The year is 2022:

Welcome on the PC Games Walkthroughs site:

 Owner of this site and its domain name is Louis Koot

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This is a private site, private in the sense that there is no organization / company behind this site and the walkthroughs are free for everyone to use. I pay the costs entirely out of my own pocket and do not ask you for a contribution. This site also does not ask you to login with passwords and such nonsense and does not follow you with trackers.  So you are completely anonymous to me when you visit this site. 

You may use my walkthroughs freely for your own use, but you're not allowed to translate the walkthroughs into your own language and you are not allowed to post the walkthroughs on your own website or to send them for publishing to any other websites, without first asking and receiving my permission

Please be aware that if you use my walkthroughs to guide you through the game, that they are a representation of how I have played the games. It may well be that you also can go through a game in a completely differend order in witch you do things in a game

From 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs are also here on the site

New Walkthroughs 2022

I don't expect that I will do as many new walkthroughs this year as in 2021, when there were 29. I also will make any new walkthroughs only in English because in the statistics of the site  I can see that the Dutch walkthroughs are almost no longer requested by the Dutch. I suspect that my original target group, the somewhat older Dutch adventure gamer who understands little or no English, is dying out, but that English is not a problem for the younger generation of Dutch gamers

                  A New Beginning: Final Cut  (Buy it on   

  Lone Maclonegan A Western Adventure

       The Ball ( Buy it on STEAM for just 8 euro) 

Magnus Failure  (buy it on STEAM)

Sybera 4: The World Before

Now we're all waiting for the release of Syberia 4 The World Before, if it ever happens. You do know that you can play the prologue of Syberia 4 The World Before for free on STEAM? You must have a STEAM account to do this, otherwise you can view the Prologue here.  Update: The new release date is now March 18th 2022. The game will be available via Steam and and the price is euro 39,99, witch is far to much for me, so don't count on me for a walkthrough for this 4th Syberia game any time soon

Syberia 4: The World Before: Proloque

Hope my walkthroughs help you to complete the games and that you have fun while playing the games you play. Because that's why I play these game ....... for fun and not to get through them as quickly as possible

Greetings and have fun playing games: Louis Koot