Juni 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot

Text by Dick Leeuw en Screenshots by Louis Koot

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Page 1

First set the sensitivity of the mouse a lot lower in the options, otherwise you will fly in all directions and you will not be able to play the game properly.

You have been given a new assignment and as always it seems a simple assignment but that is rarely the case.

Soon you arrive at your undercover location, there is the letter with the assignment.

Chapter 1: How to get out your room.

The letter with your assignment is on the cabinet under the painting, read the letter. You also get a sign on the top drawer, but this drawer is blocked.

Turn to the right and on the table under the window is a suitcase, of course you need a key for this.

Turn further to the right and there is a box in the cupboard, you have to enter a code here.

In front of the box is a note with 11 names of months: October is missing.

You also see a sign on the top drawer on the right, but this drawer is closed.

Turn further to the right, go to the door, but it is locked.

Turn around and look at the side of the cupboard, zoom in and you will see that you have to set a code here.

Turn to the bed and go to the bedside table, on the table is a box

Zoom in on the box and you will see that you need a code, you are also missing 1 of the buttons.

Zoom out and turn to the left to the chair, slide the chair to the side.

Take the crowbar that is there on the floor, click the crowbar to your inventory.

Go back to the cupboard under the painting and if you now click on the top drawer, it will now open.

The crowbar has disappeared from your inventory

Take the note from the drawer, read the note.

It is an indication of how to convert the number into letters. The numbers indicate the position of the letters in the alphabet.

The solution is then: ENIGMA.

Turn around and go to the box in the cupboard.

The code to enter here is OCTOBER.

In the box you will find a button for a keyboard, click the button to your inventory.

Go to the box on the bedside table and click on the gear, the button is now placed on the keyboard.

Now enter the code word ENIGMA.

Click on the note in the box.

On the side of the cabinet, you saw above the number rolls: W + E.

Add the numbers at West and East together and you have the number code......42513

Go to the side of the cupboard and enter the code and the drawer will open, take the key from the drawer.

Go to the suitcase on the table and click on the lock, the suitcase will open.

Click on the file, here are instructions on where to go, you cannot take the file with you.

Then take the key from the suitcase and click it to your inventory

Go to the door and click on the lock, the door will open. Go through the door to the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Courtyards

You are now in a courtyard and you now have to open a few gates to go to the next courtyard.

In front of you is a gate with a red door on the left and a white garage door on the right.

On the left you see a box on the wall, locked of course. The gate to the street is also locked.

On the right is a waste container behind a locked gate.

Go to the gate in front of the waste dumpster and look at the levers on the left.

  a lever is missing, you have to find it and then use it here

Turn around and walk to the bench across the street.

Click on the gear icon, you have to put the boxes in the right order, from light to heavy

That's how it should be.

The box on the wall opens, take the lever from the box and click it to your inventory.

Look at the note on the inside of the door. The black pieces indicate the position of the levers

Go back  to the levers on the gate and zoom in on them again

Click on the gear and the lever is put in place.

Move the levers to the positions shown in the drawing.

The gate to the container is now open, go to the container and click on the gear that you get on the panel that's on the front side of the container

You have to turn the knobs so that there is a path from A to B....the right hand screenshot sghows you a possible solution

On of the lids of the container opens and you find a key in it.

Go to the gate that has access to the next part of the street, click on the lock and because you now have the key the gate door opens

On the right you see a chest on the floor against the wall. In front of it is a shelf where you have to put playing cards in a certain order.

Turn around to the other wall, you will see a date on the wall: 21 MAY 2026 = 21052026. You will need this code in a moment.

A little further there are 2 doors on the left, between those doors is a box on the wall.

Left next of the box  is a  with a keypad, if you click on it you see that it is missing a number button.

Turn around and you will see a side corridor with a gate in front. The gate is locked.

To the left of the gate you see 3 square plates, on the left plate you are missing a rotary switch.

Turn around, on the right door you will see a single  5-pointed star.

Turn left and on the road sign you will see 2  4-pointed stars.

On the window you see 3  8-pointed stars.

Turn right and go to the chest.

On top of the chest you see the symbols of the card game. You see the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Jack, the 10 and the 2.

You have to put these in the right order, the clue can be found on the wall opposite.

The End Approaches  = The lowest approaches the highest, so the order will be: Ace, 2, 10, Jack, Queen and the King.

The chest will open and you will find a round button, click it to your inventor

Go to the box between the 2 doors and click on the gear wheel of the keypad, you now see all the numbers.

You now need the code of the wall: 21052026, enter this code and the box will open.

In the box you will find a rotary switch, click it to your inventory.

Turn around and go to the gate, click on the gear.

There are now 3 rotary knobs, you now have to put the 3 rotary knobs in the correct position.

You have found stars in 3 places, they determine the order and which type.

This is the correct order, the gate will open.

Walk to the end of the alley.

Look under the DANGER sign, you will see 4 characters. Count the number of lines in each character: 4322

Enter the code and the door will open.

Chapter 3: Room 2

You are then in a room. Go to the door, you will see a Keypad on the wall to the right. You need a code.

Turn around and go to the safe and click on the gear.

You need a color code, the name of the company is BOOKS, books are sometimes a clue.

Turn around, there's a chest on the floor, locked.

A painting hangs above the chest, pull the painting down. There you will see a mechanism of which you are missing a gear.

Turn around to the desk, look at the colors of the books: green, blue and red. It is hard to see but the color is red.

Go back to the safe and click on the gear. Then click on the buttons in the order green, blue and red.

The safe will open and there you will find a gear, take the gear and click it to your inventory.

Turn around and click on the gear on the mechanism.

Put the 3 gears in the correct position.

A box will open on the side of the radiator, take the key and click it to your inventory.

Go to the chest on the and click on it, the chest will open.

Click on the document in the chest, you will see a cryptic description. Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, so the code word is BEAUTY.

Go to the door and click on the gear on the keypad. Enter the code word BEAUTY.

The door opens.

Go through the door to enter.....

Chapter 4: Streets

Juni 2022: Walkthrough by Dick Leeuw en Louis Koot