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From 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs are also here on the site

New Walkthroughs 2024

It is with great pleasure that I may introduce you to my new co-walkthrough writer. Her name is Marietje Spijker and we are married to each other for more than 35 years now. Marietje likes to play the so-called Escape the Room games such as Vereda, Alumni and Sotano, but also the Carol Reed games. Marietje has already done the Alumni walkthrough, which is now on the site. If you would like to thank Marietje, you must do so through me because I will not make Marietje's e-mail address public. We have had very bad experiences with that in the past

Nancy Drew 13: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon

It's done 

So this is number 13 in the Nancy Drew series. In this Nancy Drew game, Nancy is assisted by Frank and Joe Hardy (The Hardy Boys). In my youth I have read almost all the books about Frank and Joe Hardy, The Hardy Boys. I could borrow them in Amsterdam from a private library that imported the books from the U.S.A. I really enjoyed reading those "Hardy Boys" stories.

Lori Girard has invited some famous crime figures on a train trip to Blue Moon Canyon. Frank and Joe Hardy are two of the guests and they in turn asked Nancy to accompany them on this trip. The other guests on the train are famed ghost hunter John Grey, famed author Charleena Purcell and "super cop" Tino Balducci. The game starts in the dining car of the train where Lori Girard explains the purpose of the trip to her guests.

We travel in the restored train of one Jake Hurley and are on our way to the Copper Gorge in Colorado where the old gold mine of the said Jake Hurley can be found. Lori mentions something about Jake Hurley and that Jake's wife, Camille, was found dead on this train. The train was found in Blue Moon Canyon, in the middle of the Nevada desert, completely abandoned and the engineer dead. Furthermore, the train was completely deserted. Lori Girard has had Jake's train restored to its original condition and she wants to find Jake Hurley's gold mine and to that end she has organized this trip to Blue Moon Canyon. Suddenly we see that there may be a "stowaway" on board the train and then......there is a short circuit.....the lights go out and it is suddenly pitch black. We hear Lori Girard screaming and when the light comes back on...Lori has disappeared and this is where it begins:

The Talos Principle 2    

The walkthrough is now at Chapter 22: Free Athene with Ending 1. There are 3 possible Endings but maybe there are more

This is a great game, highly recommended, and I would like to thank Dick Leeuw very much for solving all the puzzles and for largely writing the text. Without Dick, I would most likely have had a much harder time reaching the end of the game.

 This walkthrough is a work in progress by Dick and Louis. It will be massive so check it regulary for updates on it's progress

You can buy the game on Steam. To play it you must have a Steam account because you can't play it of-line

This is the sequel to The Talos Principle I and it's nine years later. This second Talos Principle game is basicly a Puzzle game in whitch you need to open up gates with laser beams in order to get to the Progress Wheel tables in every puzzle. There are multiple Worlds that you need to go to and in each world there are 10 puzzles to solve.  You will come across several familiar objects here: the connector, the hexadrone, the jammer, the carrying platform. You will also find some new tools such as the Driller, the Gravshifter,  the Teleporter and the Activator.  There are now Boms an d Minres and also the Turrets are gone. There are also some game  improvements. If a connector has connections and you want to keep these connections, click right click on the connector. You can then ad more connections if needed, select the connections with the left mouse button and then connect with the left mouse button.

Gordian Room 1: A Curious Heritage

2024: Walkthrough by Marietje Spijker

This is an ESCAPE THE ROOM game. This is game 1 in a serie of 2 games. Game 2 is Gordian Room 2: A Curious Island. Bothy games are on Steam. Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage is a first-person puzzle game where you are undertaking a challenge set by your wealthy uncle. You must explore his Victorian era mansion in order to claim his legacy and to be able to leave the house. There are 6 Steam Achievements.  

Nancy Drew 12:  The Secret of the Old Clock:

2005 / 2024: Original a Dutch Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This English translation also done by: Louis Koot

The year is 1930. The place is Titusville. Nancy Drew, a modern teenager, drives up the driveway to the Lilac Inn in her beautiful blue Roadstar. Nancy wonders why Emily Crandall asked her to drive all the way to the Lilac Inn to visit her. Emily Crandall is a vague acquaintance of Nancy, whom she once met through Helen Corning, a mutual friend. Could the death of Emily's mother, almost a month ago, and the fact that Emily now has to run the Lilac Inn all on her own have something to do with this. After all, Emily is only 17 years old and won't be turning 18 for another 3 months. A guardian has been appointed to assist Emily in the 3 months that separate her from adulthood. Didn't Emily sound a little desperate when she called? Nancy is still completely unaware of the fact that Emily is not the only thing waiting for her at the end of the driveway. No...Nancy Drew will experience, for the first time in her young life, the excitement, suspense and thrill of intrigue, mystery and adventure in her very first case as an amateur detective.........

