The year is 2021:

Welcome on the PC Games Walkthroughs site:  Owner of this site and its domain name is Louis Koot

English isn't the native language for me because I'm Dutch, so there will be some grammar and some spelling mistakes in my English walkthroughs. But I'm not aiming to write masterpieces of Literary work, but just want to make the best game walkthroughs I possible can. Considering the amount of users of the walkthroughs from all over the world, I think I'm doing a pretty good job, but maybe you disagree. If you have any suggestions that may contribute to improve my work then by all means contact me by e-mail. I'm not on any of the so called Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram or any other anti-social platforms. 

The walkthroughs are made by Louis Koot  and I'm doing this for more then 25 years now. First in Dutch but now in English, 

From 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs, and English translations, are also here. 

New Walkthroughs 2021

Carol Reed 16: Quarantine Diary   updated june 11th

Released January 2021: This is the 16th game of the Carol Reed serie and it is set in 2020 when the whole world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. Carol is called upon to solve the case of Alvin, a 16-year-old teenager with a passion for skateboarding, who's is missing,  It plays amid the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, with all its limitations and challenges.

This is the last Carol Reed game I'm doing. Since Carol Reed 3 I've played all the Carol Reed games and also did my walkthroughs for them. I found the earlier Carol Games challenging but since the hint system was introduced, the Carol Reed games have become too easy. There are no more challenges in the Carol Reed games. I'm afraid the Carol Reed games are going in the same direction as the Nancy Drew games.......more and more of the same thing. Perhaps it's time for a change........

Dr. Livingstone I Presume  

Updated Juni 12th with Dick's text for page 2

Released May 2021: fantasy game based on the life of the famous Scottish missionary / explorer Dr. David Livingstone, the discoverer of the Victoria Falls in Africa. Steam game with Keyboard / mouse controls. Because it is a Steam game they have put in a lot of stupid Steam achievements that you can earn.......I'm not interested in those stupid achievements. It's not a very large game but it has some interesting puzzels but it also has some very anoying bugs. You cannot save yourself....the game saves your progress at specific points and when you quit the game

Mystery of Camp Enigma part 1          Mystery of Camp Enigma part 2

Mystery of Camp Enigma is from the same guy who also made Ayuda.  . There's no installation and It's pretty cheap. Dick knows where you can get it. This game is episodic and this is the walkthrough for Part 1 and it is done by Dick Leeuw


Ready, now with text from Dick Leeuw

Ayuda is a short Escape the Room game, based on Myst. There's no installation and It's pretty cheap...I believe it cost 2 or 3 euro. Dick knows where you can get it

Rhem IIISE: The Secret Library  

A warning for those who have bad be able to enter the New Area of Rhem you must solve a SOUND PUZZLE.....if you go wrong then the Puzzle resets and you get a serie of new sounds that you must remember......The walkthrough provide you with an easy way to overcome this puzzle, but you still must be able to hear those sounds

Released 2021 on Steam, but you can now get it also via other game selling platforms as DRM free game, but not on

The Nadi Project 

Released on Steam and it is a FREE Game. You can put it in your Steam Game Library and it cost you nothing. This is a short Myst like game. You are Jeremy and you are stranded on a deserted island where you learn the sad story of a young girl Anna. The game has keyboard controls, so it isn't point and click

The Room 4 

Released end February 2021: This is the 4th installment of the The Room series. It works just like the other Te Room games, so lots of mechanical puzzles to solves. You can buy it on STEAM for about 9,- euro.

Riddle of the Sphinx 2: The Omega Stone 

Released by DreamCatcher in 2003. It is the direct sequel of The Riddle of the Sphinx 1 The Awakening and this walkthrough is based on the original game. As far as I know there's is no remake and I don't know if still can get this game somewhere. says that's not available at this moment. If you can buy it somewhere then I love to have a copy, so I can redo this walkthrough with more detail then I did in 2003

  The Awakening: Riddle of the Sphinx 1 Enhanced Edition 

Released february 2021: This is the remake of the old Riddle of the Sphinx 1 game from 2000. You can by this remake on Steam but it will cost you 33 euro and that's way to much for this remake game. It has also a lot of bugs, especialy there are o lot of issues with the scarab cursor you need to use to move through the game. But you can change the scarab cursor into a Myst Hand cursor on the main screen in the Preferences. If you have bought and play this game on STEAM then your game will be automaticaly updated with all the patches that are beeing made for this game.

  A Tale of a Legacy 

Free game that you can download HERE.  It's a fantasy point and click game about Dery Malon, a tramp, who suddenly inherits a lot of money from a total stranger.....a bit like the old King's Quest games

A Vampyre Story Chapter One 

Released in 2008. The other chapters have not been made until now. So Chapter One ends with a cliffhanger. But end 2020 there are rumours that the story will finaly continue starting with Chapter Two. A Vampyre Story Chapter One is Point and Click and you can save / load when you want in the game and is now very cheap on sale at  It was a pleasure to play this one again on my Windows 10 machine and I had no troubles what so ever with this game

Alter Ego 

Released 2010. Point and click. Plays in Southern England in 1884. Story, inventory items and puzzles. You can save / load at any time in the game.  Made a Dutch walkthrough for this game in 2016. Do not have the game anymore so this is my English translation of my 2016 Dutch walkthrough

Call of the Sea

Released 2020: Call off the Sea isn't an easy game.....It tells the story of Norah and it plays on a deserted South Pacific Island with beautiful surroundings. The game is story driven with lots of difficult puzzles to solve. The puzzles mostly require you to recognize strange symbols and put them in the right place in the right order: WARNING.....Chapter 4 ends with a Sound puzzle where you must repeat a sound sequency on 3 drums.......If you have bad hearing...... I give the solutions for this puzzle in the walkthrough......Chapter 5 has a Timed Puzzle.....but it's doable if you follow my explanation

The Hand of Glory Part One and Part Two   

Released end 2020: Nice game, point and click. You can save / load when you want in the game. The full game (part one and part two) now on sale at STEAM so there are STEAM achievements that you can earn in the game. At STEAM you can get the Prologue of the game for free. You can get killed in the game but when you do you get a second chance to do that scene over again. During the game there are lot of cut scenes and a number of action bits where you have to click raptidly and repeatedly with your left mouse button. Part 2 ends with a cliffhanger........;


Released 2014. Short game...Prequel of Lumino City. Point and click and you can get it on Steam. This is Dick's English translation of Louis's 2014 Dutch walkthrough. Screenshot by Louis

Lumino City 

This one is done by Dick Leeuw.....I haven't played this game so I do not know anything about it, but while I was transfering Dick's Word text into the HTML-version I conclude that this isn't just a point and click adventure game......there are timed puzzles and arcade puzzles........So if you have any questions about this game or the walkthrough ask Dick Leeuw