2022: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot

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You are a Private Detective in this game and your name is Voodoo Detective and your office is on Zo Wanga Island. A lady who has lost her memory asks you to investigate her case and you take this case on, not knowing it will change your life. The game is point and click, so you control the whole thing with your mouse. The game has 2 endings, but you can also end the game with Alternate Endings at various earlier moments in the game. You can die in the game but if that happens you immediately get the chance to do it again. In the walkthrough I will call the main character Voodoo. So when I say you have to click on Voodoo with an item then you have to click on the Voodoo Detective, so on yourself.

When you start the game for the first time you have to click on "Continue" on the screen

......and then you can set some Setting to your own preferences in the Options.

There aren't many options that you can turn on or off, but  you should turn on "Power Saving" 

Then click on "Play Game". You must enter a name to start a new game.

You can start several new games under different names. Click "New Game" and enter a name, then click "Start Game" and your game will begin.

You cannot save yourself in the game. The game saves your progress every time you exit the game. So basically the game uses an auto-save function. The saved game files are saved per game under the name you entered in the start screen. Unfortunately, every time you leave the game your previous save is overwritten, so you can never go back to a previous save moment. When you close the game and start it up again, select the game you want to continue and then click on "Load Game" and you will continue playing from where you left off. 

Once in the game you will get 3 icons in the top right that you can click on. 

The suitcase icon opens your inventory.

The Book icon opens the Spells Book but you have to find this book first.

The door icon will take you back to the home screen where you can exit the game

Inventory stores the items you pick up in the game.

The explanation about how things work with the inventory seems clear enough to me so it needs no further explanation from me

Okay.....if you have started a New Game then we start at:

Zo Wanga Island:

Office of Voodoo

Voodoo is in his office and he talks a bit and then he asks you to describe yourself, so you have to click on 1 of the 3 options in the text screen.

It doesn't matter which option you choose because this is complete nonsense.

Note: That "Skip" button that you now see at the top left always appears when a cutscene or intermediate scene starts, but also during conversations. If you click that "Skip" you will quickly go through all that  Voodoo says and also all the conversations with other people in the game. You can also do this by hitting your space bar........ However, it is better not to use that "Skip" button because then you will run the risk of missing important information. Oh.... one more thing.....if you double click Voodoo will run.

After using 1 of the 3 options, VOODOO DETECTIVE will appear on your screen but the letters will catch fire. You have to put out the fire. To the right of the bookcase are 2 masks hanging one below the other. The top one is the Papa Legba mask and the bottom one is the Baron Samedi mask. You have to click on both masks. First click the Papa Legba mask and, after Voodoo has shut up again, click on the Baron Samedi mask and .......

A compartment in the bookcase then slides open. It is the bar and in it is a seltzer bottle with sparkling water. Click in that open compartment and .......

.......Voodoo takes his Seltzer Bottle from the box and it disappears to your inventory

So open your inventory, via the suitcase icon at the top right, and then click on the seltzer bottle

The seltzer bottle is then at the top right. Click on the fire (Burning Text) and ......

.......Voodoo extinguishes the fire with the water from the seltzer bottle and the burnt letters disappear.

The phone will now ring so click on the phone to hear who is calling, but it's complete nonsense

There will be a knock on your door, so open the door and a lady will enter.

The lady says she has lost her memory and she asks if you want to investigate her case

We take a seat and a conversation follows in which you then use all conversation options.

Voodoo will slide the title off the screen and then sits down again

So click on each option and listen carefully to what Mary says,  I'm not going to write all this out for you

Meanwhile, Voodoo "examines" the lady

....... You get follow-up options that you also use and ........

........the lady then tells that she has been told that her name is Mary Fortule and that she is married to Victor Fortule, the president of Island Ventures,

......... but she has no memory of this at all.

Mary also tells you about her Pendant, so ask more about that and Mary then gives you her pendant and it disappears into your inventory

Before you take Mary's case, you first want to talk to her about  payment, so use the "Payment" option and .....