A note about my Nancy Drew walkthroughs. The Nancy Drew walkthroughs are my English translations of my old Dutch Nancy Drew walkthroughs. Until 2007 I played Nancy Drew games 1 through 17. Then I stopped playing because it became too much of the same with those Nancy Drew games and they were not for sale here in the Netherlands. There was 1 Dutch seller who sold the Nancy Drew games, then still on CD / DVD, because he specially imported them for me from the U.S.A but that guy stopped in 2008. I no longer have the Nancy Drew games  so I can't replay them to check if these walkthroughs are still accurate

Nancy Drew 14: Danger by Design 

Done : 2006 / 2024: Walkthrough by: Louis Koot

This 14th Nancy Drew adventure takes place entirely in Paris. On behalf of Amy Grunhild, a friend of Nancy's father, Nancy travels to Paris to work undercover in "The Old Windmill Studio". The Old Windmill Studio is a prestigious fashion studio, led by Minette. The studio is located in a renovated mill (Moulin) and is located in Abbesses/Montmartre, the artistic district of Paris, at the foot of the Sacre Cour. Minette, the studio's head fashion designer, has been in a bit of a rut lately. Minette is a young American fashion designer, but her star is rising quickly in the world of Haute Couture

But lately, something strange has been happening to Minette. She hides her face behind a white mask and suffers from tantrums. She also recently dismissed some long-time employees. Could Minette's strange behavior be related to the threatening letters that Minette has been receiving for some time? Amy Grunhild is Minette's main financial backer and Amy is very concerned about Minette's strange behavior. Minette is under great time pressure to complete her new spring collection on time, and Amy Grunhild naturally wants there to be no problem, because Amy wants to see the necessary return on her investments. But the troubles with Minette soon turn out not to be the only mystery Nancy faces. A greater, and more sinister, danger looms. A danger that hides in the dark catacombs of Paris. Catacombs that connect the renovated "the Old Mill Studio" with the more "dark" part of the City of Light.

Nancy Drew 06: The Secret of the Scarlet Hand

done. 2002 / 2004: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

The game begins with Nancy reading aloud a letter she wrote to her father. Nancy is currently "Between Cases" and therefore has nothing to do. Fortunately, her father's friend, Franklin Rose, got her the job of assistant curator at the Beech Hill museum in Washington DC. The museum is currently closed to the public as it is being prepared for an exhibition on Mayan Culture and the centerpiece of this exhibition will be an antique Monolith with a number of Glyphs on it.

The time keeps running in the game. This may mean that certain people you need to talk to will not be there at certain times. In Nancy's hotel room you can "advance" the time in the game via the alarm clock. You'll actually have to do this a few times in the game. In the walkthrough I cover Nancy's hotel room at the moment when it is really necessary to go there for the first time.

Nancy Drew 05: The Final Scene

Done: 2002 / 2004: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

Nancy is visiting an old high school friend, Maya Nguyen. Maya, a student at the University of Washington, is a journalist for the university newspaper and as such holds a press pass. Maya is on her way to have an interview with Brady Armstrong for the newspaper. Brady Armstrong is the "Star" actor in the play "Vanishing Destiny". This play premieres tonight at the Palladin Theater here in St. Louis. The Palladin Theater was built in 1926 and renovated sometime in the 1950s. The current owners of the theater have sold the theater to a project developer who will have the theater razed to the ground in exactly 3 days to build something else in its place. There is a lot of opposition to the impending demolition of the beautiful old theater where, in the past, all the great magicians, such as The Great Houdini, once performed.

Nancy Drew 17: The Legend of the Crystal Skull

Done. 2007 / 2024: Walkthrough by Louis Koot 

In this Nancy Drew game you play as Nancy Drew but also as Bess Marvin

Nancy Drew and her friend Bess Marvin fly to New Orleans for a long weekend of music, sight-seeing and the culinary delights of French cuisine. It's not all fun, though, because Nancy is also planning to visit Henry Bolet. Henry Bolet is a friend of Ned. Henry's great uncle, Bruno Bolet, recently passed away, so Henry traveled to New Orleans to deal with the funeral, and the inheritance. Henry stays at his uncle's house, the Bolet House. So immediately after arriving in New Orleans, Nancy leaves her friend Bess at the hotel and heads for the Bolet House by taxi. Ned informed Henry of Nancy's arrival. The weather is bad and it will remain that way all weekend.

