with them and you go on to:

Chapter 1:

2019: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot