The year is 2019:

Welcome on the site PC Games

Something went horrible wrong with uploading stuff to my site the last few days. But it's all right again. I wish that someone would have e-mailed me that there was something wrong then I could have fix it sooner

The Lake Ridden Walkthrough is temporarily not available because on gameboomers they have placed a direct link to that walkthrough. I do not allow direct linking to my walkthroughs, as stated below. As soon as gameboomers replace that link with a link to my index.html of my site I will make the Lake Ridden walkthrough available again...The only link I allow is this one

Owner of this site and its domain name is Louis Koot and the site is hosted by Strato

Here you find my Dutch and English walkthroughs. You're not allowed to directly link to one of my walkthroughs on your own website or on any other sides.  If you want to link to one of my walkthroughs then please use this url as the link to my English walkthrough   If you do link directly to one of my walkthroughs then I will be forced to remove that walkthrough here from my site and you'll be left with a dead link

I've started with my English Detective Di The Silk Rose Murders walkthrough and the first case, proloque, is done and you can get it here. I don't thing I can finish this walkthrough in the near future because my 5 year old Windows 8.1 game computer has broken down and is a TOTAL LOSS.  Can't buy a new game computer any time soon because I'm not prepared to spent again 1,000 to 2,000 euros on a new state of the art game computer now. I still have a tiny Windows 10 workstation with witch I can surf the Internet and e-mail my friends, but this tiny thing isn't suitable to play games it is......

This mini computer has a fully functional  and licened Windows 10 installed and 2 USB ports and is hooked to my second VGA monitor. I use it mainly as my second computer on witch I type the walkthroughs while playing the games on my, now dead, Windows 8.1 computer. But games I can't play on it.

Together with Dick Leeuw I have done 35 walkthroughs this first 5 months of 2019.  They are mostly English translation of my older Dutch walkthroughs but we also have done a few new walkthroughs. You can find those walktIhroughs in the walkthrough list of the left frame or you click this link  


The walkthroughs are made by Louis Koot and since 2017 Dick Leeuw  has join me as co-writer of walkthroughs of witch I'm grateful


t's best  not to use the walkthroughs only to look up specific things when you get stuck in the game. The walkthroughs are made in such a way that you best play the game according the walkthrough from start to end. Usually there's no need to get stuck in a game when you just follow my walkthroughs because they will lead you through the games with almost no difficulty. It's of no use to ask my anything about the games that I do the walkthroughs for. When I have finished with a walkthrough it means that I have played that game a couple of times to make the best walkthrough I can. After finishing the walkthrough I completely erase that game from my mind in order to keep my sanity.  

Thank you for visiting my site and for using my walkthroughs:. If you have any comments or questions or game recommendations, please email me at     I'm not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of the other so called Social Media.  Louis Koot