Reah: Face the Unkown.  

The walkthrough is done

Played it with Windows 10 / Windows 11. Had a lot of problems with this game. Crashes, lock ups and certain things not happening that should have happened. Also, I couldn't take screenshots in-game with Gadwinn, Fraps, or MWSnap. Had to take the screenshots with the Window key + Printscreen key and later with my smart phone. The only good thing about this Reah game is the soundtrack because it is fantastic, if you like futuristic music

You can buy this game at

It's an older game from the Windows 95 eara and it's from the same Polish studio that also did the 3 Schizm games and the Sentinel game

Reah: Face the Unknown is one of the most atmospheric games ever, Reah is a point and click adventure  gamewhich sees you on your quest to find your way back to the real world, after you have accidentally been transported to an alternate reality. An extremely fast graphics engine allows you to swifty explore the surreal and beautifully depicted world of Reah where numerous puzzles have to be solved in order to escape from the strange reality in which the player is trapped. During your travels, you will meet the ancient inhabitants of Reah, who will slowly reveal the truth behind the great mystery that surrounds the world of Reah. Little by little it becomes clear that escape from Reah looks impossible, unless...



2024: Walkthrough by: Marietje Spijker

A cyber attack has just been announced on the news, a new hacker group called drkFORCE has infiltrated the subway shutting down and compromising the transport system. You are an IT expert and frequent subway traveller. You are invited to help track down the hackers before they escape. Time is of the essence, you must stop the hackers before the true reason for their exploit becomes reality. On this assignment you won’t be alone! Along the way you will be accompanied by an AI assistant who will monitor CCTV, feedback news and information to help guide and assist you on your mission.



Walkthrough by: Marietje Spijker. 

Driving home from the airport you glance at your fuel gauge and notice the needle is hitting the red line. Starting to feel tired you decide to take a little known short cut through a quiet village, the shorter drive will save fuel rather than stopping to fill up. Passing some of the large old houses the car begins to make some strange noises and you realize you have pushed your luck, rolling slowly to a halt in front of one of the largest houses on the street. How embarrassing. You decide to swallow your pride and knock the door for help. Moments after knocking on the door your world turns black and you find yourself waking up in the basement, reading a note left by the owner: “I’m sorry you have found yourself waking up here but you were snooping on my property and I was alerted to your presence. I will be back shortly. You will find the door to your room locked. Don’t be alarmed, this is for your own safety as my home has many unconventional contraptions that might otherwise ‘confuse’ you. Feel free to look around, although I apologise for the rather limited decor.”


2024: Walkthrough by: Marietje Spijker

You can buy this game on Steam

Alumni is a first-person mystery Escape the Room  adventure game. The previous game by the same developer is Vereda.   It's 2022 and you are a scientist at the Ridgeway Space and Time Institute. You're working late at night on an experimental time-shifting serum.  You are tired and to prevent you fall asleep you drink some coffee, but you accidentally ingest some of the serum through your coffeee and reality dissolves around you.   

You end up in 1984 and you are in Ridgeway College and it's a mess.  You must work your way back through fragmented and distorted memories to return to your normal time. There are 8 Steam Achievements, but we don't play this game on Steam so we will not point out these Achievements in the walkthrough. If you do everything you need to do in this game then you will earn all 8 Achievement automattically.

The Night of the Rabbit 

2024: Walkthrough by Louis Koot

You can buy this game on   currently this game cost 1,99 euro

"Hi, I'm Jerry.......Jerry Hazelnut.......and I live in Mousewood. Starting the day after tomorrow I have to go back to school, but no one at school will believe what happened to me yesterday. There was the stuff with the Fox Girl, the Little Green Man, the Scary Moths. But it all started with the Blackberry Pie that my mother was going to bake and then.......... then the Letter arrived and.... ...suddenly I was the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Well...isn't that strange? But that wasn't all strange...Oh no...I will now tell the strangest and most exciting part of my story"

"The Night of the Rabbit" is a standard "point and click" adventure game that you control entirely with your computer mouse. In the game you are Jerry Hazelnut, an adolescent who still has 2 days of school vacation and during those 2 days he experiences the greatest adventure of his young life. Left click on the place where Jerry should walk. To move Jerry around faster to the next screen, double-click the 'exit' cursor. 

A diary will appear at the top left of your screen, which lists the tasks you have to do. If you have successfully completed the task, the text will turn gray. Your cursor automatically shows you what you can do with an item when you hover over it. Then left click to perform the action such as talking, looking or picking up. Items you pick up disappear into the Inventory.