The year is 2022:

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Despite the fact that in my part of the world, Europe/ the Netherlands, the cost of living is becoming more and more expensive,I'm pleased to report that I can continue for another year with my site and the walkthroughs.

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From 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs are also here on the site

New Walkthroughs 2022

The walkthroughs are written while playing the games and are therefore a representation of how I and Dick Leeuw have played the games. If you discover disturbing errors in our walkthroughs, we would like to hear from you. But please mention where in a walkthrough you think you have discovered the error, that makes it easier for us to look it up in the walkthrough, to jog our memory about the game.  So state which walkthrough it concerns and where in the walkthrough you find the error, ( witch chapter) otherwise we can't help you further. However, an alleged error in a solution of a puzzle does not always have to be a mistake on our part. It is of course possible that you have a later version of a game than at the time we made our walkthrough and so it is very possible that some things in your game can be different than stated in the walkthrough. And off course in some games  some things are completely randomly generated and therefore the solution we provide in our walkthrough could be different then in your game

 May: Sherlock Holmes: The Testament of Sherlock Holmes  (working  Louis) 

Next on our list are

Rhiannon Curse of the Four Branches (buy on for euro 0,89)

Nikopol: Secrtets of the Immortals  (buy on for euro 0,89)

Goetia 2 (out now, buy it on STEAM for euro 8,99)

           May: Temüjin   Done By Louis

2022: Don't know whether you can still buy Temüjin somewhere on CD / DVD now in 2022.....but you can download the game for free via this link:

On that page you scroll down to the Download button. Click the Download button to go to the the download page of Temüjin. Then you download all 6 ISO files. Download all files to a folder that you have already made on your desktop.... Then name that folder Temüjin. Once you've uploaded all the Iso files to that Temüjin folder, you'll need to extract them one by one. After unpacking you will have an ISO file for each CD. You'll have to figure out how to start the game via those ISO files yourself.

May:    Syberia 4: The World Before:  

  It's now completely done with text by Dick Leeuw via the screenshots made by Louis

This is a game I can wholeheartedly's fantastically made and a real tribute to the work of Benoit Sokal. No flunky controls, a fantastic story, not to difficult puzzles and fantastic graphics......Just make sure your system meets the recommended game's system requirements......And off course you now have our fantastic walkthrough to get you through the game.........The full game has been released on March 18th on STEAM and on GOG.COM. It has a steep price tag so maybe you want to wait until it's price has dropped down

Meridian 157: Proloque walkthrough   done by Louis

This proloque chapter is for free to play on Steam.......but it has a lot of bugs

Meridian 157: Chapter 1   Done by Louis

I won't be doing the chapter 2 and 3.....this isn't my kind of game and so far I had a lot of troubles with it. 

The chapters 1, 2 and 3 aren't free but you can get it for a low price also on Steam.

March / April: Unmechanical  Done by Louis

You can by this nice game on STEAM.....It's cheap

March   Vereda: Mystery Escape room game  Done by Louis but it's only screenshots

March   Haunted  Done by Louis

You can buy this nice, older,  point and click game on Steam.  

March:    Carol Reed 17: Amos Green's Repose   Done by Louis

February   Magnus Imago  done by Dick Leeuw

This is the sequel of Magnus Failure

February  Tom's Surprise     

Done  Text by Dick Leeuw and screenshot by Louis Koot

Tom's Surprise is a FREE game and it's based on the Carol Reed games.....It's just like a Carol Reed game and you can donwload it HERE

January  A New Beginning: Final Cut  Done by Louis

March: I have Upload it again because there was something wrong but now it's ok

 Older game. Buy it cheaply on 

 January  Lone Maclonegan A Western Adventure Done by Louis

Buy it on Steam for 9,99 euro. Nice game

January  Magnus Failure Done. Text by Dick and screenshots by Louis

Didn't like this much. Dick will do the sequels

       January  The Ball   Done by Louis

Buy it on STEAM for just 8 euro. Older game...Shooter but different because your only weapon is a big Ball

January  Fran Bow   Done by Louis

Older game but nice. Buy it on Steam  for 3, 74 euro

Hope my walkthroughs help you to complete the games and that you have fun while playing the games you play.

Greetings and have fun playing games: Louis Koot