....... so you have to make a choice right now ....

Do you accept Mary's case or do you not feel like it. Choose 1 of both option. Of course I chose "I'll take the case"

NB: If you say "Forget It", you immediately get the chance to revise your choice via the "On second thought" option. But if you stick to your choice via "I'm sure", Mary will disappear and your game will already be over. The credits then roll across your screen. Quickly click on the door icon, top right, to open the menu screen and then choose "Load Game" and select the game you were playing and click "Load Game" again and ..... Mary is back in your office and you can restore your choice.

If you have accepted Mary's case you will get money from Mary and she will disappear to the Chic Shell hotel where she has rented a room because although she has been told that she is the wife of Victor Fortule she does not want to stay in that house now that Victor is a great unknown to her. On the left corner of your desk is a skull. At the top of the skull is a candle. Click on the skull and ....... the skull turns out to be your answering machine and you have 1 message that you are now listening to ....

The message is from your landlord who threatens to cancel the rent if you don't pay your rent quickly

After this you take the Candle from the skull ...... the candle disappears to your inventory

Your radio is on the table by the window. Click the radio to hear that it is old but that there is still a powerful magnet in the speaker.

This will become important later

Click your door to leave your office and ...... you end up outside.

So we are on an island, so you can't get lost. The house to the right is your office and to the right of your office is the entrance to the cemetery. The leftmost house is your brother's Billy Donut  bar. Between the donut bar and your office is the Island Trader store where you can buy things. First enter the Billy's Donut bar

Donut Billy's

Go talk to Ricky Tinsel, the bartender, and use all options and also any follow up options.

First order a drink becausefrom all that chatter with Mary, you got quite a dry tongue and throat

If you ask Ricky boy about the Mortar and pestle he says you can have those things in exchange for some mint leaves. 

When you've discussed everything with Ricky, say Bye and continue to the right, where your brother Billy is playing the piano. 

Billy is in a trance and so you can't talk to him. You have to get him out of his trance first

Right behind Billy is a full bucket of water on the chair. Under the chair lies an Gauntlet

Get the bucket. Immediately take the bucket with water from inventory and then click on Billy and ...... Voodoo throws the water in Billy's face

Unfortunately ..... the wet shower didn't help, Billy is still in his trance. Now take the chair and immediately take the chair from inventory and smash the chair on Billy. This also didn't help. Now take the Gauntlet and use it on Billy and ...... Voodoo hits Billy once with the glove in his face .... this does not help either, but a harmonica falls out of the glove and Voodoo will pick it up by itself

Take the harmonica from the inventory and then click on Voodoo and .....

....... Voodoo blows the tune that Billy whines along and finally Billy comes out of his trance.

Talk to Billy about all topics you get

Via the Grammy's Book of Voodoo subject you get this book, which is on the piano.

This Voodoo book is from now on at the top right. Click on it to open it and then browse through the book

Click next to the book to put it away. When you've discussed everything with Billy, you leave the restaurant through the front door, so walk to the left and click on the front door

Outside again you click on the door of the Island Trader store and you end up inside

Island Trader

Here you can buy everything. Immediately to the right are photo cameras on the middle shelf.

Voodoo needs a camera so click on the cameras and then click on "Buy" and you buy a camera.

A red screwdriver hangs on the display island. Also buy the red screwdriver.

Ga terug naar buiten en ga dan terug naar je kantoor

Go back outside and then go back to your office


Back in your office, open the Voodoo book. Scroll through the book to the "Owner Honer" page and read what you need for this spell.

You need a black candle, a lodestone (magnet) and the zest of a lemon.

You already have a candle, but the candle is not yet black.

