The year is 2019:

Welcome on the site PC Games 

New Walkthroughs in 2019: Agatha Christi's And Then There Where None (English)....Agatha Christi's Murder on the OriŽnt Express (English).... Agatha Christi's Evil Under the Sun.(English).....Alida (English). Broken Sword 1 Director's Cut Edition.(English).......Broken Sword The Smoking Mirror Remastered(English)......Goetia.(English).....Rhem 1 SE(English)...Rhem 2SE(English).....Rhem 4SE(English)......The Room I.(English).......The Room II.(English).....The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.(English).....Unforseen Incidents.(English)........Happy Gaming Louis Koot

Owner of this site and its domain name is Louis Koot and the site is hosted by Strato

Here you find my Dutch and English walkthroughs. You're not allowed to directly link to one of my walkthroughs on your own website or on any other sides.  If you want to link to one of my walkthroughs then please use this url as the link to my English walkthrough     

 If you do link directly to one of my walkthroughs then I will be forced to remove that walkthrough here from my site and you'll be left with a dead link

I don't like you to translate my Dutch walkthroughs via on on-line translation service such as Google Translate. If you do not master the Dutch Language but want to use one of my Dutch walkthroughs then PLEASE......ask me, or Dick Leeuw,  to do an English Translation of that Dutch walkthrough. 

The walkthroughs are made by Louis Koot and since 2017 Dick Leeuw  has join me as co-writer of walkthroughs of witch I'm grateful because I can't do this alone anymore. New walkthroughs: Tormentum Dark Sorrow (English) Update March 25      ALIDA (English) updated March 24

It's best  not to use the walkthroughs only to look up specific things when you get stuck in the game. The walkthroughs are made in such a way that you best play the game according the walkthrough from start to end. Usually there's no need to get stuck in a game when you just follow my walkthroughs because they will lead you through the games with almost no difficulty