The year is 2020:

Welcome on the PC Games Walkthroughs site:  Owner of this site and its domain name is Louis Koot and this site is hosted by  Strato

This is my English Page and here you find my English walkthroughs. Just click a link in the left-side frame to open up a walkthrough

This is a private site, in the sense that there is no organization / company behind this site and the walkthroughs are free for everyone to use. I pay the costs entirely out of my own pocket and do not ask you for a contribution. This site also does not ask you to login with passwords and such nonsense and does not follow you with trackers, so you are completely anonymous to me when you visit my siteYou may use my walkthroughs freely for your own use, but you're not allowed to translate the walkthroughs into your own language and you are not allowed to post the walkthroughs on your own website or to send them for publishing to any other websites. 

If you're looking for my Dutch walkthroughs then you can  find them through this link: Dutch walkthroughs

English isn't the native language for me and Dick Leeuw, we are Dutch, so there will be some grammar and some spelling mistakes in our English walkthroughs. But we're not aiming to write masterpieces of Literary work but just to make the best walkthroughs we possible can. Considering the amount of users of our walkthroughs from all over the world, I think we're doing a pretty good job

2020: New English walkthroughs: Anna's Quest.....Argonus and the Gods of Stone.....Aura 1: Fate of the Ages ....Aura 2 The Sacred Rings....Baron Wittard Nemisis of Ragnarok....Catyph The Kunci Experiment.....Cutish....Discolored....Dracula Origin.......Echoes of the Past.....Escape Legacy Ancient Scroll......Fun, Sun and Mishaps.......Gray Matter....Grimfandango Remastered....Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.....Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis....Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres...Journey to the Center of the Earth.....Metaphobia.....Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoes.....Obsidian.......Roki.......Schizm 2 (Mysterious Journey 2).....Secret Files Sam Peters......Sherlock Holmes Secret of the Silver Earring......Sherlock Holmes The Awakened.......Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper......Sherlock Holmes versus Arsene Lupin / Nemesis.......Starship Titanic.......The 13th Doll Richmond scenario.....The 13th Doll: Tad scenario.....The Escaper.......The House of DaVinvi 2.....The Search

The walkthroughs are made by Louis Koot  and I'm doing this for 25 years now. 

From 2017 Dick Leeuw  has joined me as a co-walkthrough writer and his walkthroughs are also here.  

New walkthrough: Röki  Chapter 8 Castle

Whether you find a game nice and / or interesting is of course very personal. I am not a reviewer of games and I usually don't dare to recommend a particular game. But I would like to make an exception for RÖKI because this game is definitely a very nice game


If you have questions about a particular walkthrough, then try to be specific and tell me where exactly in the walkthrough you have problems. I really don't feel like reading through a walkthrough to find the place where you are stuck in the game. Of course you can also email me if you are not happy with my walkthroughs, but try to keep it decent and polite.

Thank you for visiting my site and for using my walkthroughs