You also already know that there is a strong magnet in your radio, so now use the red Screwdriver on the radio and now Voodoo will take the magnet out

Back outside. Outside again, click on the Island Kitchen building so that Voodoo walks there. Then listen to what Voodoo says about it. So now Voodoo stands for that closed restaurant. You can now also see the Crumbsford Capital Bank and next to it the building of lawyer Laughton. The wooden path leads to the Chic Shell Hotel and at the top right the path continues to the Fontule House. Click on the Bank's door to enter there now

Crumbsford Bank

Inside you walk to the right, to the counter. Clerk Penny is standing behind her counter, smiling at you with anticipation.

Click on Penny and then ask her anything you can ask

Bank director Crumbsford is not present at the moment and Voodoo is not in the mood to apply for a bank account with this bank at the moment. So say hi if you've asked Penny these 2 things. There is an ink bottle on Penny's counter. Click on the ink bottle ...... there is black ink in it and Penny tells you that you are not allowed to take the bottle with you. Take the candle from your inventory and then click the ink bottle again and ........ Voodoo dips the candle in the ink and you then have a black candle .......

It's strange that Penny doesn't protest against this. Walk back to the left and then leave the bank. Back outside, click on the front door of:

Laughton Law

Attorney Theodore Laughton is busy at his desk. Click on Laughton but he absolutely does not want to talk to you because he is too busy.

Use the Pendant topic to show Mary's pendant to Laughton but he simply won't talk to you.

So go back outside. There is a ladder on the left side of Laughton's building. Click on the ladder and ....

.....Voodoo climbs up the ladder and ends up on Laughton's roof. The inlet of the ventilation duct is exposed but it is closed by a grille that is fixed with screws. You could peek into Laughton's office through this duct. Fortunately, you had a premonition that you might need a screwdriver because you have already bought such a thing in the store. So take the screwdriver from the inventory and then click on the grid again and .....

..... Voodoo unscrews the grid ..... Now click in the ventilation shaft but Voodoo is too big to crawl in ....

We need someone smaller and thinner for this job

Climb down the ladder again and down again click on the roadsign that is behind the Donut Hole Billy's and ........

.......Voodoo ends up at the Fontule House

Fontule House

You are in the front yard by the fountain and the greenhouse.

Click on the door of the greenhouse, but the door is locked. You need the key Walk to the front door of the house and click on the door

You knock on the front door and butler Benny comes out.

Benny tells that Mr. Fontule is currently in a meeting and suggests that you better come back later.

Well .... you don't want that so say "I'm not waiting".

We go inside and end up in the downstairs hall of the house.

Fontule's room is at the top of the red stairs and Benny stands guard at the stairs.

To the left of the stairs is the door to Benny's room.

Enter Benny's room ...... Benny does not protest. In Benny's room you click on the desk and .......

Voodoo finds a "Tears Stained Letter" in the drawer. Voodoo reads the letter and then puts it in inventory

Well......the letter suggests that Benny has feelings for another man.....who could that be?

Under the bed is a "Hoodoo for Butlers" book. Click on that book and Voodoo will pick it up and browse through it.

What is that Benny doing....Hoodoo? Voodoo puts the book back under the bed

Go back to the hall and now click on the door at the top of the red stairs and ........... Fortule's meeting is over because he and banker Crumbsford come out and apparently the meeting didn't go to the banker's satisfaction. Crumbsford is angry and disappears. Benny then announces Voodoo. Fortule does want to talk to Voodoo and disappears back into his room.

So enter the Office and talk to Victor Fontule and use all subjects.

Ask about Mary and about himself and also ask for the key to the Greenhouse. Victor says to ask Butler Benny for the key.

You learn, among other things, that Laughton and Victor are cousins and that Laughton's wife, Kiki, is Mary's best friend. When you've discussed everything with Fortule, leave his room and go and talk to Benny again at the bottom of the red stairs. Ask Benny ales. If you use the "Greenhouse access" option, Benny won't give you that key. Since you already stole the letter from Benny's room, you can now question Benny about that letter too, so do that now. Benny gets mad because you went into his room uninvited

We need something to induce Benny to give the Greenhouse key. Leave the house and go back to your brother Billy's restaurant.

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2022: Walkthrough door: Louis Koot