2022: Walkthrough by : Louis Koot    

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From Teotl, who also did The Ball game.....

Unmechanical isn't a point and click adventure game, but it isn't an action/shooter game either. It is a puzzle game in which you have to move a small blue/grey "helicopter" through all kinds of subterranean tunnels and caves, tubes and pipes, solving various puzzles along the way to open doors and pipe lids. Those puzzles get progressively more complicated and complex as you progress.

You move your "helicopter" through the game with the WADS keys on your keyboard. You need to know which keys you want to use to move Helicopter through the game. Your "helicopter" has only 1 "weapon" and that is a tracker beam with which you can move or take not too heavy objects, such as small boulders and not too heavy beams. You activate the tracker beam with the spacebar of your keyboard. Use the ESCAPE key to open the main menu screen.

The game does not have a Save/Load system because it automatically saves your progress when you reach a Checkpoint. When you have reached a checkpoint point, a message will appear in the lower right corner of the screen telling you that the game has been saved. Then you can shut down and then start up again and continue from the last savepoint you have reached.

The Unmechanical package that I received contains 2 Unmechanical games.....the "regular" Unmechanical but also "Unmechanical with Extended DLC" and that is different from the "normal" Unmechanical. This walkthrough is for the "regular" Unmechanical game.  I'm not going to do a WT for "Unmechanical Extended DLC" la

Steam Achievements

Unmechanical is a STEAM game, so there are so-called STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS to earn in the game. To earn these bonus things you have to do special moves and things with your helicopter......I'm not going to do that....I don't spend any time and effort on this kind of nonsense in my walkthroughs. So I'm not going to tell you where, when and how,  you can score an Achievement ...... If youre you such an idiot who is horny for these kinds of things in a game, then find out for yourself or find another crazy person who will explain it to you. 

So start a "New Game" to start with

Unmechanical (Without Extended DLC)

It's a beautiful sunny warm spring day in "Helicopter" country and ur little Helicopter is happily frolicking through the air with 3 friends when suddenly a strange pipe comes up out of the grass. From the pipe shoots a grab and it grabs our Helicopter and pulls it down and ......Well ......... the happy carefree life of our little Helicopter is over and done with for a long time to come ........ .

Helicopter screeches down through a system of pipes and ........

....... via even more pipes Helicopter is then "spit out" in a water cave and ..........

........we have landed deep....very deep.... underground.....and this is where your search for a way out, to get back to your friends, begins.

Chapter 1: Underground

Chapter 2: The Factory Part 1

Chapter 3: The Factory Part 2

Chapter 4: The Mine Part 1

Chapter 5: The Mine Part 2

Chapter 6: The 4th White Sphere for the Heart

Chapter 7: Speakers, Light Bulbs and Monitors

Chapter 8: Obstacle Course

Chapter 9: The Endings