2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot

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You are Willy Morgan and you are looking for your father who disappeared 10 years ago

This is a point and click adventure game in which you only use your computer mouse. No keyboard controls and you can save your game anytime you want. 

With your Escape key you open the main menu screen.  Your inventory is at the bottom of the game screen but hidden. To make the inventory visible, press your "T-key" or scroll your mouse wheel up.

In the inventory you can combine items with each other, if necessary. To use an item from the inventory in the game screen, drag that item from the inventory to the place where you want to use it and then left click

If you press the spacebar on your keyboard you will see all hotspots / items in the game screen, with which you can do something

You examine items with your right mouse button (right click) and you pick up things, open doors, etc. with your left mouse button (left click)

NB: You can "earn" a total of 35 Steam Achievements in the game. Some of these crazy Achievements come naturally to you, but most of them require you to do special crazy things. I have stated before, in many of my other walkthroughs,  that I think these Steam Achievements are complete nonsense, so I will not waste any time, attention and effort on it in this walkthrough.

At home at Willy's

The game starts in Willy's bedroom, in his childhood home, just outside Bone Town. Willy's father disappeared 10 years ago, so today is the 10th "anniversary" of Willy's father disappearing. Willy sends an email about this to his mother, who is on an expedition somewhere in the Amazone area

Then itt's several hours later when Willy hears that the postman is throwing something through the letterbox and so Willy drags himsself downstairs and picks up a letter.

It is a letter from his father, posted on the day of his disappearing 10 years ago.

Dad writes that Willy has to go to Room 9 at the Old Inn in Bone Town to find out more

Willy wants to cycle to town, but his bicycle has been disassembled into parts and those parts have been scattered throughout the house.

Here in the hallway Willy will immediately find his bicycle frame. You cannot grab the bicycle frame. The frame therefore remains here.

When you have found and collected all other parts of Willy's bike, return here to click all the parts onto the frame.

Willy automatically returns to his bedroom. Willy then asks if you want to do a Tutorial and you can do this or you don't.

Experiance adventure players tell Willy now that he should stick that Tutorial up his ass.

I will say one more time that you can press your spacebar anywhere and anytime to make all Hotspots visible on the screen. You will then see circles on the hotspots. With a right click on a hotspot Willy looks at it and then says something about it. With a left click Willy picks up things to store them in his bag (inventory). Above I have already explained where the inventory is and how to open it and how to use items from the inventory in the game. Not all hotspots in a screen are important for the game and I will therefore not tell you to click on every hotspot

On the left wall is Willy's large wardrobe. Walk to the closet. On top of the closet is 1 of the wheels of Willy's bicycle. A Memo hangs on the side of the closet. 

The closet has 6 drawers, but you cannot open the 3 right drawers. You can open the 3 left drawers.

Take (left click) the Memo from the wardrobe closet

Willy puts the memo in his bag. Open the inventory (T or mouse wheel) and then right-click on the memo to read it in close-up. 

You no longer have to find the bicycle frame because it is downstairs in the hallway, so you have to find 9 more parts

Open the bottom left drawer of the closet and then take the bicycle pedals from that drawer

Open the left closet door and then take the bicycle chain / belt from the closet

Close the cabinet door again. On top of the closet is 1 of the 2 bicycle wheels, but Willy cannot reach it. Willy needs a "ladder".

Now open all 3 drawers on the left and ..... Willy then has his "ladder".

Click on the bicycle wheel again and .... via the opened drawers Willy climbs up and grabs the bicycle wheel.

Walk to the right. On the desk is a piggy bank, a cup with pens and a desk lamp. A dreamcatcher hangs on the wall. The dreamcatcher is the second bicycle wheel, but Willy cannot grab the thing yet because it is screwed to the wall. Left click on the black pen cup and ..... Willy takes a compass from the cup. Willy can't break the piggy bank just yet

Leave the room, so open the room door and then step outside. Willy ends up on the upper hall. To the left is Willy's parents' bedroom. The bathroom is opposite Willy's room. At the window you can go up to the attic and via the stairs you go down to the lower hallway. First go to the attic

When you arrive in the attic, take the bicycle seat, which hangs on the left wall. Also take the Plunger, which is on the ground

There is a tool box on the boxes. Open the toolbox and then take out all the tools.

From the toolbox, Willy takes a screwdriver, a rubber mallet and a spanner

Go back down and then dive into the bathroom. Above the sink hangs a mirror cabinet and that cabinet has 2 doors. 

Open both doors of the cabinet. In the left compartment nothing is important, but from the right compartment you take the bottle of dried out sun lotion

Continue to the bath. The bath is full of water. Open the inventory and then drag the Plunger from the inventory to the bath and then left click to use the plunger in the full bath and ..... With the plunger Willy unclogs the bath and the water then runs out of the bath.

Take the round filter from the bath. This filter serves as a gear / cog for the bicycle

Exit the bathroom and go to the master bedroom .. There is a bell alarm clock on the left bedside table. There are 3 gray jars on the cupboard. 

The smallest jar is a Cactus jar and you can open it. Open the cactus jar and then take out your mother's ring

In inventory, combine the Ring with the Compass to turn the compass into a lock pick tool

Then drag the Screwdriver from the inventory to the bell alarm clock and then left click and ... Willy demolishes the alarm clock and ...

..... the bell of the alarm clock is then on the floor and this is the bicycle bell. So pick up the bicycle bell from the floor

Go back to Willy's room. Close the room door when you are inside. So above the desk hangs the Dreamcatcher and that round thing is the second bicycle wheel for Willy's bicycle. The Dreamcatcher is screwed to the wall and if you try to unscrew the Dreamcatcher with the screwdriver, Willy screams that the screws are rusty.

Switch on the desk lamp and then click with the bottle of dried sun lotion on the then burning desk lamp and ..... the lotion becomes liquid oil

Then use the sun lotion bottle on the dreamcatcher to remove rust from the screws and then use the screwdriver on the dreamcatcher to unscrew the thing from the wall

Use the compass (lock pick tool) on the piggy bank and .....

Willy takes 2 gears from his piggy bank

Back outside and now go down the stairs. On the stairs you can left click and right click on the grandfather clock.

Almost at the bottom of the stairs there are a lot of yellow post-itt notes on the notice board. Take the yellow Post-itt notes

Right-click in inventory on the post-itt notes to read what they have to report. Keep doing this until Willy has read all the notes. The door at the bottom of the stairs is the kitchen door. Open the kitchen door and then enter the kitchen. On the left counter are 3 white tin cans near the microwave. Left click on those 3 white tin cans and .....

Willy then takes some dollars and coins from 1 of the 3 white tin cans.

Open the white refrigerator. In the refrigerator Willy finds his bicycle handlebars but if you want to get the thing Willy screams that he is using the handlebars to support the rack above it. A screw protrudes on the right. Use the screwdriver on that screw to screw in the rack

Now you can grab the bicycle handlebars so grab the bicycle handlebars now

Willy now has all parts of his bicycle, so now return to the bicycle frame in the downstairs hallway. Read again, in inventory, the bicycle memo to see in which order you now have to click all parts on the bicycle frame. You have to do this in that 1 to 10 order, but number 1, the bicycle frame, is already there.

So now click all bicycle parts, in the right order, onto the bicycle frame

So: Bicycle handlebar, Wheel (from the closet), Wheel (Dreamcatcher), Saddle, Bell, the 2 gears, the one gear, Chain, pedals and ... the bike is ready

Willy  stows his bicycle in his bag. Open the outside door and ........

.... Willy cycles to Bone Town and "parks" his bike quite roughly. Willy naturally picks up his money

Bone Town

Enter the town through the town gate. Willy ends up in the square. A fountain is in the middle of the square. On the left is the Dead Man Inn. Go in there

Dead Man Inn

Walk to the front of the counter and talk to the innkeeper and use whatever options you are given.

Of course Willy wants room 09, but that is not possible. Willy can only get room 10

So say you take room 10. Willy pays automatically and it is just enough for 1 night. Willy has to fill in a form, but that thing is in his room

Take the Room 10 key from the key board

Click with the orange arrow on the stairs and Willy disappears upstairs and ......

The innkeeper will then make a phone call to someone he calls "Boss" to warn that Boss that Willy has arrived

Willy has ended up in the hallway. Here are the rooms 08 to 10. The first door is the door of a pantry. Walk down the hall to the right and while you do you can view all the portraits that hang on the wall here. Willy then reaches room 10. Unlock  the room 10 door with the room 10 key and then enter your room

Willy can not use the bathroom. The bell cord hangs to the left of the room door. There is a jar of aftershave on the chest of drawers.

The registration form (Form) hangs on the wall to the right of the fireplace. Take the Aftershave jar and take the Form

Willy doesn't have a pen so he can't fill in the form. Exit the room and walk back down the hall to the stairs and then go down again.

Give the form to the innkeeper and they will fill it out for Willy

Willy then hears strange noises coming from upstairs. So go back to your room and see ..... Willy had "visitors".

The innkeeper also comes upstairs and a conversation follows in which you use all options

Innkeeper disappears, taking the room 10 key with him. Go back down but in the hallway Willy now sees a big stain in the carpet.

 Look at that Stain and then go further down

Talk to the innkeeper again and use all options again, including the Spot option.

The innkeeper now gives Willy his room key back and a "Do Not Disturb" sign

Go back upstairs and use the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the pantry room  door and then enter

A "Wet Floor" warning sign hangs on the cupboard to the left. On the right is a Bucket with Mop. Take the "Wet Floor" sign and take the Bucket / Mop

Exit the pantry. Back in the hallway, use the Bucket / Mop on the Stain in the carpet. Then use the "Wet Floor" sign on the stain

Then use the Aftershave on the bucket to give it a nice scent

Go back to your room. Open your door again with key 10 and enter. Now pull the bell cord in your room and ....

...... Innkeeper sees that he is being "called" by room 10 and he drags himself upstairs rather reluctantly.

....... the innkeeper sees the marked stain and disappears to have a little chat with the cleaning lady.

You are Willy again. The Innkeeper is now away from his counter, so go down like a rocket and grab the Room 09 key.

Run back upstairs and open the room 09 door with key 09 and step inside

There is a "welcome gift" on the bed, but Willy has absolutely no appetite for that. The fireplace has a brick mantelpiece.

Left click the fireplace, or the stone mantelpiece, and ......

..... Willy searches the brick wall and finds a brick that sticks slightly loose in the wall 

Willy needs something to pry that brick out of the wall.

Enter the bathroom. Open the drawer under the sink further and Willy takes out a nail file

Back to the fireplace. Use the nail file on that loose brick in the wall and ...... Willy finds his father's library card in the wall compartment, 

On the library card, Willy reads the title of the last book his father borrowed from the library, witch was the "Properties of Concrete" book

Leave the room and ... It is late and Willy goes to sleep.

The next day:

Go downstairs and talk to the innkeeper and use all the options again. The innkeeper explains where the library is and gives Willy a city map

You cannot use the city card to travel yet. Leave the inn and outside you dive into the street to the left behind the fountain and ....

Willy has then found the library.  We go on in:

Part Two of this walkthrough

2020: walkthrough by: Louis Koot